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Star Wars: Legacy of the Old Republic is a total conversion mod that is set in the aftermath of both the Great Hyperspace War and the Great Sith War. Starting in 3996 BBY, the player will be able to experience events from earlier in galactic history such as the formation of the Galactic Republic as well as control the outcome of some of the most recognizable events in the history of the Old Republic such as the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War.

With our 1.0 release, we are focusing heavily on the Mandalorian Wars and the build up to the Jedi Civil War. In the future, our team plans to fully explore the Jedi Civil War and include material from not only the Great Galactic War as seen in The Old Republic MMO but newer additions to the lore such as content from the High Republic era.

However, not all things were easily adapted to Stellaris and thus we've taken a few creative liberties to some of these events to better suit the game.

1.2.0 - The Secrets of Onderon:

The Theocracy of Onderon as a new major empire
a complete rework of the ship system, now with Heavy Cruisers & Battlecruisers
pickable ship blueprints to customise your fleet
more story events around the Mandalorian Crusade

A Lore Rich Galaxy

A large map with 1300 systems, based on the Star Wars Galaxy 2 mod, with many handcrafted systems, lore-accurate planet types, and features.
A more focused 1200 system map as well as a smaller map with 600 systems for better performance.
Collaboration with the Planetary Diversity mod to add new planet types. (Not all Planetary Diversity planets are included in this mod)
The option to reduce the number of habitable planets in the galaxy.
Find the Twenty Wonders of the Galaxy, or their remains, as listed by the historian Vicendi.
Custom Created Empires and Species

37 prescripted empires for you to choose from.
Upgrade and customize your empire with a custom tech tree and new empire-unique tradition trees.
Custom empire support with spawn locations for each galactic sector.
Around 50 new species with unique custom clothes.

Stories from the Old Republic Era

Play as the Mandalorian Clans and create a new Crusade or restore the glorious Sith Empire
Establish the Galactic Republic and defend against the Mandalorians and the Sith, bring order and stability to the galaxy.
Experience many new events and unique empire-specific storylines drawn from both Canon and Legends.
Explore the Star Wars universe through the addition of plenty of new event pictures, tech icons, building icons, and more.
30 brand new music tracks for you to listen to while playing, including ones from KOTOR, SWTOR, and Samuel Kim.
Immersive Galactic Arsenal

Various shipsets, including but not limited to Old Republic, Sith Empire, Mandalorian, Hutt, Chiss Ships, and more.
multiple lore inspired weapons like Laser, Turbolaser, Ion Cannons, Mass Drivers...
Find and exploit new lore-based resources to strengthen your economy and ships.
Lotor is a total overhaul mod for Stellaris and will not be compatible with the vast majority of mods out there. The Lotor mod team will not handle compatibility patches for other mods; either ask that mod's developer, find somebody willing to spend the time to make one, or even try to make one yourself.

Exceptions are:

Tiny Outliner v2 and its Fleet submod are supported!
UI Overhaul Dynamic works but isn't directly supported, so not all windows are updated or have the right color.
Mods that add things for you to select for custom empires, like species, name lists, shipsets, traits, civics, and so on, can work as long as they do not rely on vanilla technologies. Origins may or may not work or be balanced. Use them at your discretion.
Anything else is unknown and needs to be tested by the player to ensure compatibility with their mod list.

Load Order
Lotor must be the last mod in any playset; the only exception is when a patch specifically for Lotor says otherwise

