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What if Christianity never came out of Judea? 

A simple question which leads to an epic uchronic world. In 1444 the world is not what we are used to see, the eastern empire stand firm but is surrounded by hostile neighbors. 

Western Roman reconquista of his old provinces just stopped due to internal conflicts leading to the "Romansplosion" of kingdoms. 

In the south cultural renaissance questions Carthaginian identity while fierce Numidians riders aim for the punic city. 

In the middle east Persian Empire entered a long agony and its former vassals like Babylone or Assyria are now hungry for conquests and glory but they might be careful, a new Macedonian genius might be coming. 

In the Caucasus Armenia is in a golden era profiting from greek and Persian decadence, the conquest of the sea has begun.

Central Europe never stabilized through the centuries and Mongols crushed everything until they reached the former Limes, will Kyiv unite Slavs? Will Germanic people unite in a powerful kingdom? Or maybe the Norse crusade will storm the region.

But nomads can also achieve their goals and assert their domination over Europe, burning down every city they encounter. 

In Gallia and Britania, Romans, Norse and Germanics fight to form or reform powerful empires, some tolerants, and others not.

But... After all, individualization is rising with the renaissance and the perception of religion is changing, people want a more intimate and personal relationship with gods and maybe even more with a single god.


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