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Following the release of v1.29 Theatrum Orbis Terrarum no longer worked, the original author had not updated it. I have never made a mod for EU4 before, so it may not be perfect but it no longer crashes and I thought Kyro is bound to update soon with a better fix than this, Even more mods from the collection broke with the v1.30 update, so I fixed them also and decided to put the whole collection online, even the working ones just incase the original author never returns or the download is removed etc.

This mod is in my must have list for EU4, So i'm very grateful Kyro provided this mod collection and glad it carries on. I hope the original author does not mind, and I hope the community can benefit

Theatrum Orbis Terrarum translates to "Theatre of the World" and is considered to be the first true modern atlas. It was created in 1570 by flemish cartographer Abraham Ortelius. This mod tries to bring its look and feel to Europa Universalis IV.


Borders, seamless terrain textures, recolored trees, recolored rivers, unique fog of war, pause banner, map font, Interface fonts

Terra Incognita with pictures from the actual atlas

Trade routes and arrows, slim occupation lines, straits, unreachable trade nodes checkers

Dark unit shields, shield and flag overlay, great power symbols and shields, movement arrows, selected unit indicator, fort symbols

Map lighting, water, dynamic transparency for colored map modes and some other things

Extremely customizable

Improves performance

This is a complete overhaul of the map, the GUI and many other things. Therefore any other mod that modifies the map, the GUI or water is NOT compatible.


Turning off Post Effects in the option menu will lead to a slightly different look. (a bit darker, no season effects, even less shadows)

You can turn off the trees in in the option menu

Special Thanks to

Ryvoin for the basic terrain and water textures.

Negi for the magic code that makes transparency dynamic and his effort on porting it to 1.19

List of known compatible mods and mod types:

Custom Flag Symbols

Roma Universalis

All flag mods

Mods that change the unit sprites

Loading screens

Event pictures (like the Chapel)


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