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v1.2.7h- Secrets of Onderon - Released 2023-12-15
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.7h Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.10.4 (maybe savegame compatible) - Stellaris 3.10.4 Compatibility update - Removed temporary fix to make AI hire scientists (fixed in vanilla)
v1.2.7fg- Secrets of Onderon - Released 2023-12-09
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.7g Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.10.3 (savegame compatible) Fixes: - Starting as the Killik Hive will now longer crash the game
v1.2.7f - Secrets of Onderon - Released 2023-12-07
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.7f Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.10.3 (maybe savegame compatible) - Stellaris 3.10.3 Compatibility update Changes: - Master Builders AP now affects Lotor megastructures - Dorin System changed to dual Black Hole - New starting screen text for the Dorin League by Query Fixes: - Job weights tweak to prevent droids from stealing specialist jobs - Supreme Chancellor trait is now working again, got broken with 3.10 - Sith will no longer receive the Mandalorian Crusade starting event - Corrected Praetorian Gunship loadout to match description Temporary Fixes: - AI will now hire scientists if needed on leader pool refresh - Adjusted leader pool fix from 1.2.7c to correct base value
v1.2.7e - Secrets of Onderon - Hotfix 5 - Released 2023-11-30
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.7e Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.10.2 (mostly savegame compatible) - Stellaris 3.10.2 Compatibility update Changes: - Disabled vanilla anomaly Intemporal Orb Fixes: - Unknown Regions empires should now get navigation techs correctly - Adjusted leader pool fix from 1.2.7c to account for external leaders - Skeleton Crew component will no longaer have negative regen - Sith 'Path to Immortality' chain no longer bypasses final event (need new game if past it) - Hyper Relays should now be upgradeable in all maps, if on a major Trade Route
v1.2.7d - Secrets of Onderon - Hotfix 4 - Released 2023-11-25
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.7d Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.10.1 (savegame compatible) - Fix for CTD when country destroyed while involved in other wars
v1.2.7c - Secrets of Onderon - Hotfix 3 - Released 2023-11-25
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.7c Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.10.1 (savegame compatible) - Fix for leader pool overflow causing a CTD on some not-so-rare cases. This will not work if your save is from the begin of a year ending in 0 or 5 (after leader pool refreshed). To fix that, either load an earlier autosave or type this in console: effect event_target:empire_of_coruscant = { every_pool_leader = { kill_leader = { show_notification = no } } } Please report any issues to our Discord server.
v1.2.7b - Secrets of Onderon - Hotfix 2 - Released 2023-11-23
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.7b Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.10.1 (MAYBE savegame compatible, new game advised) - Stellaris 3.10.1 Compatibility update New: - Added Demolish button to Ruined Communications Array and Ruined Hyper relay megastructures Fixes: - Added Relic World to planet types not allowed for Selective Terraforming - Dark Side trait now applies to self - Disabled a bunch of unnecessary vanilla logs NOTE: we are currently experiencing a CTD that's happening in mid to late-game, in 2275, 2305, 2315 and 2330 so far, always on year start seems to be related to Galactic Republic AI. It doesn't happen if the Republic is a player. If you get this, please open a bug report on our Discord server and attach both the save and the PREVIOUS autosave also.
v1.2.7a - Secrets of Onderon - Hotfix 1 - Released 2023-11-18
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.7a Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.10.0 (savegame compatible) Fixes: - Added missing vanilla planet type icons that were causing offset issues - Disabled a couple of astral planes traits - Planet survey events should now fire correctly, sorry bout that
v1.2.7 - Secrets of Onderon - Released 2023-11-16
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.7 Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.10.0 (NOT savegame compatible) - Stellaris 3.10.0 Compatibility update (Astral Rifts mechanics disabled for now) New: - Added new archaeology site to Mustafar - Added advanced ship types available for Republic via technology / special projects Changes: - Adjusted color of Hutt Corvette, Battleship and Dreadnought Fixes: - Quantum Catapult is now hidden behind Extended Features - Fixed issues with the Kaliida & D'Anjon Nebula - Added missing small slots on the Swiftsure loadout of the Inexupgnable
v1.2.6e - Stellaris 3.9.3 Hotfix - Released 2023-10-30
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.6e Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.9.3 (savegame compatible) Fixes: - Revan and Sith Emperor now have corresponding Jedi and Sith traits Changes: - Reactivated Habitat limits: once the initial technology is researched, an empire can support 2 habitats. This can be increased through the Ascension Perk (+4) or the advanced habitat technology (+2). No limit for void dwellers. - Updated Hutt science ship - Removed hundreds of moons in the galaxy (new game required)
v1.2.6d - Stellaris 3.9.3 Hotfix - Released 2023-10-18
