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Important information regarding game updates

This mod will most likely ALWAYS stay compatible with Stellaris when the game version changes. Regardless of the game launcher telling you that the mod is not up to date for the current Stellaris version, this is only due to the version specified in this mod's text file and should never, ever impact the actual compatibility with this game.

Because of this, I will not answer any more comments asking if this mod is compatible with version xyz of the game. Simply put: YES IT IS.

Additionally, this mod is fully Iron Man compatible since it does not change gameplay or any vanilla files.

Thanks for reading and understanding!

At the time I am uploading the latest update to this mod, I have played Stellaris for more than 375 hours. This game certainly wouldn't be what it is today without such an active, creative and hardworking mod community. This mod is my way contributing my small share to it and give something back to this amazing community.

What this mod contains

This music expansion pack contains twenty-seven (!) new original music tracks that I specifically composed for Stellaris, with an overall duration of 115 minutes.

My original goal was to create music that would fit into Stellaris and contain elements similar to the trademark sound of Andreas Waldetoft (whose work I immensely enjoy). At the same time, I wanted to cover specific themes and ideas, which are reflected in the titles I chose for each track. There are also some tracks that are similar to the music in certain other games, i.e. Rebel Galaxy ("Smuggler Blues" is one such track).

I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed creating it. In the foreseeable future I may also add more tracks to this mod, especially if there is an actual demand for it!

If you like this mod, please consider giving it a positive rating!

Update 2023-12-04

Removed absolute path reference in the mod desciptor file. Thanks to KubiG for reporting this issue. (How did this mod work for anyone, really?!)

Update 2021-08-09

Adjusted volume of several tracks and added one new track, Menace or Savior.

Update 2021-04-20

Added one new track, Destroyer of Worlds, to celebrate the release of the 3.0 "Dick" update and Nemesis DLC.

Update 2020-06-11

Added two new tracks, Rise and Fall of the Star League (Federations Mix) and Terraformer.

Update 2020-05-26

Updated mod descriptor file for new launcher format

Changed Stellaris version requirement to 2.7.

Initial Paradox Mods release

Update 2019-05-06

Updated for Stellaris 2.3.

Update 2018-12-06

Stellaris 2.2 'Le Guin' and MegaCorp DLC have arrived! Celebrating yet another milestone in Stellaris history, this update adds two new MegaCorp-themed tracks, "Hostile Takeover" and "Maximum Profit". The MegaCorp DLC is *not* required, but fully compatible.

Update 2018-10-03

Celebrating exactly 6 months since release as well as nearly 15,000 subscribers, I have added four more tracks: Eternal Struggle, Star-Crossed, The Thing with a Thousand Eyes and Last Stand. At over 88 minutes, this mod now contains more music than a regular full-length album! Thank you so much for the ongoing support, everyone!

Update 2018-06-12:

Time to celebrate! This mod has reached 10,000 active subscribers! As a thank you, I composed two additional tracks, Atlas² and Winds of the Past. The mod now contains 18 tracks, totalling over 72 minutes of music!

Update 2018-05-31:

Added two new tracks, Hyperdrive and Interstellaris. A special thanks goes to AnimeMusic Lover, who provided the MIDI used in Interstellaris.

Note: Interstellaris is a cover of Hans Zimmer's famous "No Time for Caution" composed for Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar". Like many of Hans Zimmer's unique works, it is a deeply powerful, emotional piece of music that I wanted to pay tribute to. I hope you enjoy it!

Update 2018-04-17:

Added four new tracks: Hunger of the Swarm, Smuggler Blues, The Citadel and Distress Signal. Also slightly increased in-game volume of individual tracks to closer match vanilla music. Music download links were updated and changed to Google Drive instead of mediafire.

Update 2018-04-08:

Added another two tracks, Sea of Wonders & Tarydia.


Wow, this mod is now showing up on page one of the popular Stellaris mods! Thank you so much for the support, everyone!

Update 2018-04-05:

Added two new tracks, The Gate & Lurking in the Darkness.

Update 2018-04-04:

Added one new music track, Space Patrol.

Track List:

01 - To Boldly Go (4:02)

02 - Beyond Event Horizon (4:03)

03 - Rage of the Great Khan (4:45)

04 - Pale Blue Dot (2:17)

05 - Echoes of Light (4:16)

06 - Space Patrol (2:38)

07 - The Gate (3:47)

08 - Lurking in the Darkness (4:54)

09 - Sea of Wonders (4:26)

10 - Tarydia (3:56)

11 - Hunger of the Swarm (3:53)

12 - Smuggler Blues (4:28)

13 - The Citadel (3:34)

14 - Distress Signal (4:00)

15 - Hyperdrive (3:44)

16 - Interstellaris (3:44)

17 - Atlas² (5:20)

18 - Winds of the Past (4:41)

19 - Eternal Struggle (5:48)

20 - Star-Crossed (3:25)

21 - The Thing with a Thousand Eyes (3:33)

22 - The Last Stand (3:12)

23 - Hostile Takeover (4:08)

24 - Maximum Profit (4:00)

25 - Rise and Fall of the Star League (Federations Mix) (4:20)

26 - Terraformer (3:44)

27 - Destroyer of Worlds (5:09)

28 - Menace or Savior (5:18)

Special Thanks goes to...

The great film and videogame composers of our time for inspiring me

Andreas Waldetoft in particular for composing the beautiful Stellaris soundtrack

AnimeMusic Lover for kindly providing the MIDI file upon which the track "Interstellaris" is based

Paradox for making the game

YOU for subscribing to this mod, rating it and leaving valuable feedback in the comments


The music contained in this mod is not allowed to be redistributed in any way without my explicit written permission. You may contact me about non-commercial use of all or individual tracks. Commercial use of these tracks is explicity forbidden.

The track "Interstellaris" is based on "No Time for Caution" composed by Hans Zimmer, published on the Interstellar Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. All rights belong to their respective right holders. No copyright infringement intended.

v5 - Released 2023-12-04
Removed the absolute path reference from the mod descriptor file.
v4 - Released 2021-08-13
v3 - Released 2021-04-20
v1.1 - Released 2020-06-11
Added two new tracks, Rise and Fall of the Star League (Federations Mix) and Terraformer.




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