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Elder Scrolls Universalis Mod for Europa Universalis 4


This is a global mod that will take you to the expanses of the fantasy world of Elder Scrolls Universalis. Immerse yourself in the First Era filled with wars and catastrophes. Prove that you are worthy of maintaining independence in the sight of the threat of elves, orcs and humans. Conquer the Tamriel and hoist your banner on top of the White-Gold Tower. Build the strongest economy on the blood and bones of your subjects, or captured slaves. Populate the barren lands of Ashland and the Great Desert, scattered across Nirn. And make your ancestors smile, looking at you!


1) 2500 Years of Timeline.

2) More than 7300 provinces to explore.

3) Hundreds of Playabe Countries.

4) Familiar Characters, Religions and Cultures.

5) New Events and Decisions.

6) Variety of New Mechanics.

7) Sweetrolles and Arrows in the Knees.


Elder Scrolls Universalis is a non-commercial project created by a fan of Bethesda Softworks' games for the players' community of Europa Universalis 4. According to rule 8 for User Made Mods and Edits of PDS games, the ESU is an absolutely free modification.

All the credit for Lore of Elder Scrolls Universalis goes to:

Bethesda Softworks

 All the pictures, flags, parts of the interface used in this mod are taken or from the original owner with his/her permission, or from Google Images. If any picture, flag, part of the interface violates your copyrights

ESU is the product of the collaboration of many talented modders and artists. It would be improper if we didn't take the time to thank everyone who made this project possible:

Description Page no longer can contain all the names of people, who contributed to the creation of Elder Scrolls Universalis

I hope that you will like the result of my labours, that you will spend your time well and will discover this magnificent game from the new side! And do not forget to put the likes, to add the mod to favourites and to tell friends about it! Created by Aetherum on 21 of October 2017, uploaded to Steam on 25 July 2018, published to the respected community on 15 January 2019.


v3.2.4 - Released 2023-12-20

Version: 3.2.4 Date: 20.12.23 EU4 Version: 1.36.*  Updated the mod to the 1.36.2 version of the vanilla game - Overhaul of the Alessian Revolt, featured by revision and addition of 56 events in total - Added new bookmark and disaster: Alessian Revolt - Added the models of Solitude Arch, Blue Palace, Orc Stronghold, High Hrothgar, Bards College, Palace of Kings, Windhelm Bridge, Dragonsreach, Kyne's Temple, Jorvaskr, Honningbrew Meadery, Tsaeci Arches, Mistveil Keep, Black Briar Lodge, Goldenglow Estate, 3 Dwemer Towers, Dwemer Columns, Dwemer Arches - Added new terrain types: Craglands and Caves - Added Archeology Menu with Reliquary, Artefact Manipulation and Archeological Expedition destination sub-windows. - Added known Ayleid Kings to Country History - Added new Loading Screen Tribes of government rank 7 can now also upgrade their alliance members to vassals - Moved Mod Menu to a separate button in Decisions View - Moved Archeology Decisions to a separate Menu, accessible in Decisions View - Moved Artefact Check decision to a separate Menu, accessible in Decisions View - AI will now acquire Artefacts, just like players. AI cannot spoil the province site for a Human player, but another Human player can still do this. - Updated Terrain assignment for Black Marsh, Morrowind, Cyrodiil, Valenwood, Skyrim, Elsweyr - Rebalanced Balmoran National ideas - Sard is now renamed to Sardavar Leed during the events of Narfinsel Schism - The Strength of Tributaries, Trade Protectorates and Spheres of Influence in calculations of their liberty desire will be additive and no longer independent - Lipsard Tarn and Nenalata are now Monarchies, while Wendir and Kemen are now Theocracies - Removed AI bonus/penalty in the calculation of desire to join HRE based on their governmental rank - Reduced the desire for AI to become a Sphere of Influence subject type - Banned Sphere of Influence to declare war on another Sphere of Influence under one overlord - Having a Sphere of Influence should no longer boost Diplomatic Reputation - Forgotten Vale should now be excluded from Skyrim Missions dedicated to eliminating Snow Elves - Minotaur State now worships Nedic Pantheon/Eight Divines instead of Hircine Cult (Hircine disapproves, but who cares? LOL) - Reduced the cost for harsh treating rebels in twice - Small HRE UI fix - Fixed Estate Lead Regency Event from spawning multiple times if being declined - Fixed the addition of multiple state-wide modifiers by Gut-Gardens and Wailing Weels - Fixed the ability to destroy Gut-Gardens and Wailing Weels, no matter if they are unique or not - Small localisation fixes - Fixed Nisin port position - Fixed naming of Forelhost (yes, I like it with R for some reason) - Fixed Dwemer naming in localisation (yea, again, extra R) - Fixed clipping through moons - Fixed AI falling behind tech in case of using Militarization or Naval Professionalism governmental mechanics - Moved King Haven Pass to the correct province - Fixed Duplication of Red Mountain in a decision to unit All Towers - now the Tree of Life province is required instead - Fixed Battleborn Castle providing a country-size modifier instead of a province-size - Fixed various minor issues

v3.2.3 - Released 2023-11-23

Version: 3.2.3 Date: 23.11.23 EU4 Version: 1.36.*  Added 15 Unique government reforms for Orcs - Added Agra Crun, Malacath's Crutal Breed and Vosh Rakh - Added Scriptable GUI buttons to increase governmental support for each of the government types with legitimacy equivalent - Added full support for Vinedusk Rangers and Bi-Lunar Guardsmen special units - Added temporary sprites for Corelayans, Sinistral, Kamal, Glacial, Nibebean, Colovian, Goblin, Marsh Men and Cantemiric cultures - Added National Advancement Government mechanic - Added International Approval Government mechanic - Added Cultural Influence Government mechanic - Added different opinion modifiers to each subject type - Added Sphere of Influence Subject type for nations using Cultural Influence Mechanic or those that have reached government rank of 5 - Added New Casus Beli and a Wargoal type: Spread of the True Faith available via fabrication for every defender of faith - Added cooldown timers for AI for every custom diplomatic action to prevent spam attacks - Added a diplomatic action to convert Sphere of Influence subject to Vassal - Added a diplomatic action to convert Treethane subject to Vassal - Added a diplomatic action to convert Alliance Member subject to Vassal - Added a diplomatic action to convert a primary culture of nations for those who use Cultural Influence Mechanic - Added Commoners estate to Horsemen and Kreathmen cultures - Added Mages estate to Orcs, Khajiits and Nords/Atmorans - Added Warriors estate to Horsemen, Kreathmen and Cyrodiilic cultures - Added Sounds on opening a Religion tab - Added a couple of "Easter Eggs" sounds - Added Meridia's Speech for the followers of the Cult of Meridia on the declaration of Narfinsel Schism - Added start-up description for Balmora - Added new diplomatic actions to establish a Tributary and request a Tributary status  Changes - Revolution spread is now more generalized but should target monarchies first - Rulers now have 1 more personality slot to unlock at 100 years of their rule - Treethanes can no longer be integrated. They should be converted to Vassals instead - Holy Orders can now fight only independent nations - your other subjects are now safe! - Holy Orders can no longer be integrated. They should lose their status first - Updated Alert Icons for various diplomatic actions - Colonial Subjects now have increased liberty desire from their development - Increased AI aggressiveness by 25% - Decreased opinion bonuses from relationships between Overlord/Subject, having a common religion and culture - Replaced a sound on completing a mission - Replaced a sound on opening parliament view - Replaced sounds on upgrading base tax, production, manpower - Performed normalization of all custom sounds to improve their quality - Estate Rebels now may spawn if you take the lands from them - Excluded Dwemers, Tseasci and Dead Culture groups from access to Slave Oppression mechanic - Added access to Slave Oppression Mechanics for any nation that accepted Slavery, Slave Rulers or Pirate King government reforms - All Faction icons are redone to improve their quality and fit the updated UI - Added white background glowing to all trade goods to increase their visibility - Increased modifiers of all Factions to make them more important  Fixes  - Fixed Modernization gain from foreign advisors - Fixed a major issue with Great Projects - Fixed a couple of minor issues related to various events - Fixed Balmora Mission Tree - Fixed Snow Elven Mission Tree - Fixed a minor bug with a generic mission tree - Fixed a Personal Union between Falinesti and Marbruck - Fixed Subject Icons in Subjects View - Fixed Goblin Artillery unit №2 - Fixed Empire of China not working correctly for 54.1.1 start - Fixed a couple of spelling issues - Fixed a bug with Grand Triumphs that could fire too often - Fixed a bug with receiving both Altmer and Daggerfall mission trees while playing as Daggerfal nation with Altmeric culture - Fixed various minor bugs

