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More options for religious conversion, including all Christians and Jews, plus Zoroastrians;

The Commonwealth is now called Poland-Lithuania;

AI nations will not change provinces' cultures;

AI nations will choose their own historical idea groups;

And a bit more.

Updated to 1.32



AI nations will not change provinces' culture anymore.

Historical Ideas:

AI nations will choose their own historical idea groups.

Minor Changes:

  • The (Polish-Lithuanian) Commonwealth is now called Poland-Lithuania.*
  • Poland-Lithuania and Sweden do not lose historical luck, as Russia and others already do not.
  • The Random New World will now be discovered in historical date (maximum).

Equivalent nomenclature is also applied for all three game languages beside English: French, Spanish and German (the last one by vanilla)


Many more national religious conversion options available:

  1. Jewish
  2. Orthodox (Christian)
  3. Coptic (Christian)
  4. Hussite (Christian)
  5. Anglican (Christian)*
  6. Zoroastrian
  7. Muslim
  8. Sikh

Not every religious conversion is available to every nation.

In order to convert to some religion, the nation must already have a similar religion or one with which their followers had historically some interaction, so that the conversion makes some doctrinal or historical sense. However, this is much more expanded than vanilla.

This is how religious conversion applies:

  • Christian nations can convert to most Christian faiths: Orthodox, Anglican, Hussite, etc.
  • In order to become:
  1. Jewish, first you must be Protestant, Reformed, Hussite, Orthodox, Coptic or Muslim.
  2. Coptic, first you must be Orthodox, Anglican, Reformed, Jewish or Muslim.
  3. Zoroastrian, first you must be Jewish, Muslim or Coptic.
  4. Muslim, first you must be Jewish, Orthodox or Coptic.
  5. Sikh, first you must be Muslim (or Hindu).
  • Muslim nations can convert to: all Muslim faiths, plus Sikh, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Orthodox and Coptic.
  • Jewish nations can convert to: Coptic, Protestant, Reformed, Zoroastrian and Muslim.

Note 1: The (un)availability of specific conversion options for some religions (for better historicity) are omitted here so that the description would not become excessively extensive.

Note 2: The criteria above follow some doctrine or practice similarities and/or historical nearness between such religions, although some conversion possibilities are more reasonably than actually historically possible. This is up to the player, since AI does not convert unless most provinces have a given religion.


  • Fully compatible with game version 1.32.
  • Possibly compatible with recent earlier versions.
  • Game languages compatible
  • Not ironman compatible.
  • Changes the checksum (affects multiplayer compatibility).
  • Changes the "common" files below, and thus is only not compatible with another mod that also changes them:
  1. Definitions: "defines"
  2. Luck: "historical_lucky"
  3. Religion: "00_religion"


Go there to see fifteen amazing depictions of Mr. Bean as historical characters.

If you face any issues with the mod or have any doubt, let me know.

Greetings to fellow Europeans from Pindorama-Brazil hue hue!


v5 - Released 2021-11-13

v4 - Released 2021-11-12

v1.02 - Released 2021-10-31

v1.01 - Released 2021-10-16


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