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"If you are feeling limited by the 400 years scope of Europa Universalis IV, then check out the Extended Timeline mod. For the unknowing, you might think this is just a mod disabling the end date of the game, but instead it's so much more. Play at any period of time between the years 2-9999 and be amazed by the detail in the recreated pre-EUIV world, as well as the present time, fulfill your journey far into the future with new techs, buildings and governments."


- Playable timeline extended to 2-9999.

- Over 500 new countries, each with historical territories and rulers at any given date.

- Added over 100 new provinces removing most wastelands.

- Dozens of new religions, most of which have unique mechanics and decisions.

- New cultures, technologies, units and buildings.

- Hundreds of new events including the fall of Rome, the birth of Islam and the great schism.

- Hundreds of new decisions.


Europa Universalis IV version 1.36.X


Compatible with any combination of DLC. No DLC are required.

The mod fully supports only English. German, French and Spanish have partial support with some missing localisation.

Not compatible with most other mods. Only use with other mods if you know what you are doing.


To download, click the subscribe button above the description and the mod should download automatically. If you want to use direct download instead, it is available in the mod's thread at the Paradox forums. Unfortunately I can't add a direct download link here, since that would be against Paradox's rules for user mods.


Utopia for the main theme

Septimentus, Tyalas, Leiche, Reloader and Cosmic Hope for the German translation

Zebenji and G. for the French translation

Devillris for the Spanish translation

Veritas et Fortitudo mod for some national ideas

Serenissima Italia mod for some national ideas

Extended Vanilla Experience mod for some national ideas

New World Colony Names mod for new world colony names

firesoul and stefan.berbece for some of the personal deity systems

firesoul and Flavius Aetius for some of the new units

Cirvane for the VCP package adding flavor for Norse and Slavic pagans

Het for some flavor for Ukrainians

anthraxus899 for Texan flavor events

Cosmic Hope, Challenger2008 and others for many dynamic province names

SaintDaveUK for some flavor for Britain

zdennis96 for flavor events for pagan religions and Muslims

Zebenji for some religious flavor events

firesoul for Roman and Assyrian flavor

Adtriarior for the European Union

firesoul, Gojira, Silver Knight of Anor Londo and several others for national ideas

G. for various descriptions and other flavor texts

firesoul, Cosmic Hope and Worlds Smuggest Detective for the missions


v1.16.1 - Released 2023-12-05

Mission trees for Byzantium (641-1204), Chola, Pisa, Rum, Xianbei and Zunbils by World's Smuggest Detective - Disaster for the Red Turban Rebellion by chopeconaceituna - New tag: Chaganiyan - Fixed a bug in Russian missions - Fixed Himyarite and Yemeni missions overlapping - An event and qizilbash unit had missing localisation Fixed missing icon for Parthian reform - Byzantium did not start with the correct estate privileges - Removed duplicate decision to form Byzantium - Fixed devastation event with missing localisation

v1.16.0 - Released 2023-11-06

Compatibility with 1.36 and King of Kings - New tags: Ailao, Bathang, Cantabria, Chamdo, Di, Gilgit, Kamarupa, Lithang, Lusitania, Southern Liang, Sumpa and Tokharistan - New cultures: Ahom, Baima, Griko, Jeju, Khuzi, Kx'a, Sandawe, Tshu, Twa, Zembere, Zhangzhung and !Kwi - Missions for Byzantine rump states by DudeChris33 and Aquos - Events for early Brandenburg by Jey the Count - Improved flags for many countries - Rebalancing to Parthia and spread of Christianity by KitChaos

v1.15.4 - Released 2023-05-19

New main theme by Utopia - Holy sites for Zunism by Terkaza

v1.15.3 - Released 2023-05-10

New tags: Maya Rata, Rajarata and Ruhuna - Added sickly ruler trait - Fixed broken decisions - Updates to rulers of some countries - Various minor fixes to missions

v1.15.2 - Released 2023-05-07

Compatibility with the 1.35.3 hotfix - The mod More Missions: Extended Timeline REDUX by World's Smuggest Detective has been mostly integrated to the main mod with: 29 new mission trees, 5 new great projects, 3 new disasters and 1 new estate - New tags: Rattanakosin, Sanada, Sawangkhaburi, Thonburi and Toyotomi - New religion, Ecclesia Unita by LimonenZitrone - Decision to form East Francia by LimonenZitrone - New government reform: Crusader State