v3.2.2a - Released 2023-11-07

Version: 3.2.2a Date: 07.11.23 EU4 Version: 1.36 Additions Added Icons for Bi-Lunar Guard and Vinedusk Rangers Special Units Added support for Bi-Lunar Guard and Vinedusk Rangers Special Units, available for Bosmeri and Khajiiti Nations (Their localisation is still WIP though, so they are still named as Mamluks and Qizilbash) ###Changes Added Highlands and Hills terrain type for AI evaluations 

v3.2.2 - Released 2023-11-07

Version: 3.2.2 Date: 07.11.23 EU4 Version: 1.36 Balmora Mission Tree - 23 Flavour Events for Dwemer nations featuring the construction of various buildings in Dwemer Strongholds - 28 Flavour events Orsimer and Goblin nations - Added Custom Flags for every Skyrim nation - Added Orsimer Fury Government Mechanics - National Ideas for Great Haafingar - National Ideas for Winterhold College - National Ideas for Winterhold - National Ideas for Skyrim - National Ideas for the Old Kingdom - National Ideas for Balmora - National Ideas for Forelhorst - National Ideas for Volkihar Clan (Pre Harkon) - National Ideas for Nighhollow Clan - National Ideas for Nordic Coast - National Ideas for Great Plains - National Ideas for Rift - National Ideas for Snow Elven Nation - National Ideas for Dawnguard - National Ideas for State of Giants - National Ideas for Reach - National Ideas for Kreath - National Ideas for Rifton - National Ideas for Clan Nur - National Ideas for Firsthold - National Ideas for Skywatch - National Ideas for Cloudrest - Added Religious Schism Province modifier for provinces affected by Narfinsel Schism - Added Falmer Uprising Disaster with 2 events - Added Preemptive war Casus Beli for Balmora - Added an event featuring the Last Birdmen - Added an event featuring the Temple of Ancestor Moth - Added Great Raid Casus Beli for Orsimer Nation - Added Orsimer Clan, Great Orsimer Clan and Orsimer Kingdom governemnt reforms with Orsimer Fury mechanic  Updated the mod to 1.36 version of the base game - Updated Snow Elven Refugee mechanic - Updated Snow Elven Enslavement mechanic - Limited the amount of Mercenary Companies the player and AL can use at the same time by 3 - Reduced Manpower gain from province development - Replaced Snow Elven Raven Rock with Nordic Raven Rock due to changes in Elder Scrolls lore - Updated the history of Cyrodiil for the Alessian Revolt bookmark - Rebalanced existing national ideas of Skyrim nations, including post-Harkon Volkihar Clan - Being ahead of time now grants Reform Progress - Increased Minimal years required to integrate vassal from 10 to 25 years - Increased Minimal years required to integrate personal union from 50 to 100 years - Expanded mechanic of joining the Nordic Empire to give the player and AI an option to not accept a new member into the Empire - Decreased technology requirement for all buildings in twice - All AI nations now want to avoid ugly borders - Submod window now includes a description of where to download them from - Added a Golden frame to all government reform buttons to improve their visibility - Reduced base liberty desire reduction from subject development from -50% to -10% - Great Orsimer Clan reform is also allowed for Iron Orsinium - Razing a province now also adds a picture to its modifiers - Great Project's names in Ledger are now more visible - Added notification for state edicts, indicating when you might want to change them - Building of infrastructure, prodiction, taxation, trade and manufactory buidlings increases prosperity- Fixed an issue of not getting new ideas after forming a new country via switch_tag - Fixed the flags of Orsimer Clans that were Dwemer for some reason - Fixed Sload Mission tree - Fixed an issue with idea changing event, not changing non-generic missions - Fixed minor localisation issues

v3.2.0 - Released 2023-10-01

Version: 3.2.0 Date: 01.10.23 EU4 Version: 1.35.  Added 14 Idea sets for Ayleid City-States - Added Idea set for the Imperial City - Added 132 New Monuments - Added Narfinsel Schism disaster and 3 New events - Added 10 Idea Sets for Skyrim Holds - Added 21 Flavour events for Slaver Nations - Added Snow Elven mission tree Buffed National Ideas for Elsweyr, Hammerfell, High Rock, Morrowind, Valenwood, Skyrim, Akaviri, Argonian and Pirate Nations - Enabled Daedra and Al-Dremora Unit Sprites - Update of events of the Second Nordic-Elven War, Third Nordic-Elven War and Narfinsel Schism - Expanded Slave Raid CB to be used by High Elves, Chimers and Al-Dremoran nations

v3.1.1 - Released 2023-08-14

Version: 3.1.1 Date: 14.08.23 EU4 Version: 1.35.- Completed Tamtiel River Map - Added River Estuary province modifiers - Added Trade Routes province modifiers Rebalanced Fervor, Karma, Papal Influence, Church Power modifiers - Increased Trade Power of Trade Route province modifier from 10 to 15  Fixes Fixed province changes associated with Oblivion Invasion - Fixed Dissove Protectorate decisions - Fixed Trade Route paths - Fixed various minor issues

v3.1.0 - Released 2023-08-05

Version: 3.1.0 Date: 05.08.23 EU4 Version: 1.35.* Added Support for the Dovahkiin UI Submod - Added Custom Factions, Natives, Religious Reforms UI - Added Rivers for Morrowind - Added 1 New Decision Changes Increased Minimap Size - Added manufactories for all trade goods - Increased the increase in damage dealt each day of the combat from 1% to 5% - Limited AI usage of mercenaries