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.6d Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.9.3 (might be savegame compatible, but new game advised) - Stellaris 3.9.3 Compatibility update Fixes: - Habitat view fix - Resolution to turn a vassal into a Member World will now set the correct agreement - Fixed issue causing unique deposits to be removed after finishing the arcology project Changes: - Leaders with the Mercy Corps trait can no longer be cloned New: - Three new anomalies by Steph/Chronic Ambivalence
v1.2.6c - Stellaris 3.9.2 Hotfix - Released 2023-10-09
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.6c Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.9.2 (savegame compatible) Fixes: - First Contact messages will now always appear after finishing it - Fixed human hair choices for scientists & governors & pops - Gave orbitals habitat models New: - Keldabe deposit on Mandalore Changes: - Disabled vanilla presapients (new game required) - Disabled Psionics Expertise trait - New localization for Sundari
v1.2.6b - Stellaris 3.9.2 Hotfix - Released 2023-10-05
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.6b Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.9.2 (savegame compatible) Fixes: - Orbital bombardment icon offset - Vitiate's traits display issue (backwards compatible, wait till next month) - Parthovian Cluster deep space hyperlanes destinations corrected - Removed duplicate tech Arcane Deciphering - Perma is now part of a Major Trade Route (new game required) - Fixed Advanced Holographic Entertainment effects tooltip - Fixed CTD on Republic Accession event (effects delayed by 1 day to prevent CTD) Changes: - Vitiate's traits icons and modifiers changed - Disabled Isotope-5 Extraction Ascension Perk (needs a full rework) New: - Added warning event for players playing an Unknown Regions empire on the small map
v1.2.6a - Stellaris 3.9.2 Compatibility update - Released 2023-09-26
- Stellaris 3.9.2 Compatibility update Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.6a Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.9.2 (savegame compatible) Changes: - Disabled Kaleidoscope event chain
v1.2.6 - Stellaris 3.9.1 Compatibility update - Released 2023-09-23
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.6 Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.9.1 (NOT savegame compatible) - Stellaris 3.9.1 Compatibility update Mandalorian Rework: - The Mandalorian Situation stage 5 is now gone. - The Crusade now starts and ends in stage 4, which has 5 main goals. - The Crisis Menu has been removed and replaced by Situation Log goals. - New events for the conquest or subjgation of Althir, Cathar, Roche, Onderon, Taris, Alderaan and Coruscant. - Some change to map in Mandalorian Space area. New: - Echani Command as a playable empire. - Althir minor empire. - New Hutt shipset. - A few new deposits for certain worlds. Fixes: - Missing loc for Survival tree. - Something is now something else. - Dralshy'a description display issue. - MP issue with Republic formation should now be gone for good! - New icons for Enmity tradition tree. - No more pre-sapients on planets turned to barren by habitable worlds slider. - Mandalorian Situation will no longer get stuck if the Warlord fleet gets killed by stupid space whales :p - Western Reaches custom Empire description no longer states it's not playable on small map. - Players can now always modify their species after picking the Engineered Evolution AP. Changes: - Restored hyperlanes to Dathomir. - Updated Fantail-class texture.
v1.2.5i - Hotfix - Released 2023-08-05
Legacy of the Old Republic - v1.2.5i Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.8.4 (savegame compatible) Fixes: - Disabled deprecated Defensive Protection warning - Conquer Nature agenda is now available for lotor adaptability equivalents (Mandalorians and Alderaan) - The event options for "The Mandalorian Question" event now correctly have different results - The Sith custom civic now also opens up a Council Position - Added a clearer description for custom Ascension Perks 'Experimental Gravity projection Methods' and 'Slave Rigging' - The Republic vassalizing an empire already applying to join will now work properly - Locked Galactic Wonders AP behind Extended Features Debug: - Partial fix for rare case where the Supreme Chancellor isn't a member of the Republic Regarding this last issue, a message has been added to inform players that it happened to them and been fixed, but to report it to us with save and logs.
v1.2.5h - Hotfix - Released 2023-07-28
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.5h Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.8.4 (savegame compatible) Features: - Ahto High Court council room; originally created by Walshicus Fixes: - Onderon starting ruler fixed (sorry bout that) - Fixed mandalorian salvaged battleships missing weapons and other slots
v1.2.5g.a - Emergency Hotfix - Released 2023-07-19
Added missing .mod file. Everything should function properly now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
v1.2.5g - Hotfixes - Released 2023-07-19
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.5g Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.8.4 (savegame compatible) Fixes: - Possible fix for when Jakellians or Mandallians have been destroyed by primitive vanilla events - Mandalorian elections will no longer trigger on new game start - Mandalorians and Onderon no longer have access to Adaptability (since they already have a custom one) - Custom Empires will no longer start with an incorrect planet class - Several localization fixes
v1.2.5f - Hotfixes - Released 2023-07-04