v1.15.1 - Released 2023-04-19

- Bugfixes

v1.15.0 - Released 2023-04-18

Compatibility with 1.35 and Domination - New religion: Mormonism - New province: Amis - New tags: Amis, Arborea, Atayal, Cagliari, Götaland, Kengtung, Logudoro, Mengjiang, Middag, Pear, Tjaquvuquvulj and Turkestan - New cultures: Pear and Silesian German - Ostsiedlung events by Jey the Count - Decisions to form Götaland, Sardinia and Turkestan - Ideas for Sandomierz, Greater Poland and Qarmatians - Ideas for Paraguay and Greenland from Extended Flavor mod by EOTeal

v1.14.4 - Released 2022-12-15

- Bugfixes

v1.14.3 - Released 2022-10-19

Tried to improve late game AI army movement - Fixed Ligurian culture being missing - Fixed a Norse event changing countries to no culture - Fixed Rashidun missions requiring an uncolonized province in Turkmenistan - Fixed Mahan missions - Forming Norway now gives you the Norwegian missions - Fixed forming Kitara requiring uncolonized provinces

v1.14.2 - Released 2022-09-24

Fixed compatibility issues with 1.34.3 such as tier 17 government reforms missing - Fixed AI armies not moving at modern times - Fixed banners and Caroleans not being available

v1.14.1 - Released 2022-09-14

Fixed government reforms for monarchies

v1.14.0 - Released 2022-09-13

Compatibility with 1.34 and Lions of the North - New monuments: Arch of Ctesiphon, Colosseum, Lighthouse of Alexandria, Obelisk of Axum, Sagrada Familia, Three Gorges Dam and Ziggurat of Ur - Church aspects for Catharism by LimonenZitrone - New tags: Beikthano, Caucasia, Davaka, Gour, Hanlin, Jaintia, Kanker, Khinjali, Kongoda, Kutriguria, Laur, Maingmaw, Onoguria, Pundravardhana, Sri Ksetra, Tagaung, Toshala and Utiguria - Updated starting setup in Caucasia, Bengal and Orissa - Decisions to form Caucasia, Pyu and Old Great Bulgaria - Event for Azerbaijani culture to appear - Bugfixes

v1.13.5c - Released 2022-03-02

Fixed a problem with dynamic names

v1.13.5b - Released 2022-03-02

Fixed file structure

v1.13.5 - Released 2022-03-02

Compatibility with 1.33

v1.13.4 - Released 2022-01-14


v11 - Released 2021-11-14

v10 - Released 2021-11-11

v1.12.6c - Released 2021-10-10

v1.12.6b - Released 2021-10-10

Fixed a file structure error. Hopefully this makes subscribing work.

v1.12.6 - Released 2021-08-09

New religion: Cathar - Several new events for Catharism - Events for Catharism by Zebenji integrated from Challenger's mod - Mission trees for Byeonhan, Jinhan and Mahan by Firesoul - Fixed CTD when Central African countries spawn - Fixed decision to form Francia - Some fixes to monument requirements - Fixed some incorrect province IDs in decision and mission requirements - Various minor bugfixes

v1.12.4 - Released 2021-07-09

Fixed compatibility issues with 1.31.5 - Ten new monuments - Various minor bugfixes

v1.12.3 - Released 2021-06-11

New tag: Kandis - Decision to form Somalia - Fixed CTD in the government reform screen - Fixed early government reforms resetting to the first option on save load - Fixed the Hunnic mission tree - Fixed the Russian mission tree - Fixed diplomatic technology not increasing naval engagement width - Strait from Sri Lanka to India was over the wrong sea tile

v1.12.2 - Released 2021-05-07

Fixed decisions to form New Zealand - Fixed natives file missing provinces - Some countries with modern estates were able to call diet - Fixed great plague potentially lasting forever - Mengujekids had broken localisation - Fixed localisation error in Goryeo ideas - Implemented some fixes introduced in 1.31.2 - Fixed ruler names of Old Egypt - Fixed flagships not being available - Fixed setup event not firing

v1.12.1 - Released 2021-04-28


v1.12.0 - Released 2021-04-27

Updated to make the mod compatible with 1.31 and Leviathan


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