v3.0.5 - Released 2023-06-24

Version: 3.0.5 Date: 24.06.23 EU4 Version: 1.35.4 Added estates for Fowl, Centaur, Rat Men, Canis Men, Lamian, Ket Keptu and Dragon Culture Groups - Added Personal Deities for the Four Parents religion - Added a Scrollbar to allow nations to have state actions with holy orders Various changes to make the mod compatible with the 1.35.4 update - Nordic Pantheon is now the Official religion of the Nordic Empire, allowing only Nordic Pantheon Emperors to be elected and granting them the ability to revoke electorates Properly set colours for Holy Orders - Fixed colour changes due to dependencies gained/lost - Fixed Custom Nations colours - Fixed Personal Deities of Keptu Pantheon - Prevented tag switch for advanced tags in the Solitude Mission tree - Fixed Mission overlap for Daggerfall - Fixed Liberation CB type4 - Fixed Corten Height formable - Fixed holy cities of Four Parents, Egg Mother, Mother Sea, Herd Mother and Deep One's religions - Fixed selling price of ships - Fixed Special Units force limit - Fixed various minor small issues

v3.0.4-full - Released 2023-05-09

Version: 3.0.4 Date: 09.05.23 EU4 Version: 1.35  Added New Personal Deities: Malooc, Ebonarm, Mafala, Hermorah, Boethra, Alkhan, Akha, Molagh, Nirni, Noctra, Orkha, Sheggorath, S'rendarr, Varmiina, Wilderking, Dagoth Ur, Sethiete, Atak, Atakota, Hist, Kota, Sithis - Added Personal Deity mechanics for Hist religion - Added Independence Rebels - Added Modernization Government Mechanics for Native Tribes - Added a couple of New CB added with the 1.35 Update - Added Trade Protectorate subject type for nations on different continents - Added Changing Colour Mechanics: PU, Marches and Alliance members are coloured in the colours of their overlord (can be turned off in ESU Menu). - Added New State Edicts - Added New Government Mechanics: State Governance, Decadence, Perfectionism, Royal Rule, Mercenary Militarization, High Chamber, Religious Council, Naval Professionalism, Sacred Powers, High Council vs. Absolute Rule, End Times - Added Cult of Insect religion to History - available at 178.1.1 date - Added new Naval Special Units: Sea Serpents, Junk Ships, Galleons, Longships, Caravels, Swan Ships - Added new land Special Units: Cursed Legion Regiments, Dov-rha Axethanes, Auridon Paladins  Changes- Replaced Piety Mechanics with Personal Deities Mechanics for Old Gods Cult - Updated Country COlours for Aldmeri Dominion and House Redoran - Renamed Celestial Reforms for EoC to make them fit both Elves and Nedes - Any nation that owns White-Gold Tower province by the end of the war becomes the New EoC Emperor. - Updated and Rebalanced Existing Government Mechanics  Fixes  - Fixed various minor issues associated with Personal Deities - Fixed issue with Treethanes acquisition loop - Fixed HRE Emperor Shield Position and Elector Button - Fixed Unification of Cyrodiil and Taking the Ruby Throne CB - Fixed Winterhold College Monument Triggers - Fixed some straits in Roscrea and Pyandonea - Fixed Brigands Regiment tooltip - Fixed a bunch of minor issues with some Mission trees - Fixed Character Attributes Mechanics

v3.0.4-WIPa - Released 2023-05-07

Version: 3.0.4-WIP Date: 07.05.23 EU4 Version: 1.35  Fixed AI or Armies

v3.0.4-WIP - Released 2023-05-07

Version: 3.0.4-WIP Date: 07.05.23 EU4 Version: 1.35  Bug Fix Update

v3.0.4 - Released 2023-04-21

Version: 3.0.4-WIP Date: 21.04.23 EU4 Version: 1.35  Compatibility update for 1.35

v3.0.3 - Released 2023-04-15 Version: 3.0.3 Date: 15.04.23 EU4 Version: 1.34 - Added Titles of Governemnts, Rulers, Consorts and Heirs for Akaviri, Argonian, Bosmer, Breton, Canis-Men, Centaur, Chimer/Dunmer, Nedic/Imperial, Daedric, Dragon, Elven, Fowl, Kamal, Keptu, Khajiiti, Lamian, Maormer, Orsimer, Po Tun, Rat-Men, Reachmen, Sload, Snow Elven, Tang Mo, Tsaesci, Vampire, Void and Yokudan Nations - Added Titles of Governemnts, Rulers, Consorts and Heirs for Various Religious Nations - Added Fixed Titles of Governemnts, Rulers, Consorts and Heirs for Various Important Nations - Added 54 New Songs by Daniel Ran - Added 1 New Song by Fredrik Jonasson - Added 5 New Songs by Ronald van Deurzen - Added 19 New Songs by Scott Buckley - Added New Religion: Four Parents (Personal Deities mechanics) - Added New Religion: Egg Mother Cult (Fervor mechanics) - Added New Religion: Deep Ones (Fervor mechanics) - Added New Religion: Mother Sea (Karma mechanics) - Added New Religion: Herd Mother (Piety mechanics) - Added Fervor mechanics to Cult of the Insect God - Added 4 new events featuring Reachmen Clans Changes - Druidism Religion now uses Piety instead of Karma mechanics - Dragonguard now can be recruited only from Akaviri, Tsaesci or Po Tun provinces - Decreased Cohesion gain for Native federations

v3.0.2 - Released 2023-03-19

v 3.0.2 Added Trade Centers for all the Tamriel & Roscrea - Added 16 Idea Sets for Khajiiti Nations - Added 3 new Events for Students of Magnus religion - Added 10 new Personal Deities for Nordic Pantheon (Pantheons of Atmora and Tamriel are now split) - Completed Khajiiti Fur Trade event chain - Added a bunch of new Ruler Titles - Added the Idea Ser for Abeceanean pirates  Changes - Miraak Temple Great Project now requires only 100% of religious unity - Should make the start of the Miraak event chain much easier. - AI is now encouraged to build more buildings 

v3.0.1a - Released 2023-03-11

- Hotfix Update

v3.0.1 - Released 2023-03-11

Added a bridge over the Odai in Balmora - Added Secondary religions to some Reachmen clans - Added River Basins for Valenwood, Elsweyr and Cyrodiil - Added Treethanes mechanics for Valenwood - Added Descriptions for all new unique City-Terrains - Added National Ideas for Birdmen, Centaur and Horsemen cultures - Added various new models, including one for Winterhold College and three for Xanmeers - Added 1 new event for Winterhold College - Added 1 new event for Subjects of Vampires - Added 1 new disaster - The Last Bystander for Dragon Cult followers on Tamriel  Moved HRE to Skyrim - Moved EoC to Cyrodiil - The ebony mine by Caldera now produces ebony - Updated Boethiah's Chimer Pantheon cult event image - Golden Age can be now reset on the embracement of new Institutions. - Improved ruler stats of Jarl of Windhelm - Reduced AI desire for specific provinces twice - Free cities can have up to 10 provinces - Updated the names of various land units Fixes  - Heretic rebel names, now with half the heretics (They don't say "Religion X Heretics Heretics" anymore) - Ayleids can't form Alik'r State anymore - Resolved the issue of not being able to upgrade Naval Units due to wrongly assigned stats - Fully enabled the Forgotten Vale connection - Added timeout for some diplomatic actions, that were too frequent and annoying - Fixed the decisions to subjugate Riften and Ivarstead - Fixed +5/month passive Imperial Authority gain - Fixed some wrongly assigned province terrains - Fixed Endusal name placement - Fixed 1st Scenario - Dawn of the First Era - Fixed Event queuing, which should contribute to an increase in performance 