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.5f Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.8.4 (savegame compatible) Fixes: - Removed unneeded hyphens in many events - Possible fix for Sith event Lost Colony - Massasi species does no longer get purged by default, and can become soldiers - Disabled choice of starting solar system for Custom Empires, to prevent invalid Custom Empires - Coruscant can no longer be diplo-vassalized - Republic founders comms traded will now correctly advance the Situation
v1.2.5e - Hotfixes - Released 2023-06-24
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.5e Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.8.4 (savegame compatible) Features: - Added Councilors for Lotor Civics - Added Council rooms for several empires Fixes: - Fixed an issue with Kuat fighters - AI empires are no longer able to leave the Republic (to prevent Member States from leaving) - Mandalorian Overwhelm tradition now unlocks the Agenda as stated - Necrophage Origin custom empire no longer starts without pops and buildings
v1.2.5d - Hotfixes - Released 2023-06-16
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.5d Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.8.4 (savegame compatible) Fixes: - Possible fix for Coruscant issue in mp, where they are Supreme Chancellor but NOT in Republic... - Verpine player start was missing deposits that allowed the building of resource districts - Fixed issue with some ship designs not being created instantly - Disabled vanilla pre-ftl situation that could cause them to become a hive - Fix for a lotor digsite where you could select an option even if out of a resource
v1.2.5c - Hotfixes - Released 2023-06-15
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.5c Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.8.4 (savegame compatible) 3.8.4 Compatibility Update Fixes: - Some localization and error log fixes
v1.2.5b - Hotfixes - Released 2023-06-12
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.5b Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.8.3 (savegame compatible) Additions: - New Interceptor IV & SPV models Fixes: - Vitiate's Empowered traits are now councilor traits - Champions of the Empire tradition should now work correctly - Jedi event will no longer trigger for wrong countries, only Coruscant - Fixed case of Sith player getting the crisis fleets in 2375 (should be AI only) if they hadn't finished the special project yet - Agendas for Lotor custom traditions should now work as intended
v1.2.5a - Alsakan Hotfix - Released 2023-06-04
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.5a Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.8.3 (savegame compatible) Fixes: - Fixed rare case where Alsakan Conflict's outcomes were wrong - Fixed not so rare case where other Founders picked the wrong side if it came to war in the Alsakan Conflict - Sith early game events should now trigger correctly
v1.2.5 - Paragon v3.8.3 compatible - Released 2023-06-01
Legacy of the Old Republic - v1.2.5 Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.8.3 (NOT savegame compatible) Compatibility patch for 3.8.x New Feature: Birth of the Republic situation - Starts for all Founders on year 1 - Four Stages: - Exploration (ends with First Contact with another Founder) - Expansion (ends with First Contact with all Founders) - Diplomacy (ends with the forming of the Republic) - Unification (ends with the Unification event) - Members Worlds now cede everything except home system and systems one jump from it to Coruscant on Unification - Players no longer have the option to become Member Worlds - Vassals of Member Worlds now become vassals of Coruscant - Unification event now triggers for all Republic members, not just founders, with a 25 and 99% chance to accept respectively - Greatly reduced Republic Member Worlds research and strategic resources contribution - Reduced Republic resources subsidy to Member Worlds - New event chain 'Alsakan Conflict': - Triggers during the last stage of the Republic Birth situation - Alsakan Monarchy can only join the Republic after the chain concludes - Multiple events triggering to all Founders and Alsakan which influence the end result - 4 different end results depending on each empire's decisions during the chain - 2 of the end reults create a hyperlane between Utrost and Alsakan - The more a player takes Alsakan's side, the more likely the chance of getting them as a Member World Large Map Reworks: - Included new ancient hyperlanes to the deep core - Reworked a lot of systems - Turned about 100 empty systems into randomly generated systems - Improved loading times via batch hyperlane formation - Added about 15 Nebulas to the galaxy map - Added new Nebula Deep Space Hyperlanes accessible via Tech - Completely reworked the Southern Unknown Regions with some random hyperlanes - Added various missing Unknown Regions empires (Vagaari, Ssi-Ruuvi...) - Reworked Unknown Regions entry points - Various background tweaks regarding maps etc. Reworked the Economy of: - Spice: Synthetic Spice Production. The Deposit now allows the new Spice Mining Operation Building (with Jobs) - Fuel: Synthetic Fuel Production. The Deposit now allows the new Fuel Extraction Pump Building (with Jobs) - Isotope5: The Deposit now allows the new Isotope-5 Extraction Site Building (with Jobs) - Medical Supplies: The Deposit now allows the new Medical Supplies Extraction Site Building (with Jobs) - Synthetic Spice now consumes Minerals - Synthetic Medical Supplies now consumes Food - Synthetic Fuel now consumes Minerals - New localizations for all new Jobs & Buildings - Reworked Medical Supplies Technologies from 3 -> 8 Technologies (Medical Droids, Bacta Tanks etc.) Mandalorian Crusade: - Mid-game year no longer used for AI Crusade, since it now uses the Mandalorian Crusade situation - The Mandalorian Crusade