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This takes place at the very beginning of the Code Geass universe. Starting in 1812 with the Britannian Empire just appearing because of Napoleon taking mainland Britain. With the the Han Dynasty, Europia United, and the Holy Britannian Empire being available to play as from the start. The end date being 9999. This mod is very much made for Code Geass fans and their will be spoilers, so watch the show sometime. I encourage anyone willing and able to record playthroughs with the mod either by themselves or with friends.

About Mod:

I've been working on this mod for six years now and it's in a satisfying state. It is completely playable and should be enjoyable for both single and multiplayer games. I'm semi-actively working on it, but it will be updated with the game and features will likely be integrated.

There is geass in this mod. It’s in the form of traits. You, your heir, or consort will get a rare event allowing you to accept a contract with a mysterious figure. The trait you gain is random, but there are six available. After some time you’ll get another event related to your geass trait talking about it’s power growing and if you can control it. If your ruler, heir, or consort have high enough stats, they will master it and gain a powered up version of the trait called (geass name) Mastered. If they have low stats, they will get a new trait replacing the old one called Consumed by Geass. If your ruler, heir, or consort live long enough after that and have mastered their geass, they will get an event where they complete the contract, and gain the Geass Code trait, which makes them immortal.

There is a new set of institutions. Starting with Industrialization and ending at the Knightmares institution. They appear every 50 years like the base game. There is also an expanded tech tree that goes up to tech 51, a new building interface that adds a ton of new buildings like roads, railroads, coal power, tax office, and more, and three extra idea groups.

Several minor countries are now formable, as they aren’t in the beginning. Some of which are from the anime, and others are not. Starting with the anime ones; Chinese Federation, United States of Japan, United Federation of Nations, Middle Eastern Federation, Turkey, and India. Several other countries that aren’t originally in the game appear too, but typically only through events. Several countries have also had their flags changed to be more accurate to be their flags around 1812.

The Black Knights are no longer their own country, but their spirit lives on through the USJ. Instead of them running a country ingame, you will indirectly control the BK through your actions as Britannia. There is a extensive event chain relating to the BK including custom pictures for each event and separate outcomes. You can see a few in the pictures above. To start the event chain, The Holy Britannian Empire need to own the Japanese region, the year is at least 2017, and the Threat of Black Rebellion hasn’t already happened.

Two things for the Europia United that might concern some people. They are Secular Humanist, which allow them to convert provinces. Secular Humanism teaches people in a province that they don't need a God for moral or rational decision making. When a province is Secular Humanist is shows a particular belief that humanity is capable of morality and self-fulfillment without belief in God.

It starts with the French flag, but after Napoleon's Coup, if he's gets stopped, the revolutionary target will be taken off of the EU, turning the flag to the EU flag. Otherwise, he forms a revolutionary empire and it continues.

There are countries that aren't mentioned in the Geass timeline, but are necessary to fill some holes in the timeline, or to explain land still being colonized, which is why places like the East India Company and Australia are independent.


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