v3.0.0 - Released 2023-01-28

Version: 3.0.0 Date: 28.01.23 EU4 Version: 1.34. Complete Map Overhaul of High Rock - Complete Map Overhaul of Skyrim - Complete Map Overhaul of Morrowind, including Vvardenfell - Complete Map Overhaul of Hammerfell - Complete Map Overhaul of Cyrodiil - Complete Map Overhaul of Black Marsh - Complete Map Overhaul of Elsweyr - Complete Map Overhaul of Valenwood - Complete Map Overhaul of Summerset Islands - Map Overhaul of Roscrea - Overhaul of Terrain Textures Added New Countries - Added New Religions: Druidism, Keptu Pantheon, Forgotten Insect God, Cult of Miraak and Magne-Ge - Added New Cultures: Horsemen, Giant Goblins, Kreathmen, Naga, Hapsleet, Paatru, Sarpa, Orma, Yespest, Horwalli, Riekr, Bird Men, Centaur - Added Lava for Morrowind - Added New Flags - Added New on map models - Added Dominion Unit Model - Added Keptu Pantheon as a new Religion - Added Cult of Sithis as a new Religion - Added Cult of Miraak as a new Religion - Added 1 New event for Nordic Mission Tree - Added 10 New events for Khajiiti Pantheon religion - Added 6 New events for Miraak Cult religion - Added 1 New Flavour event - Added A NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACON line - Added New Decisions for Formable nations - Added New Monuments - Added various fixed trade goods for some provinces - Added Mission Tree for Khajiits and Solitude - Added Archein Ideas - Added Agaceph Ideas - Added Naga Ideas - Added Hapsleet Ideas - Added Sarpa Ideas - New Terra Incognita Overlay - Blackreach Cavern System - Forgotten Vale access through Darkfall Passage ### Changes ### - Placed Sithis Cult religion on the map - Renamed Cult of Lorellia to Nereid Cult - Positions of Reachmen Schools are now fixed - Moved Keptu into its own Ket Keptu Culture Group - Improved various Flags - Improved Altmer models - Improved Argonian models - Improved Maormer models - Updated Xorme AI integration - Changed Infantry and Cavalry breakthrough from 1.0 to 0.15 - Nerfed Tribal Development Growth for Natives - Increased Ahead of Time Technology bonuses - Rebalanced Lunar Lattice bonuses - Ogres now follow the Cult of Malacath instead of the Cult of Ancestors Barsaebic Ayleids now have Ayleid models as well - Fixed Snow Elf Models - Fixed Altmer Models - Fixed Corelayan Models - Fixed Maormer Models - Fixed Russian and Cossack War Exhaustion abilities - Fixed High Rock city foundation decisions - Fixed Iron Orc mission tree - Fixed various minor bugs in the code - Fixed estate agenda event target names not displaying - Fixed various minor localisation issues - Fixed mission tooltips - Fixed various minor bugs Removed Alessian Revolt Bookmark (temporarily) - Removed Most of the Diplomatic ties on Tamriel - Removed remaining vanilla music

v2.4.4d - Released 2022-11-13

Version: 2.4.4d - All Unit Models are fixed - Various Bugs are fixed

v2.4.4 - Released 2022-10-18

Version: 2.4.4 Date: 18.10.2022 EU4 Version: 1.34. Additions Added 24 Dragon Advisor Portraits - Added New Snow Elven Unit Models - Added New Altmer Unit Models - Overhauled Red Mountain Eruption Mechanics - added 3 new events. - Added 24 Giant Advisor Portraits Changes  Reworked Orthodoxy Mechanics for Dragon Cult - Replaced Icons for Special Units - Replaced Icons for Government Actions - Added +1 passive tribal allegiance - Updated in-game credits - Reworked Dwemer Arcanexes by adding new bonuses and fines Fixes  Fixed CTD issue caused by Skyrim Civil War - Fixed spawn of nations in Oblivion - Fixed various Minor Bugs - Fixed HRE / EoC dismantle due to change of Government Type Deletions Removed new vanilla soundtrack

v2.4.3a - Released 2022-09-20

Version: 2.4.3 Date: 20.09.2022 EU4 Version: 1.34. Additions - Added Russian Mechanics for Merchant Republics, Trading Cities, Pirate Republics, Federal Republics - Added Iqta Mechanics to Military Dictatorships, Akaviri Monarchies, Celestial Council - Added Militarisation Mechanics to Feudal Monarchy - Added Dragonguard Special Units to Akaviri Republics, Akaviri Monarchies, Elven Monarchies - Added Feudal Theocracy Mechanics to Human Regnum, Tribunal gov reform, Sisterhood gov reform - Added Hussars as Dwemer Automats for Dwemers - Added new Mission to Dwemers, which allows the construction of Dwemer Automats - Added Additional bonuses to the Pyandonean Mission tree, to make it more balanced - Added new Dragon Culture - Added 2 new flavour events featuring Dragons and Maormers - Added 3 new loading screens Changes - Updated the mod files to the 1.34 version of the base game - Nerfed Orcish Fury from +25% Moral and +15% Unit Power to +15% Moral and +5% Unit Power - Replaced one Harpy Event Picture with another one, as the first one was already used in Calendar events - Gold Spawn event is limited to countries with more than 50 cities - Ogre Spawn event is limited to countries with more than 5 cities - Renamed Gov Interactions mechanics of Cossacks, Russian, Iqta, Mamluk mechanics - Renamed Banners to Dragonguard, Rajputs to Elite Warriors, Cossacks to Brigants, Janissaries to Sovereign Wardens, Streltsy to National Guardsmen, Hussars to Dwemer Automats, Cawa to Exalted Warriors, Caroleans to Dragons - Renamed Steppe Hordes to Nomad Tribes - Renamed Orthodoxy-Patriarchy Localisation lines to fit the Dragon Cult - Renamed Flower Wars to Serpent Wars Fixes - Fixed localisation of some National Ideas - Some immediate code in Tang Mo Missions is now hidden - Fixed the description of the Arkngthamz Holy Site - Fixed Government reforms for Bosmer Monarchies, that were missing one reform due to the new Wilderking gov reform. - Fixed Pyandonean Mission tree for those, who do not have Rule Brittania DLC. Removed Dragonguard Special Units from Mercenary gov reform - Removed Flags from city province models to boost performance