will no longer start in 2275 even if they haven't completed the Crusade situation - Mandalorian Crusade start now stops all mandalorian AI offensive wars (no truce) - Mandalorians can now pick Armageddon Bombardment while on Crusade - Mandalorian AI will now auto-complete the Industrial Reforms special project after 5 years - Onderon's chance to submit to Mandalorian Invasion is now based on Crisis Strength (50% at max crisis strength, 10% at default 1) - Mandalorian Invasion Force on Onderon now scales with Crisis Strength (80% of Onderon's naval cap at 5, 10% less per level below 5, down to 40%) - Mandalorian AI now gets a fully upgraded StarFortress (tech allowing) with 6 shipyards plus Manufacturer when Crusade starts - Improved mandalorian Abandoned War Fleet event tooltip - The Mand'alor is now only the ruler - No more extra fleet when he spawns (you'll still get a lot of fleets when Crusade starts) - The Crusade now ends when a Player or a Major Empire (as war leader) wins a war against the Mandalorians Added new habitat districts for the new types: - Medical Research Facilities - Criminal Hub - Cloud City - Hydroponic Bays (for food-habitat as a decision to add it) New Feature: - Added backwards compatibility for patches, so that no new game is needed in many cases (thx to @24 for the tip) Additions: - Added New Playable Empires: Ithorian Herds, High Council of Cerea, Dorin League, Attrasian Commonwealth - Reworked Planet States into Minor Empires (normal empires that don't expand) - Added Primitives: Miraluka, Vratix - New Deficit Situations for Medical Supplies, Fuel, Crew, Heavy Alloys and Spice - New Republic elections situation: no changes in behavior, just makes it easier to follow - The Supreme Chancellor's elections now has its own UI, called from a new Tab in the Government UI (and from the new situation) - The current Supreme Chancellor now has a Unique Leader Trait - New Deficit Situations for Medical Supplies, Fuel, Crew, Heavy Alloys and Spice - 6 new sound effects by NickTheNick for early game Republic events we realized most of our Lotor custom events don't have a sound effect, so help us identify them please - Added a unique Hutt City Set - Added tier 2 and 3 alloy production upgrade techs - Added Policy: Healthcare - usage of medical supplies on your population - Added Conqueror Corvette - Additional clothes for Jedi - Additional code for Whills leader clothes - New clothes for various roles - New animated Ithorian portraits - New Kel Dor portraits on a different mesh - Vastly improved Gran portraits - Additional loading tip quotes - Added 5 new digsites - New City sets: Alderaan, Republic, Hutts, Nabood-like - New Hutt flag - New situation icons for Massassi and Evochi situations - New homeworld deposits for each Empire (roughly 30 in total) - New tiles and icons for the 3.8 traditions Aptitude and Statecraft Changes: - All countries now start with 2 shipyards instead of 1 shipyard and 1 trading hub (AI really needs this) - All Empires now start with 1 Ruler, 1 Scientist (Council and science ship), 1 Admiral (Council and fleet) and 1 Governor (Core Sector) - Greatly reduced Republic Member Worlds research and strategic resources contribution - Coruscant no longer gets first contact with the Jedi in early game - Onderon and Alsakan player will now know why they can't join the Republic at the start - Disabled most of vanilla comms-spread, so that Sith and Outer Rim contacts happen later - Completely reworked Jedi and Sith Traditions - Reworked Jedi and Sith Traits (from 2 --> 8) - Rebalanced the Jedi Guardian - Jedi and Sith buildings localizations improved - Updated Jedi Shrine and Sith Temple buildings - Reworked some Lotor buildings ai weights - Vitiate ship event chain now starts a few years later with some fixes - Updated some Deposits with new art and effects - Improved Jewel of Yavin Icons - Improved Decision & Planetary Modifier Icons - Improved Cloaking Generator + some other Component Icons - Reworked Cloaking Generators a bit (only lvl 4 can be on dreadnoughts for example) - Changed Economic Category of Heavy Alloy, Fuel & Spice Jobs - Fuel and Crew now use a new specific max amount - Improved many Job Icons - Rebalanced several economic technologies to be closer in line with vanilla - Improved Fuel Tech Icons, added on gamestart fuel extraction tech - Improved Naval Recruitment policy - Removed Major Trade Routes from start options (no longer used) - Updated new game AI Empires setting with new Empires: it will now spawn the remaining as non-expanding Regular Empires (instead of City States like before) 15 to 34 Empires, with the new Default being 34 - Disabled Defenders of the Galaxy AP - Added Communications Relays effects to descriptions - Rebellions should now be only named after their capital planet or system instead of species - Exchange Organisation relocated from Ord Vaug to Atzerri - Striped down the Lotor UI a lot, to return to a more easy to maintain vanilla-ish state ... rest on Discord, sorry, too large
v1.2.2d - Emergency Mando Hotfix 2 - Released 2023-04-11
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.2d Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.7.4 (should be savegame compatible, but new game is advised, especially if playing Mandalorian) Madalorian Situation hotfix Mandalorian Situation: - Mandalorian Situation phase 1 is now fully event driven (could make later phases start too early). - Fix for Phase 3 issue if Jakelians no longer exist (could make phase 3 get stuck). - Reworked Phase 4 to progress to Phase 5 once all objectives are met. - No more first contact event for when Cathar opens up. - Reduced Mandalorian invasion force on Onderon by 20%. - Several minor tweaks. NOTE: Phase 5 does NOT progress and is reserved for future content!
