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Many of us have always feel a bit disappointed by the various choices of vanilla in terms of both flavour, lore and balance, so we gathered here a group of people to create a mod that


- Would list the National Ideas in historical order

- Would aim for an internal and external balance

- Would still maintain full compatibility with Vanilla ideas


Right now Historical National Ideas features around 100 reworked National Ideas all around the world, with both national ideas for

Standard Nations

Colonial Nations


Some nations have been granted special national ideas based on the primary culture of the formable and will present a variation

1. Commonwealth-Lithuania

2. Commonwealth-Poland

3. Netherlands-Dutch

4. Netherlands-Flemish

5. Netherlands-Frisian

6. Russia-Muscovy

7. Russia-Novgorod

Colonial Nations

The idea was to create a variation of the Colonial ideas based on the primary culture of the nation forming, in this way the various colonial nation won't feel similar

1. Colonial-British

2. Colonial-Dutch

3. Colonial-Latin

4. Colonial-Portuguese

5. Colonial-Spanish

Vanilla Compatibility

We can understand how you might not like our design choices, therefore Historical National Ideas has created a Decision *Swap National Ideas* which will grant you the ability to swap between HNI and Vanilla idea groups!

How does it work?

1. Every nation that has Historical National Ideas will start with HNI ideas [they will be the default]

2. The decision will allow you to swap between Vanilla and HNI ideas up to 2 times

3. In this way you will be able to see what are your vanilla ideas and, if you want to return to HNI ideas, swap back

This decision is allowed 2 times for every tag, so when you change country [for example from Venice to Italy] you will be able to choose for both of them which ideas you want to keep


v3 - Released 2022-07-14

Fixed Italian idea "Pianure Alluvionali" from -15% Dev Cost to -5% Dev Cost and +10% Prod Efficiency.

v2 - Released 2022-07-07

"Swap National Ideas" decision will now be seen only for countries that have both ideas. Genoa: Genoese Crossbowmen are earlier than the Explorers Austrian Ideas Dutch Ideas now refers only to the Netherland Ideas, whereas Holland has "Hollander" Ideas Italy now gains -5% APC in Culla del Rinascimento Tuscany - -10% Tech and -10% Idea Cost in "Birthplace of Renaissance" - Riforma di Terra now gives -15% Development Cost - Birthplace of Renaissance is now the second idea [instead of Bande Toscane that is now the third] Ottomans - buffed 100% Army Tradition From Battle in Traditions - Ambition's Force Limit down to 20% Sweden - Removed -1% Army Tradition Decay in favour of 10% Land Morale in traditions - 15% Shock Damage changed to 10% Shock Damage and 10% ICA France: - 20% CCA instead of 0.3 Cav Shock - Removed Native Assimilation, added -50% Native Uprising Chance Burgundy: - ACA nerfed to 10% - Global Tax nerfed to 10% Bohemia: -10% Gold Inflation Modifier instead of -15% Brandenburg: - Nerfed movement speed to -10% - Removed drill gain modifier in favour of 10% ICA Morocco: - Removed ICA in favour of 1 Navy treadition in Ambition - 20% Manpower Modifier [instead of 15%] and 10% ICA instead of 5% Discipline - Removed Colonist, added 20 Colonial Growth - Removed 10% Heavy Combat Ability - Added 10 Absolutism Russia-Novgorod: Tech cost increased to -10% Ruthenia: - Removed Institution Spread in True Faith, added +2 Tolerance Own in Metropolitan of Rus and Kiev - Added 15% Institution Spread in true Faith in Bratstvo Poland and PLC-Poland: - Ambition now is 20% Capacity Modifier instead of Reform Progress


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