v2.4.3 - Released 2022-09-16

1.34 Compatibility patch

v2.4.2a - Released 2022-09-03

v 2.4.2a - Hotfix update

v2.4.2 - Released 2022-09-03

Version: 2.4.2 Date: 03.09.2022 EU4 Version: 1.33. - Added National Ideas for Orsinium - Added National Ideas for Wrothgar - Added National Ideas for Winterborn Clan - Added National Ideas for Wayrest - Added National Ideas for Evermore - Added National Ideas for White-Gold Tower - Added National Ideas for Ayleid State - Added Druidism as a WIP religion - Added 7 New Generic Events - Added 4 New Events for Native Nations - Added 1 New Event for Emperor of China/Akavir - Added 10 New Events for Parliaments - Added 6 New Events for Nations, who follow Aedric Religions - Added New Governemnt Reform for Wilderking - Added 10 New Levels for Professionalism - Rebalanced Daggerfall National Ideas - Replaced Hist Karma mechanics with Secondary Religion Mechanics - Changed Event Pictures for Lunar Lattice Events - Added Extra Leader Slot for 200 Forcelimit - Increased Basic Revolt size from 1 to 2.5 - Invading Oblivion nations now spawn 45K army on the other side of the portal - Abolition reform no longer can be enforced, while other Slave Reforms are enforced - Subject nations now contribute from 5 to 25% of their forcelimit to the Overlord - Nation, which occupies the capital of Emperor of China/Akavir now automatically becomes new Emperor of China/Akavir - Increased frequency of Extend Regency events - Ogres should no longer spawn outside Tamriel Fixed some Estate Agendas - Fixed Spawn of Slave Rebells - Fixed a couple of events, firing when their goal is already completed - Fixed some spelling issues - Fixed missions, which required some specific idea to be completed

v2.4.1 - Released 2022-08-06

Version: 2.4.1 Date: 06.08.2022 EU4 Version: 1.33.  Added Daggerfall Mission Tree - Added Tang Mo Mission Tree - Added 48 new advisor portraits for Nords and Imperials - Added indigenous ideas for native/tribal countries so they also have a government-based idea set after State Administration ideas. - Added one Blackreach event - Added Slave Raid Mechanics - Added Send Caravans Mechanics - Rebalanced Holy Orders - Improved "Visit from Atmora" event - Rebalanced Rebells - now their numbers should be more reasonable - Rebalanced a couple of events in terms of rewards/fines Fixed AI supply of armies - Fixed Fire Salts trade goods bug - Various Localisation bugs are fixed - Fixed Lottery Elections - Fixed getting additional manpower via attrition, if a player falls beyond 100% bonus - Fixed Mundus Tower Positions - Moved Crystal Tower Ambient Object - Fixed Windhelm Mission Tree

v2.4.0 - Released 2022-07-03

Version: 2.4.0 Date: 03.07.2022 EU4 Version: 1.33.Additions - Pirate government names - Performance saving mechanics, which hides Oblivion nations and speeds Ice Age for Atmora if the player does not play in the respective regions - Added National Idea set for Falinesti - Added National Idea set for Valenwood - Added National Idea set for Southern Orsinium - Added National Idea set for Imgan State - Added National Idea set for Greenshade - Added National Idea set for Malabal Tor / Silvenar - Added Mission tree for Coldharbour Vampires - Added Mission tree for Non-Coldharbour Vampires - Added Mission tree for Iron Orcs - Added Snow-whale Sighting Event - Added 12 new Events for Republic governments - Added 5 new Events for Native governments Changes - Evermore Foundation Decision now requires 1 Fish province instead of 25 - Restricted Ogres event not to fire for provinces with unique trade goods - Rebalance of Bravil, Kvatch and Scamp ideas - Rebalance of Naval Units - Optimisation of "on actions" events and other mechanics to improve performance - Rebalanced Absolutism - Rebalanced Liberty Desire for Subject Types - Moved Gunder Tribe from Gundercrea to The Cold Divines province, so it could migrate Fixes - Estates privileges no longer use the Dwemer blessings background - Fixed Wayrest Foundation Decision - Fixed Autonomy Agendas - Fixed various small localisation bugs - Fixed Secure Member Autonomy HRE Reform - Fixed random wars with Guardian nations - Fixed Windhelm Mission bug

v2.3.9 - Released 2022-06-04

Version: 2.3.9 Date: 04.06.2022 EU4 Version: 1.33. Additions- Added Orsimer mission tree - Added Ogre culture - Added Lamian culture - Added 5 Beverages events - Added 2 Ogre events - Added 1 Lamian events - Added 5 Trade events - Added 7 Maormer events - Added 2 Mercantilism events - Added 6 Flavour events for 2nd Era - Added 10 Harpy events - Added 12 Tribal events - Added Descriptions for all of the 53 Holy Orders - Added National Ideas for Scamp culture - Added National Ideas for Imga culture - Added National Ideas for Skaal culture - Added National Ideas for Goblin culture - Added National Ideas for Falmer culture - Added National Ideas for Hollow culture - Added National Ideas for Volkihar - Added National Ideas for Tamriel - Added National Ideas for Cyrodiil - Added National Ideas for Colovia - Added National Ideas for Heartlands - Added National Ideas for Nibenay - Added National Ideas for Alessian Empire - Added National Ideas for Alessian Order - Added National Ideas for Golden Coast - Added National Ideas for Jerall Mountains - Added National Ideas for Valus Mountains - Added National Ideas for Akaviri Potentate - Added National Ideas for Horder of the Hour - Added National Ideas for Anvil - Added National Ideas for Bravil - Added National Ideas for Bruma - Added National Ideas for Cheydinhal - Added National Ideas for Chorrol - Added National Ideas for Kvatch - Added National Ideas for Leyawiin - Added National Ideas for Skingrad - Added Nocturnal Sisterhood government reform - Added Reformation Center for Nocturnal Cult - Added some historical lucky nations, but this feature is still WIP - Added new localisation lines to German, French and Spanish localisations - Added the Endgame mechanics Changes - Increased Income from Base Tax - Increased the number of Sailors - Max Combat Dice Side is increased from 6 to 10 - Decreased terrain defence modifiers by 1 for all terrain types - Females may always rule the nation with Nocturnal Sisterhood government reform - Females may no longer rule over countries with Ashland Chimer or Ashland Dunmer primary culture - The City of Mages monument now requires the owner to have Mages Colleges privilege - Accepted cultures may no longer be converted using decisions of Vampires, Tsaesci and Soul-Schriven - Updated triggers for Nordic and Breton missions to make them more clear and avoid buggy situations - Events for Statists/Orangists mechanics should now fire more often Fixes - Fixed minor localisation issues - Fixed Oblivion Centers of Trade - Fixed Ysgramor Dynasty for Windhelm - Fixed various minor bugs  Deletions- Deleted two 2nd Era events, as they had no unique picture and were merged with the other two events 

v2.3.8 - Released 2022-05-01

Version: 2.3.8 Date: 01.05.2022 EU4 Version: 1.33  Additions Breton Mission Tree - Added 27 new Trade Goods - Added Havrocel and Coldharbour Elite Guards as new Mercenary Companies - Added 3 new events, featuring Havrocel - Added 1 new event featuring Xivkyn - Added 2 new events featuring Half-Giants - Added Concentrate Development feature - Added Imperial Vassal subject type Overhaul of the Country Collapse System - Native nations can no longer join the Empire - Idea Groups show the next ones in the Idea Group Tree - Ice Age Disaster no longer adds country debuffs but adds province debuffs for all Atmora - Last Dominion Imperial reform now vassalises all imperial nations, that have a positive opinion of the Emperor as Imperial Vassals - State Centralisation now adds Prosperity and reduces maintenance - Army Tradition no longer increases army maintenance - it is now tied with the total army size of the country. Fixed the spelling of "Helstrom" - State Maintenance Modifier and Embracement Cost Modifier are no longer dependent on the country's development - Fixed poor code blocks to boost the performance - Fixed Auri-El's mission for the followers of the Old Ways Cult - Fixed Monuments institution for players, who do not own the Leviathan DLC - Fixed localisation of Chimer Cults events - Fixed Canals and Oblivion Gates disappearance on load game