v1.2.2c - Emergency Mando Hotfix - Released 2023-04-06
Legacy of the Old Republic - 1.2.2c Secrets of Onderon Stellaris 3.7.4 (savegame compatible) Madalorian Situation hotfix Mandalorian Situation: - Fix for event that keeps repeating under some circumstances
v1.2.2b - More Mando Hotfixes - Released 2023-04-06
Madalorian Situation hotfix Mandalorian Situation: - Phase 3 bug fixes. - Fully reworked Phase 3, should now be clearer in some parts. - All Phase 3 situation related events should now give a small amount of situation progress. - New mini event chain to help players track 1 of the objectives. - Improved Mandallia and Jakelia integration. - Many localizations for the whole Mandalorian Situation reworked by Steph
v1.2.3a - 3.7.4 Compat + Hotfix - Released 2023-04-03
3.7.4 compatibility update and Mandalorian Situation hotfix. ( should be savegame compatible, but new game is advised) Mandalorian Situation: - Fixed a few bugs that could prevent the situation from progressing - All situation related events should now give a small amount of situation progress (Phases 1 and 2 only for now) - Phase 1 now progresses slightly slower, making it end in 2217/8, unless you delay the events - Made Phase 2 mask hidden events visible on the option, so that players know how long to wait (like the start event does)
v1.2.3 - 3.7/FC compatibility - Released 2023-03-25
Changes: - 3.7.2 and 3.7.3 Compatibility Patch - Increased tech choosing option from 3 to 4 - Improved the spread of vanilla sr resources (volatile motes, exotic gases, rare crystals) - Slightly buffed ion cannons & plasma spheres - Herglic Trading Empire can now join the Republic - Reworked the Mandalorian Culture Tradition Tree - Reworked the Mandalorian Crusade Tradition Tree - Reworked the Coruscantii Pride Tradition Tree - Reworked some early game Mandalorian Events - Reworked the Ending of the Mandalorian Crusade (shatters now and spawns two small Mando Empires besides the core sector) - Improved various ships with glowing hangars - Nerfed Criminal Syndicates a bit - Tweaked some ship roles & loadouts - Consistently renamed all loadouts - Resized all ships to be roughly 20% smaller but added a new zoom step - Custom Empires can now pick lotor shipsets ingame - Rewrote the description of all Ships - Partially reworked the Tionese Tradition, they now have the ability to declare planets as Tionese Throne Worlds - Partially reworked the Arkanian Meriotocracy Tradition they now have the ability to establish an Adascorp Lab Complex on Arkania - Partially reworked the Chiss Ascendancy Tradition they now have the ability to choose the unique Chiss Recruitment Policy - Detox AP and the toxic terraforming candidate event are now locked behind Extended features - Added more glowing hangar shields to various ships - Added a new Shield-Type, Ray Shields offer increased shield hardening at the price of roughly 20% less regen & strength - Added individual research amounts to topbar (for screen resolution width of 1600 or higher) - inspired by *UI Overhaul Dynamic - Extended Topbar* - Reduced thickness of hyperlanes with hyper relay - Rebalanced alot of Isotope5 Components to be easier to use - Space City can now get Research Districts - Republic Members Worlds can now nominate and be elected for Supreme Chancellor - Added music to Mandalorian Crisis start event - Added music to Republic Unification event - Can no longer declare Republic members (or applying) as crisis - Crisis are now called Galactic Emergencies - Added cloaking generators (locked behind AP) - All 12 human empires now share the same species - Republic Member Worlds renamed to "<Capital System> Sector" on Accession (Alderaan Sector, etc) - Reworked Primitive System, all primitives will now always spawn - Improved Sith Start - Autoexploration is now available from the Start - Rebalanced Republic Member World 10% -> 5% Basic Subsidies - Empire capitals now have extra amenities - Reworked Mandalorian Events and Crusade into a long Situation Fixes: - Orbital Ring shipyards not counting as shipyard - Fixed minor sith tradition issues & wrong localizations - Sith now have Arid preference instead of Tropical (for player) - Dozens of other smallers tweaks & fixes by Harain - Titanic lifeforms will no longer reward Zillo Scale relic - Modern Fuel Processes will no longer grant 2 normal and 2 drone jobs regardless of empire type
v1.2.1-fix - Released 2023-01-06
there was a mistake while zipping the mod
v1.2.1 - Released 2023-01-02
Legacy of the Old Republic 1.2.1 - Orion Secrets of Onderon savegame compatible Additions: added three new starbase modules, Flak Batteries, Medium Gun Batteries, Large Gun Batteries - unlocked by starbase technologies remove megastructure button addet to fuel depots added 3 unique deposits to coruscant post ecumenopolis, to prevent running out of food and energy two new Starbase types with five stages each! Changes: tweaked Ruler of Clans Trait for Mandalore not doing anything added lotor weapon buffs to weapon buff edicts, these will be reworked eventually but are usable for now Improved the Large map, to cut of the Sith as well Lotor Empires will now always have Starwars Mining & Research Station models Changed Fuel Depots effect to prevent cheeseable options Fixes: Minor loc adjustments Vaiken can no longer strike out on his own and become a mercenary enclave disabled vanilla cultist and lost labyrinth events fixed republic member worlds when playing as coruscant and saying no fixed crew training center showing up on orbital rings fixed vassals joining the Galactic Republic, even if their Overlord isnt part of it. fixed Commrelay Update being spamable fixed a bug were Taris could get Republic Support for attacking the Mandos pre crusade fixed Laminanium Auxiliary Components
