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Restore Carolingian Borders Decision Fix

You can now take the 'Restore Carolingian Borders' decision and reform the Carolingian Empire. No longer do you need to conquer the Holy Roman Empire's territory and at the same time keep the HRE in existence in order to take the decision, nor will the French culture benefit if you reform the empire as another Frankish heritage culture like Norman, Occitan, or a hybrid culture. Become the new father of Europe and complete Napoleon's ambition.


The Problem in Vanilla

The Restore Carolingian Borders decision in vanilla requires you to both completely control all the former territory of the Carolingian Empire, and for there to still be a Holy Roman Empire with an emperor in existence, despite you taking all his land, otherwise the decision is no longer shown. Just when you finish off the HRE and take the last counties needed to fulfill the requirements, the decision vanishes from the menu because it requires an HRE emperor to exist in order to be displayed.


Summary of the Restore Carolingian Borders decision on the wiki; note the map on the wiki is wrong, you also need to control Corsica:


The solution is to delete the code requiring the HRE or an HRE emperor to exist in order to show or take the decision.


Vanilla also awards the innovation rewards for the decision to the French culture only, despite allowing any Frankish heritage emperor of Francia to take it. The fix is to apply the innovation rewards to the culture of the decision taker, be they French, Norman, Occitan, or any Frankish heritage culture created as a hybrid during gameplay.


The de jure shifts to the Francia Empire are also tidied up in the fix; territories of Corsica and Romagna that are required to take the decision are now also de jure shifted to Francia, and the rump area of Bohemia, that is otherwise left as a de jure kingdom of the now destroyed HRE, is de jure shifted either to Francia or back to the Wendish Empire depending on whether Franks or Germans, or the Czechs or others, rule it, to eliminate the last vestiges of the HRE from the de jure empires map.


Similar de jure transfers are applied to the kingdoms of Croatia, Denmark, and Pomerania, if the HRE has de jure shifted them to its empire during gameplay, let me know if other kingdoms need to be added.



v1.6 - Released 2023-02-25

No changes.

v1.4 - Released 2022-06-02

Updated for Fate of Iberia v1.6.


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