v2.3.7 - Released 2022-04-03

Version: 2.3.7 Date: 03.04.2022 EU4 Version: 1.33. Additions - Added 3 new Estate Interactions - 5 new Events for Extended Regencies - 7 new Events for Holy Roman Empire mechanics - 7 new Events for Harem mechanics - 1 new Event for Archeology mechanics - 7 new Events for Overextension - 3 new Events for native religion reformation - 1 new Event for Tribal Succession - 10 New Events for Theocracies - 3 New Trade Events - 5 New Dictatorship Events - There are now 3 events that should remove some development worldwide to avoid dev blobbing Reduced the Chance of Sacking event to fire - Added 50% chance for every province to lose 1 dev due to occupation - Increased bonuses of Innovatives - Reduced amount of gold a nation can get via inflation - Introduced a cooldown timer for development decision - Increased scaling of development cost - Moved Caravan Policy decision to Estate Interactions - Reduced Authority gained from development - Reduced minimal size of nations after Maya mechanics collapse - Increased time gap between changes in Prices of Trade Goods - Tribunal Government now uses Holy Orders instead of Banners, restricted to Emperor of China-Akavir - Reduced the extra cost of buildings due to development, but increased local unrest Fixed various small issues - Fixed localisation of native religion reforms - Fixed Spelling and other Grammar issues in localisation - Added missing localisation lines for German, Spanish and French languages - Limited possibilities of native tribes to join HRE - Events following the death of Alessia now kill her, if she is still alive for some reason - Fixed Tribunal Elections event - Removed Elven Space Marines  Removed minority expulsion events - Removed Papacy events - Removed Elven Space Marines

v2.3.6 - Released 2022-03-10

Version: 2.3.6 Date: 10.03.22 EU4 Version: 1.33. Additions - Added 10 new events for Elective monarchy - Added 15 new events for Dynasties - Added 8 new events for Statists Vs Orangists mechanics - Added new trade goods to Manufactories - Added localisation for a bunch of new trade goods Fixed CTD issues - Fixed various small issues

v2.3.5 - Released 2022-03-02

Version: 2.3.5 Date: 02.03.22 EU4 Version: 1.33. changes for 1.33 update of EU4 - Added 9 new Trade Goods  Changes - Reduced max amount of Client States to 15, but they are going to be available since the year 300, when most Maormer nations complete reforms and get away from Doom.

v2.3.4a - Released 2022-02-27

Version: 2.3.4 Date: 27.02.22 EU4 Version: 1.32.2  Additions - Sload mission tree - Added option to hide the Sacking Event - Added 7 new flavour events - Added 20 new Trade Goods - Skykiller Gallery now provides dev cost decrease bonus - Strong Trade Companies now provide governing and reform progress bonuses - Reduced base liberty desire reduction for all subject types Falmers should no longer spawn in Morrowind - Fixed Doom mechanics for Pyandocean nations

v2.3.3 - Released 2022-02-22

Version: 2.3.3 Date: 22.0.2022 EU4 Version: 1.32.2 Additions Added 12 dynasty events Changes Improved AI Fixes Fixed some Holy Orders - Fixed free 1000 adm power on new agenda - Fixed Dark Brotherhood spawn event and modifiers of these mechanics

v2.3.2b - Released 2022-02-21

v 2.3.2b - Hotfix Update

v2.3.2 - Released 2022-02-20

Version: 2.3.2 Date: 20.02.2022 EU4 Version: 1.32. Additions  A new set of brand new lore-friendly estates - Added 3 New buttons for Estate Interaction - Brand new Water Colour Map - Masser and Secunda Models - Hundreds of new event images, updated for the new event window! - Added 11 City Terrain types for High Rock, Skyrim and Morrowind - Added new Trade Nodes and Trade Companies for Summerset Islands, High Rock, Hammerfell, Skyrim and Morrowind - Additional Trade goods added (mostly Oblivion), overall trade goods balanced for new and custom terrains map-wide - 8 New Flavour Events for Elven religions - 5 new Events for Dark Brotherhood Origin - 5 new events for Harmony Religious Group - 4 new events for Elemental Religious Group - 14 new events for subject overlords - 23 new events featuring governmental factions - 8 new events for Dragon Cult (Draconic) religion - Added 10 estates disasters with unique icons - Dozens of new lore-friendly government/ruler names (Jarls for Nords, Protectors and Craftlords for Dwemer, Ashkhans for Chimer, etc.) - Added Saint Osla Statue as a new Monument for Cheydinhal - Added Statue of Arkay monument - Added Wilderking ruler to the Greenheart with 100% heir chance modifier, if the state religion is Bosmer Pantheon - Added the Wilderking dynasty to Woodhearth, which has a fixed dynasty, while it follows Bosmer Pantheon - Added the Wilderking's Throne to Woodhearth - Building and Upgrading Canals in Morrowind and Akavir now boost the trade power of the respective Trade Node. - Added Slave Rebels as a new Rebel Type - Added Sacking Mechanics for provinces - Added Akykiller Gallery as a new Monument with its own decision and event for interaction - Added Meridia's Beacon as a new Daedric Artifact  Morrowind has had a political layout overhaul, complete with many new tags, flags, and more. - Chimer religion has been overhauled - Dwemer religion has received some tweaks - Updated some estate icons based on feedback - Updated some estate privileges based on feedback - Replaced the Bravil Monument of Crypt of the Night Mother with Lucky Old Lady - Changed Stros M'Kai province and city names, cultures - Changed icons for disasters - Updated flag glow effect - Enabled the serpent sign for the birthsign system - Added proper descriptions to birthsign events and modifiers - Refactored a bunch of birthsign-related code - Slightly boosted the gain of Imperial Authority - Updated the daedric "pick aspect" button's icon - All-female rulers should be able to become the Defender of Faith from now on - Updated some sea tile/area/region naming in Topal Bay - Updated the Tu'Whacca deity icon - Updated the region colours in Skyrim to look a little nicer, and be more distinct from neighbouring regions - Optimized some code in the on_startup on action - Reduced the Dice side from 10 to 6 - Sieges do not passively reduce development - it is now handled by sacking event - Reduced max possible idea cost bonus Fixed Orgnum's heirs not to be Molag Bal - Fixed provinces Woodhearth to make them more lore-friendly - Added missing Rebels for Students of Magnus and Ayleid Pantheon religions - Fixed some events, tied with flavour government reforms - Fix of Pirates Spawn Events, Tribunal Elections, Weather-Terrain Events, Changes of Prices - Fix of GE Revolution disaster - Fix of Orcish Fury Event - Fix of Election for Republics and Dutch Elections mechanics for Monarchies - Fixed Tribunal (Papacy) interface - Fixed Circumnavigation path - Fixed Slave Rulers Elections, Republic Elections, Pirate Elections - Fixed Reclamations religion spawn - Fixed Oblivion Invasion (again) - Fixed randomness of lore and flavour events  Removed Peace Treaties, granting +1 adm/dip/mil skill to ruler

