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Cantons for Colonial Flags by Yard1 & Hutama

This mod edits colonial flags, so that instead of taking the overlord's flag and cutting it in half, the overlord's flag is resized to half its size and put in a canton (top left corner) of the flag.

This is achieved by editing four shader files (masked_flag.shader, maskedflag_greydown.shader, text.shader and pdxmesh.shader). Because of that, this mod will work with any other mod, including ones that change flags, as long as those four files are not overwritten. To our knowledge, there are very few if any mods that do that.

Thanks to Hutama, flags on 3d map models and in text are also supported.

Works with revolutionary flags as well.

Known Issues

Overlord flag change

There is currently a bug present for colonies in vanilla with the 3d animated flags above cities. If the overlord changes its flag, the colonial flag will not get updated and will still display the old overlord flag.

This can happen when:

  • the overlord forms another country.
  • the overlord goes revolutionary.
  • the overlord is fully annexed by another country which then inherits the colony.

You will have to save and reload for the flags to be updated and displayed correctly. This bug has been reported to Paradox and we can only hope it is fixed in a future update.

Detail loss on small UI flags

Nothing really to be done here, these UI flags are already tiny and lacking detail. Halving their size to tuck them in the corner means even further loss in resolution. Expect horizontal lines and small dot or symbols to disappear. Sadly, a lot of the usual colonisers such as France, Great Britain or Denmark (after integrating Norway) are affected by this issue. How well. Form another tag or embrace the revolution as fast as you can and bleach your eyes in the meantime.

Ironman compatible. Should work with any game version.

Feel free to use in your mods, provided you give credits to Yard1 & Hutama both in your mod description and in the relevant files.


v7 - Released 2020-09-14

v6 - Released 2020-03-29

v5 - Released 2020-03-28

v4 - Released 2020-03-28

v3 - Released 2020-03-28

v2 - Released 2020-03-28


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