v1.2.0 - Released 2022-12-16
v1.1.9 - Released 2022-10-05
v1.1.8 - Released 2022-09-23
updated for latest update
v1.1.7 - Released 2022-08-29
v1.1.6 - Released 2022-08-09
v1.1.5 - Released 2022-06-21
v1.1.2 - Released 2022-05-31
v1.1.1 - Released 2022-05-26
v1.0.8 - Released 2022-05-04
v1.0.7 - Released 2022-04-29
v1.0.6 - Released 2022-04-20
Foundation v1.0.6 Hotfix (NOT savegame compatible) Savegames: Continuing a 1.0.5 game with this version will remove some traits from leaders. This is caused by these changes. - Changed the immortality trait a bit, everyone gets a generic now - Changed a few more traits and their coding names Tiny Outliner: From this version onwards you need to have tiny outliner BELOW lotor in the playset because we improved the outliner without the mod. Rework: - completely reworked how empire species are created to fix all the double species problems for new games Changes: - Reworked our combat speed aura, the culprit of the crashes with too many fleets in 1 system - Removed cap of number of Crisis fleets (beware of Crisis Strength 5) - Becoming the Crisis trait is now locked behind Extended Features - Reduced starbase strength a bit - Changed the placement rules for Communication Relays. They now need to be at least 2 jumps away from each other - Communication Relays now give unity and amenities buffs to system planets - Mandalorian Crisis starting event will now be much more noticeable and limited to players that have met them - Players that never met Mandalore will now get a warning event when they meet them if the crisis has already started - Pops converted by Mandalorian Training Camp will now also convert to the highest approved faction - Mandalorian Crisis Menu options now have a Back option - Mandalorian Crusade and Sith Resurgence now have access to Armageddon bombing stance - Empires are now more likely to vote for others in the Supreme Chancellor election if they are in the same Federation or have a Defensive Pact - The Palace of the Jedi now allows the recruitment of 6 extra Jedi armies - Changes to the aquatic preference values - Improved a couple of trait icons - Changed backgrounds for trade, military and hegemony federations - Renamed the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to Palace of the Jedi - Renamed Juvenile Space Amoeba to Juvenile Neebray Fixes: - Fixed Ascension perk button hitbox - Fixed Killiks not being able to assimilate species if they took the Evolutionary Mastery AP - Fixed empires showing vanilla start screen messages - Fixed Coruscant Ecumenopolis event removing ice crypts and imperial palace deposits - Losing a planet containing a Jedi Enclave/Temple or a Sith Shrine/Academy will now reduce the number of available armies to recruit - Jedi and Sith temple upgrades now only increase army cap by 2 (for a total of 5) - Player Mando Crisis will now again trigger Era change regardless of game date (enabling player Crisis button) - Glorious Expansion tradition now correctly reduces Starbase influence cost - Mandalorian Crisis menu cooldown tooltip now displays correctly - Mandalorian Crisis menu option "New vode" will no longer turn droids into Mandalorians - Fixed Mandalorian Crisis Menu opening several instances - The Great Crusade special project now ends - Fixed Mando government not counting as authoritarian - Some Mando Crisis Menu localization - Fixed two technologies giving trade value in every system - Fixed Bypasses not usable when at war - Fixed FTL inhibitor buildings not showing - Beneath the Ice Anomaly now gives Medical Supplies - Fixed Jedi and Sith getting force-sensitive traits - Fixed species Jedi armies - Sith tradition "Sphere of Influence" now correctly grants 1 influence - Influence bonuses from civics and traits are now correctly applied - Cloning a leader now actually costs energy and medical supplies - Isotope 5 Shield Capacitor can now also be installed on Juggernauts - Fixed Isotope 5 AP special project issue - Universal Prosperity Mandate resolution will no longer reduce special resources like crew so drastically - Fixed two issues with Crew Extraction Methods - Fixed nonscaling component power - Fixed certain Combat Computers not upgrading past tier 3
v1.0.5 - Released 2022-04-15
Foundation v1.0.5 Hotfix Fixes: - Fix for duplicate pops on new game - Empire destroyed when nominated for Republic elections will no longer have strange results - Republic election messages are no longer sent to Players outside the Republic - Female leaders finally have proper titles
v1.0.4 - Released 2022-04-14
Foundation v1.0.4 Hotfix Content: - added a few black holes to the small map Changes: - Disabled declare crisis Resolutions - Added an extra warning for Custom Empires required traits - Added mineral income as planet state option for Verpine - Minor changes to the Reclaim Mand'alore's Mask war goal and follow-up events - Improved some deposits - Adjusted various society starting technologies to make important ones show up easier Mandalorian Crisis: - Mid-Game Date no longer triggers Crusade for Player, only AI. The player must do the storyline - Mandalorian fleets spawned by the Crisis will now be twice as strong but reduced in number by half - Capped number of armies and fleets spawned to avoid a crash when too many ships are in a system - Fleets will now spawn randomly in any owned Starbase Mandalorian Crisis Menu: - Cathar now properly gets hyperlanes through the relevant event; now also takes into account galaxy map size - Conquer Cathar point of