v2.3.1 - Released 2022-01-12

Version: 2.3.1 Date: 03.01.2022 EU4 Version: 1.32. Changes - Made the event description font slightly grey, to ease any potential eye strain. - Adjusted some area names to be more lore-accurate. Fixed some spelling/grammar in conquest events - Fixed Random events for the Draconic Religion Don't forget to study your Jel. - Or else... v 2.3.0b - Fix of unexpected rank increase v 2.3.0a - Update of Localisation files for non-English languages. Version: 2.3.0 Date: 30.12.21 EU4 Version: 1.32. Additions - Conquest info events - Learn about the different regions of Nirn as you expand your territory! (These can be disabled in the mod menu) - 54 new Holy Orders with unique bonuses - each religion has 3 of them - 12 new random flavour Events for Akaviri Religions - The Old Orc event chain - a little easter egg for those familiar with Skyrim or Morrowind - Added mechanics, that will reduce your government rank, if you no longer have enough development for it - Added new colonial region and trade node to Yokuda - Health System was recreated and readded with a bunch of new events. - Added State Edicts for nations under Dictatorship rule - Added glowing mark for easy countries for people, who are new to ESU - Health System was expanded with different flavour text and additional events Changes - Updated some daedric deity icons - New image for the Halls of Colossus monument - Lowered max camera height to fix those red bars on the edges of the screen - Reduced the base size of rebels - Vassal nations provide +1 manpower instead of +1 force limit - Changed chance of music themes for compatibility with Themes of the Old World - Reduced the requirements to become a hegemon - Reduced the base loan interest to 5% and increased its duration to 75 months - Increased the base general, admiral, conquistador and explorer cost to 100 mil/dip points - Nerfed drill decay bonuses from governments, ideas and policies - Replaced +25% land/naval bonus for Ai nations with -2,5% army/navy tradition decay and added +1 pip to all general/admiral skill - Changed negative bonuses of hostile policy towards natives with positive - Increased number of regiments under one AI general to 50 - Nerfed leader cost bonus from governments, ideas and policies - AI nations get +15% of religion unity instead of +2,5% heretic missionary strength - Recruiting a general no longer boosts army professionalism by 1% - Changed Professionalism bonuses - Changed war and war exhaustion penalties. Now it should be easier to stay in the war, but more costly to suffer war exhaustion - Reduced the basic size of the rebel army back to 3.5 - Changed the duration of modifiers, given by Flavour religious events from 25 to 10 years - Client states can now be created only since 100 and maps can be stolen only since 75 diplomatic technology level - Bonuses from sending officers to Marches and having 100% drilled army are nerfed - Client states will have +15% manpower instead of 15% army morale - Dictatorship rule can no longer be ended by switching the reform - It is impossible to start a war between Oblivion and not Oblivion nations if the End Game Crises is not initiated - During End-Game Crisis Oblivion nations cannot use Destroy the Great nation Casus Belli - AI now has a permanent base resistance for the creation of Personal Union via Diplomatic Action - Community Militia increases the autonomy only by 0.05 instead of 0.10 - The Land and naval maintenance is increased based on your army and navy traditions - Buildings should now boost development when they are built - Restored Difficulty bonuses for the player or AI - Added glowing effect in the main menu for easy countries Fixes- Fixed Halls of Colussus name (was "Hall of Colossus") - Fixed holiday events to fit 365-day year - Fixed triggers for age splendour - Fixed interesting nations screen for users with a narrow monitor - Fixed PU nations, that for some reason were not monarchies - Soul Shriven nations will no longer convert their provinces to the vampire culture - Fixed spawn of 8 divines religion before its foundation - Fixed Peasant War disaster, triggered on start by low manpower - Fixed declaring war on your subject nation via lore event - Fixed a travel issue with Oblivion Gates - Fixed Canals and Oblivion Gates - Fixed some event pictures for the Linux users - Fixed missing deities for the Ayleid pantheon Discuss this update in the discussions section.

v2.2.9b - Released 2021-12-07

v 2.2.9b - Hotfix Update

v2.2.9a - Released 2021-12-04

Hotfix Update

v2.2.9 - Released 2021-12-04

Version: 2.2.9 Date: 04.12.21 EU4 Version: 1.32. Additions - Ayleid Religion - Students of Magnus Religion Changes - Updated some daedric deity icons - Updated the mod to 1.32.2 - Small rebalance of Subject Types, Absolutism and War Taxes Fixes - Fixed 3 CTD issues - Fixed a number of freezes - Improved performance in the mid-game - Various bug fixes of missions, events, decisions

v2.2.8 - Released 2021-11-30

Version: 2.2.8 Date: 30.11.21 EU4 Version: 1.32. Additions - Kothringi Models - Reachmen Models - 5 New events for Ayleids of Cyrodiil - 2 new decisions - New Casus belli - 11 Flavour Religious events for Yokudan and Redguard Pantheons Changes - The birthsign event now shows the modifiers that the birthsign applies. - Update of Ayleid Unit models - Increased the unrest bonus from high stability - Increased chance of Ice Age event Fixes  - Fix of various small bugs

v2.2.7 - Released 2021-11-20

Version: 2.2.7 Date: 20.11.21 EU4 Version: 1.32. Additions - Altmeri Mission Tree - Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant and Ebonheart Pact nations - 3 New events for Altmeri Mission Tree Changes - Change the Fine for Converting provinces to Soul-Shriven via decision  Fixes  - Fixes of various events and other minor issues

v2.2.6 - Released 2021-11-15

Version: 2.2.6 Date: 15.11.21 EU4 Version: 1.32 Additions - New Loading Screen - Overhaul of Edicts Fixes - Fix of Soul Schriven events and Decisions

