Muv Luv Portraits - No training suits.







Note : This version does NOT include the opaque training suits.



Subscribing to the mod should work now. If it does not, make sure you have removed all traces of the mod from your mod folder first, including the .mod file.



Manual installation : Go to the launcher -> all playersets -> upload mod -> create mod. Create a mod folder manually then download and unzip the mod to the mod folder you just created.



Compatability : Should be compatible with most mods.



This version was made for 3.2.2 with the Aquatic species pack.



Adds dozens of Muv Luv portraits to the game. All species with the exception of crisis factions should also use the new potraits, but it is possible that I missed some event generated species which will still be using vanilla portraits. If you find any, please let me know.



Synth Ascencion should not change your portraits either.



Appearance Type (humanoid, reptilian, etc) does not matter, they all use the same portraits. The potrait that you select for your species will determine the portrait used for your pops. Everything else from the portrait used for your species in the species tab, your leaders, etc, will be randomized.



Robots are not randomized and will use the same portrait, which can be chosen when modding them with the appropriate techs.



Unfortunately, there is no way to select a specific portrait for your leaders once the game has started but you can always edit the save manually to change a specific's leader portrait if you wish to. Open the save file with a zip program like winrar or 7z, extract the gamestate file, edit it with notepad++ and search for the leader's name, then change the portrait there. Portrait filenames are located in the gfx folder.


Known bug : Due to a Paradox bug, prescripted machine empires cannot use portrait groups, they can only use a single portrait which all leaders will use. This means that the vanilla prescripted machine empires won't be available, but you can make your own versions and set them to spawn randomly.


Credits : This was adapted from another Muv Luv portrait mod made by Darth Sergeant. Portraits are completely re-done but the mod still contains the namelists and emblem GFX from his mod. Credits for those assets go to him.


v1.14 - Released 2021-12-19

Robots now use randomized portraits to prevent issues with synth ascension having every leader with the same portrait. Flesh is Weak now gives players a popup to rename the new cyborg species (QOL feature).

v1.13 - Released 2021-12-16

Subscribing should work now.

v1.1 - Released 2021-12-14

1.1 : Updated distant_stars_events_1.txt to use the new portraits

v1.0 - Released 2021-12-14

Initial version.




Full game