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The Great Exhibition Mod for Europa Universalis 4

This modification adds many new pictures to events that change depending on your culture, religion or location. It is based on the Vanilla’d – The Grand Exhibition – made by Tinholt. However, since he decided to leave the modding scene, further development of his project will take place on this page. I originally picked this mod since no one was updating it for 1.30, as I enjoyed it a lot while playing my pre 1.30 games with it. Hope you will like it too now!


1) IRONMAN Compatible: Doesn’t change Checksum, Save-Games, Anything gameplay related.

2) Changes 3500+ event pictures (all Modules combined).

3) Increases the size of the event pictures.

4) Provide you with a range of artwork to gaze at, representing artists from Rembrandt to Hokusai.

5) Culture-Specific Event Pictures, that change depending on which nation you play.

I hope that you will like the result of my labours, that you will spend your time well and will discover this magnificent game from the new side!

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v1.3.6 - Released 2023-12-04

v1.3.5 - Released 2023-11-11

v1.3.4 - Released 2023-11-06

v1.3.3 - Released 2023-05-28

v1.3.2 - Released 2023-05-21

v1.3.1 - Released 2023-04-29

v1.3.0 - Released 2023-04-22

v1.2.9 - Released 2023-04-18

v1.2.8 - Released 2022-10-28

v1.2.7 - Released 2022-09-23

v1.2.6 - Released 2022-09-19

v1.2.5 - Released 2022-09-13

v1.2.4 - Released 2022-03-02

v1.2.3a - Released 2022-02-27

v1.2.2 - Released 2022-02-20

v1.2.1 - Released 2022-02-16

v1.2.0 - Released 2022-01-11

v1.1.8 - Released 2021-12-27

v1.1.7b - Released 2021-12-04

v1.1.6 - Released 2021-11-12

v3 - Released 2021-11-11

v2 - Released 2021-10-11


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