interest is now properly removed after Cathar is conquered - Requesting fleets through the Mando Crisis Menu now requires Cathar to be conquered - The Conquer Cathar goal in the Mando Crisis Menu now disappears after Cathar is conquered - The localization for the Cathar goal now states that taking Cathar is required in order to request fleets Fixes: - Fixed Trade Routes allowed to be built in other empires - Supreme Chancellor's empire destruction will no longer break the Republic elections process - Servitude droid pops will no longer become unemployed when new pops grow - Megastructures not showing up in technologies with extended features - Fixed Killik Joiners Culture civic not allowing assimilation without AP - Fixed Killiks having two species at game start - Fixed Hutts enslaving Hutts on game start even though they have over 35% slaves - The Sith Emperor will no longer be considered a Xeno scum (for real I hope) - Ahto Planet State now has Selkaths instead of Humans - Weird progression in the Chiss tradition tree is resolved - Imperial Agents tradition finisher now functions properly - Possible fix for droid rebellions without government and civics - Primitives now have full ethic values - Resource Silo will now correctly display minerals instead of duplicate energy - Renamed Imperial Palace to Presidential Palace - Fixed missing "Back" options for some of the Jedi's submenus - Fixed "Tell us about the Order" triggering both an event and a response-text - Proper female ruler titles for Czerka - Lots of typos and capitalization fixes
v1.0.3 - Released 2022-04-12
Foundation v1.0.3 Hotfix (Part 1) Content: - New Jedi Guardian trait for the Jedi provided by the Jedi Order - Added four systems to fix a large hole without any planets in the slice's inner rim - Added wip Klatoonian portraits instead of using a vanilla humanoid one - Czerka civic effect; 10% trade value - Added ruler titles for czerka and exchange - Renamed Space Amoebas to Neebrays Change: - Made new improved Jedi trait icons - Admin offices are now filtered by unity instead of government - Alien Zoo now gives a small amount of society research Fixes: - Set a maximum to Mandalorian crisis fleets to avoid crashes with max difficulty settings - The Sith Emperor will no longer be considered a Xeno scum! - Player controlled Corporate Empires can no longer join the Republic before resolution passes - Wrecked Sith Shipyard event now grants all buildings it's supposed to - Buying slaves from Planet States will no longer reset slavery type - Starbase buildings that need a shipyard now also work with special shipyards - Sith Architecture technology can now only be obtained via Tradition (Rebuilding the Shipyards) - Empire applying to the Republic now gets comms with all republic members - Crisis warning event no longer triggers for players that have no contact with any Republic member - Prevented Oracle governor from being cloned - Renamed the second Troithe planet to Verzan - The Flesh is Weak AP now shows the correct requirement - Droids can no longer work as Jedi Monk or Sith Acolyte - Disabled vanilla event that spawned a wormhole - Fixed habitability slider not working in multiplayer games - Fixed AI declaring itself a crisis - Fixed first colony event showing the wrong desc for Planetary Diversity planets - Fixed main species not always having full citizenship for custom empires - Fixed hyperlane charge sound repeating itself - Fixed newly build habitats not getting the trade route modifier - Fixed starbase crew module costing consumer goods for gestalt empires - Fixed Symbol of Power not spawning admiral leader - Fixed human clothes not appearing correctly - Fixed Korriban getting turned into barren from habitability event - Lots of typos and localization fixes
v1.0.2 - Released 2022-04-10
Foundation v1.0.1 Hotfix Changes: - AI attitude upgrades, fixed Mandalorians being a bit too passive (please give feedback if they are now too aggressive) Fixes: - AI expanding very slow on lower difficulties - Ship textures not showing correctly in the Mandalorian shipset - Duplicate Emerging Power origin - Adjusted spiritualist heritage tech weight - Fixed a bunch of techs being declared as rare even though they aren't - Fixed an issue with the vanilla Space Dragon origin - Fixed Korriban system on small map - Fixed endgame hyperlane effect for small map - Fixed hives not getting medicines - Fixed AI not building enough colony ships - Improved various technology weights - Improved tradition perks of the Mando tradition "Mandalorian Culture" - AI is now more likely to build military academies when low on crew - Fixed two random planet states not spawning on the small map - Possible fix for ctd with invalid resolution - A lot of typos, localisation and tooltip fixes Foundation v1.0.2 Hotfix Changes: - Improved fighter and bomber loadout icons - Christophsis is now a crystal world - Crisis strength now doesn't affect the player when turning into the crisis - Improved fleet formations Fixes: - AI will no longer pick invalid resolution causing a crash - Scaled crisis strength down if greater than 1 to avoid a crash - Fixed habitability slider not working - Fixed Houses of Alderaan event issue on small map - Fixed "Symbol of" event-chain not firing the Imperial Citadel stage - Fixed a graphical issue with generic starbases - Fixed the Arch-Being anomaly outcome - Fixed sith being able to research light beam weapon - Fixed droids being Jedis - Fixed a few leader titles - Fixed battleship and juggernaut sections icons - Fixed the hyperlane fix from the last hotfix - Fixed a lot of typos and other localization issues




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