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We present to you the OBT version of the translation Russifier GEX version 1.36.2 OBT ADAPTATSIA dated  for Epic Games Store

What to do if the mod does NOT work?

  1. Check if the game starts without the mod - if it doesn’t, reinstall the game. Does it start? Go ahead.
  2. Check if the mod itself is enabled. To do this, launch the game launcher, go to the “Game Sets” section on the left (if this section is not there, then on the main page, under the “Play” button, create a game set), there in the list find “EU4 Russian localization LITE by GEKS EGS” ( if the list is empty, in the upper right corner click on the “add other modifications” button and add the crack to the list) and make sure that the switch to the right of it is green. Didn't work? Go ahead.
  3. The folder will open. In the folder that opens, rename / move to another folder / delete (if you don’t make mods yourself) the mod folder. But, just in case, it’s better to rename it, for example to mod_128. We launch the game (launcher) 2-3 times. The game will recreate the mod folder and download all mods in the new format. Repeat step 2. And it doesn’t work again?
  4. Let's try to install the mod directly hover the mouse over the crack, after which an arrow will appear in the upper right corner, click on it and download the mod (or on the page of the mod itself, click Download mod). We go to the game launcher, on the left select the “All installed modifications” section, then in the upper right corner click the “Publish modification” button, there we click “Create modification”, select any name (in Latin), put any labels, any path (in Latin), any version, then click “create modification”. Now, in the mod folder mentioned in the third step, the mod created before should appear (folder and text file .mod). Only 4 folders need to be moved to this folder from the downloaded archive - customizable_localization, gfx, interface and localisation. When all this has been done, restart the game launcher, go to “Game Packs”, there in the upper right corner click “Add other modifications”, in the list that opens select the created mod and activate it as in step number 2. Please note that when installing the mod directly , it will not update automatically, so every time you update, if you want to have the latest version of the mod, you will need to repeat this step each time. If this does not help, move on to the last step

Also, if the mod starts, but the fonts are not displayed correctly, try deleting the Documents/Paradox Interactive/Europa Universalis IV folder. Keep in mind that saves from the save games folder will be deleted in this case!

Additional information can be obtained from the following links:


v21 - Released 2023-12-20

Adaptation for the latest patch.

v20 - Released 2023-06-20

v19 - Released 2023-05-03

v18 - Released 2023-03-29

v17 - Released 2022-11-16

v16 - Released 2022-11-14

v15 - Released 2022-11-14

v14 - Released 2022-11-14

v13 - Released 2022-09-16

v12 - Released 2022-08-16

v11 - Released 2022-08-09

v10 - Released 2022-08-07

v9 - Released 2022-08-07

v8 - Released 2022-03-17

v7 - Released 2022-03-10

v6 - Released 2022-01-28

v5 - Released 2021-12-27

v4 - Released 2021-11-18

v3 - Released 2021-10-26

v2 - Released 2021-10-26


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