v2.2.5 - Released 2021-11-13

Hotfix Update

v2.2.4 - Released 2021-11-12

Version: 2.2.4 Date: 12.11.21 EU4 Version: 1.32. Additions - Atmoran Missions - Overhaul of Isolationism for Tsaesci - New event to create Roscrea as Personal Union (Part of Atmoran Mission Tree) - New Mission tree for Glacial nations. - New Mission tree for Sea Giants nations. - New Mission tree for Frost Giants nations. - New Mission tree for Giants nations. - 5 New events for Nordic Pantheon - 2 New events for All-Maker Cult - 1 New event for Hist religion - 6 New events for religions in the Elemental group. - Added interactions with estates via flavour religion events. - Castle Volkihar Monument - Integration of Peace Treaties Expanded - 16 new religion random events - 6 new religion random events for Akavir nations - New CB for Tsaesci - less peace cost, but more AE - New Terrain - Orcish Stronghold - 7 New High Rock Monuments - 3 new Decisions for Soul Schriven nations, featuring culture conversion, reverse conversion and liberation from Molag Bal's influence. - Addition of Cawa units as the Noble Warriors Changes - 1.32. Compatibility changes of institutions and technology - Government reform balancing - Players from Nirn cannot ask for military access to Oblivion nations and vice versa - Governments with Militarism mechanics no longer get gov capacity bonuses from government reform type - Militarism is no longer limited by province number, but by governmental capacity - Changed unit pips so that defensive/offensive versions of each unit are balanced. - Rebalance of Karma modifiers. - Health mechanics is now relying on ruler lifespan modifier - Increased the opinion penalties for heretic/heathen religions. - Update of the Thumbnail to 1.32 - Nerf of Manpower Pool and Manpower Recovery Speed modifiers - Decrease in government capacity from technologies - Church power (Protestant mechanics) gain is reduced, the cost of Church Aspects is increased. Sloads faith's aspect cost is rebalanced to meet those changes. - Nerf of Religion Unity modifiers - Buildings now increase development, when they are built Fixes- Fixed weird wasteland visibility - Fixed various typos in localisation - Fixed the Aetherium trade good event only firing for players - Fixed some errors in the river map - Fixed too long names for Missions - Fixed province highlighting for Skyrim Missions - Fixed the Portal bug, when players could cross it if they ask for military access - Fix of the AI, declaring war, when he has internal problems - Fix of Dwemer Disappearance event - added 3 Dwemer cultures there - Fix of Vassal Vs Vassal wars, that could end in the release of an independent nation or return of cores to independent nations - Fix of Culture based opinion mechanics - Fixed a typo in institution event titles - Fix of Opinion Mechanics - Various small bugfixes - Fix of spelling errors - Fixed TI around Red Mountain - Fixed Nethar (1195)'s name (hopefully) - Fixed faction influence modifier icons - Fix of 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Scenarios - Removed all forbidden tags - Fixed issue with the Ritual Birthsign's aspect modifiers - Fixed missing vampire flavour event - Fix of Custom Ideas for randomly generated nations - Fix of trade goods bonuses for Dwemer Metal and Deletions - Removed remnants of Kamal from the map - Removed French localisation as it was working poorly. It will be replaced in English until a proper fix would be provided. - Removed old institution birthplace modifiers In memory of Science Doctor A. P. Voronin.

v2.2.3 - Released 2021-10-02

Version: 2.2.3 Date: 03.10.2021 EU4 Version: 1.31.6  Additions  - Custom Icons for Yokudan-Redguard and Sinistral Missions Fixes - Fix of Custom Units for Kothringi nations - Fix of the loop in Skyrim Missions - Fix of abandoned native provinces with 1000 settlers

v2.2.2a - Released 2021-10-01

v 2.2.2a - Attempt to fix the subscription

v2.2.2 - Released 2021-09-30

v 2.2.2  Additions - Custom unit types based on culture/culture group - Custom ship types based on culture/culture group - New Monuments for Oblivion and Coldharbour - New governemnt reforms for Native Tribes - Model for the White-Gold Tower's walls - Decisions for Dwemers, AI (Fort Building) - New Countries - Minotaur Tribe, Mzeneldtan - New Decisions - Formation of Minotaur Tribe - New events - for Eight Divines, Minotaurs, Aedric Religions. - Added Watercolour Map - New Skyrim Mission tree (for all nordic nations) - Overhaul of Mission Icons Changes - Reachmen Clan Names - Daedric events have better conditions for firing - Political Map of Skyrim, Cyrodiil for Alessian Revolt bookmark - Diplomatic Map of Skyrim for Alessian Revolt bookmark - Rebalance of defines.lua to improve AI and gameplay - Rebalance of static modifiers to improve AI and gameplay - Rebalance of Decisions and Events to fit addition of new provinces - Decreased religion spread via reformation centers in twice - Blocked Caravan Policy decision for Migrating Tribes - Some terrain change in Coldharbour - Rebalance of Country Collapse Events to imprve gameplay - Rebalance of Ice Age disaster - decay of colonies should take more time - Split Red Mountain into several provinces, and integerated the area into the Vvardenfell region and trade node. - Change Icons for Tsaesci Incidents (Incidents themselves are still not changed) - Adaptation of Revolution Center event - it can spawn after 1200 year - Removed Tech Restriction for colonisation of provinces Fixes - Fixed typo in the spelling of "Atronach" - Fixes of missplelling + accourding to British spelling rules Deletions - Removed second type of artillery - Removed lots of vanilla events that were not lore-friendly Miscellaneous - Changed the code-names of some religions and religion groups to be more consistent and maintainable

v2.2.1 - Released 2021-09-10

v 2.2.1 - Overhaul of Institutions - Overhaul of Governmental Reforms - Visibility Based on Location Mechanics - Frames for Adviser Portraits - New Countries - New Cultures - New Monuments - New Events - New Decisions - New Flags - New Ruler Personalities - New Casus Belli and War Goals - Graphical Map Improvements - Sprite Packs for Mercenary Companies - Rebalance of Modifiers, Technologies, Events and Decisions - Various Bugs are Fixed

v2.1.9 - Released 2021-07-18

v 2.1.8(.9) - 1.31.5 Compatibility Patch - 12 New Religions - Overhaul of Religious Icons - New Religious Aspects - New Personal Deities - New Trade Nodes - New Opinion Mechanics - New Idea Sets - New Monuments - Improvement of AI - Improvement of Cultural Names - Fix of Various Minor Bugs

v2.1.7 - Released 2021-07-04

v 2.1.7 - Overhaul of Black Marsh Political Layout - Overhaul of Tribal Federations - 50 New Monuments - New Disasters - New Events - New Country Flags - Fix of Minor Bugs

v2.1.4 - Released 2021-05-17

v 2.1.4 - 1.31.3 Compatibility Patch - Overhaul of Elseweyr Political Layout - New Events - New Monuments for Skyrim and Morrowind - New Decisions - New Idea Sets - Minor Bugs are Fixed

v2.1.3 - Released 2021-05-09

Features: - 1.31.2 Compatibility Patch - New Countries - New Decisions - Overhaul of Subject Interactions - Rebalance of different mechanics. - Update of Colonial&Trade Charter Regions. - New Reformation Centres for Dragon Cult and Reclamations Pantheon - Set up of River Estuary modifiers - Support for Laptops/PCs with small screen size. - Various Minor Bugs are fixed

v2.1.2 - Released 2021-04-26

v 2.1.2 - Hotfix Update

v2.1.0 - Released 2021-04-12

v 2.1.0 - Complete Magic System: Addition of Spells Mechanics - Complete Magic System: Addition of Spells Mechanics - Morrowind Graphical Update - Improved AI Personalities - Overhaul of Trade & Colonial Regions for Pyandonea, Yokuda and Akavir - Addition of River Estuary Modifiers - New National Ideas - New Country Ideas - New Events - New Models for Map Frames - New Model of Crystal Tower - New Model of Baar Dau - New Model of the Orrery - New Model of Akaviri Temple - New Model of Dragon Sanctuary - New Model of the Bridge - Rebalance of Subjects - Fix of Various Minor Bugs

v2.0.8 - Released 2021-03-17

v 2.0.8 Compatible with v 2.0.7 Saves - Overhaul of Holy Roman Empire Mechanics - Overhaul of Idea Groups - New Decisions - Recreation of Diplomatic Relations for Akavir - Recreation of Diplomatic Relations for Atmora - Recreation of Diplomatic Relations for Yokuda - Recreation of Diplomatic Relations for Pyandonea - Rebalance of Disasters - Reset of Governments for Akavir - Reset of Governments for Atmora - Reset of Governments for Yokuda - Reset of Governments for Pyandonea - Spelling check of ESU localisation - Fix of GUI Windows - Variety of Minor Bugs is Fixed


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