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This mod changes how cross-racial tech works. It's driven by a couple goals and thoughts: --- Some races are very dependent on their weapons trees. There's also nothing particularly "racial" about them---certainly no more than their actual, you know, racial tree. If the Kir'Ko can you teach you about regeneration, they can teach you about poisons. --- On the other hand, the races seem trivialized by the ease with which you can fly down other races' tech trees, especially late-game. Amazons should be better at researching Tyrannodons than Vanguard! To these ends, the mod consists of three changes: 1. When you conquer a base of another race, you gain access to not only their racial tech tree, but also their weapons trees. 2. Bases get an 80% research penalty when researching tech of other races, or for weapons trees their race doesn't start with--i.e, if you're researching an Assembly or Arc tech, your Dvar bases will be handicapped. 3. For Shakarn, the penalty is only 40%. I anticipate some hard choices when capturing an enemy base---do I keep it and live with the research penalty? Do I migrate it? Do I research *their* techs? Further, players are incentivized to conquer more bases of race if they really want to go down that path. ISSUES: - There are actually two Laser trees in the game files---one for Shakarn and one for everyone else. If you start as Shakarn and capture an Amazon/Vanguard city, you'll have two Laser trees. All techs/mods/ops in them are cross-compatible---just stick with one of them and you'll be fine. - The graphics code for drawing the dependency lines between techs has difficulty with this mod. Don't worry, dependencies still work just the same.


v6 - Released 2020-08-26

v5 - Released 2020-08-18

v4 - Released 2020-08-18

v3 - Released 2020-06-01

v2 - Released 2020-06-01


Age Of Wonders: Planetfall

Age Of Wonders: Planetfall

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