Imperium Universalis 3.0.4(Shores of the Aegean)





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Imperium Universalis 3.0 Shores of the Aegean


-Added new Population Growth and Promotion system (optional)

-Added new Sieges system (optional)

-Added decision to convert AUC to BCE

-Added decision to disable subcontinents (performance)

-Renabled Slave system under new model

-Removed Music submod

Bug fixes

-Fixed yearly desync in multiplayer games

-Fixed rebels using vanilla western unit sprites

-Fixed Gallo-Romance not spawning

-Persia will not lose ideas after forming

-Fixed 3 year error in history

-Fixed Siege modifiers strip

-Fixed progression of chinese government reforms

-Egypt will no longer constantly fall apart

-Fixed Chinese formables

-Invasion cb now uses a scripted peace option (personal union is broken)

Balance Changes

-Modifiers that debuff large armies with low Army Professionalism

-More handicap modifiers for AI

-Playing large nations will be more difficult

-Increased building costs

-Nerfed manpower

-Nerfed Land Reclamation

-Reduced penalties and benefits from religious unity

-Reduced coring cost

-Reduced spread of Institutions

-Disabled Pillage Capital peace option

-Disabled Concentrate Development for Subjects

-Changed Expansion Idea Group modifiers

-Nerfed Admin Efficiency modifiers

-Reform Progress increased by new tier is now scale by 50 instead of 100

-Expanded modifiers given by Devotion and Republican Tradition

-Increased Accepted Culture slots

-Increased Spread of Hinduis, Ajivika, Jain and Buddhism

-Weaker Babylonia

-Stronger Egypt

-Changed Karma modifiers

-Reduced trade power given by Centers of Trade

-Rebalanced dev values

-Lessen opinion penalties between different religions

-AI will be less affected by disasters

-Increased Attrition

-Reduced Supplies

-Recruiting mercenaries no longer causes loose of Army Professionalism

-Buffed mercenaries

-Less costly mercenaries

-Mercenaries have no upfront cost

-Increased yearly decay of Army Professionalism

-Countries with Dharmic religions will be less effective at offensive wars


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