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New cultures from V.13 and forward will NOT have a separate mod made for them. Handling 15+ mods at the same time is too much of a hassle.


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This mod adds multiple cultures to the game and combines mods that adds (a) culture(s) into the game






Albanian Culture

Alemannic Culture

Baltic Tribes PM or Baltic Tribes Steam

Crimean Goths PM or Crimean Goths Steam

Frisian Culture

Hessen Culture

Immortal Maldives

Kingdom of Iceland PM or Kingdom of Iceland Steam

Manx Culture

Malayali Culture

Maltese Culture

Rumantsch Culture

Silesian Culture

Slovenian Culture PM or Slovenian Culture Steam

Szekély Culture







(ARABIC) Aramaic (BALTIC) Curonian, Eastern Galindian, Western Galindian, Livonian, Selonian, Skalvian, Yotvingian, and Zemigalian (BYZANTINE) Abkhaz, Albanian, Coptic, Cypriot, Gothic, Kretan, and Ossetian (CENT. GERMANIC) Alemanni, Alastian, Flemish, Hesse, Limburgish, Lorrain, and Luxembourgish (DRAVIDIAN) Malayali (Malayalam) (FORMABLE ONLY) (FRANKISH) Angevin, Arpitan, Auverngat, Bourbonois, Champenois, Dauphinois, Franche-Comtois, Gascon, Limousin, Orleanis, Poitevin, Provençal, Savoyard, and Walloon (GOIDELIC) Manx (IBERIAN) Cantabrian (INDO-ARYAN) Dhivehi (Maldive) (IRANIAN) Azeri and Dagestani (LATIN) Dalmatian, Istriot, Maltese, Rumantsch, and Venetian  (LATIN - ITALIAN CLUSTER) Corsican, Friulian, Genoese, Piedmontese, and Tuscan (MAYGAR) Székely (NORTH GERMANIC) Faroese, Geat, Gute, and Icelandic (SOUTH SLAVIC) Macedonian, Moldavian, and Slovenian (WEST SLAVIC) Moravian, Silesian, and Sorbian





Kingdom of Iceland



TOTAL: 66 Cultures added, 67 if you include Frisian even though their files are technically in the base game but unused, 1 Formable only (Malayali/Malayalam); 1 Title added






CCD+: Steam or Paradox Mods

BNHH+: Steam or Paradox Mods

RR: Steam or Paradox Mods






-V2 - V6: Fixed Bugs and added 2 more mods (Szekely and Frisian culture mods)

-V7: Updated to 1.1.2

-V8 - V9: Fixed Bugs

-V10: Major Update 2: Added 4 mods (Silesian, Maltese, K. of Iceland, and Manx culture mods)

-V11 - 12: Fixed bugs

-V13: Major Update 3: 10 Culture added! (Azeri, Coptic, Cypriot, Dagestani, Kretan, Moldavian, Moravian, Rusyn, Ukranian and Venetian)

-V14: Dalmatian and Istriot cultures added

-V15: Dalmatian ruler added in 1066

-V16: Added Hesse culture rulers in both start dates

-V17: Updated mod version to 1.1.3 (no file changes)

-V18: Added Rumantsch (Romansh/Romansch) culture

-V19: Added Alemannic culture

-V20: Added Dhivehi culture, though by adding it, it broke Alemannic culture characters, so I had to revert them to their original culture

-V21: Removed Malayali culture since it broke

-V22: Re-added Malayali since I found a solution and re-added Alemannic characters

-V23: Major Update 4: Added 28 cultures: 10+ in France, 5 in Italy, 2 in Benelux, 3 in Germany, 1 in Balkans, 1 in Iberia, and 1 in Scandinavia

-V24: Added Geat and Gute cultures,  Managed to find a work around for Tuscan characters so now they exist

-V25: Added Aramaic culture, fixed some localization, and a Gute character

-V26: Added Aramaic characters in 867 as I forgot to do that

-V27: Updated to 1.2

-V28: Added Abkhaz and Ossetian culture




v28 - Released 2020-11-25

v27 - Released 2020-11-24

v26 - Released 2020-10-24

v25 - Released 2020-10-24

v24 - Released 2020-10-22

v23 - Released 2020-10-21

v22 - Released 2020-10-18

v21 - Released 2020-10-18

v20 - Released 2020-10-18

v19 - Released 2020-10-17

v18 - Released 2020-10-17

v17 - Released 2020-10-15

v16 - Released 2020-10-12

v15 - Released 2020-10-12

v14 - Released 2020-10-12

v13 - Released 2020-10-11

v12 - Released 2020-10-03

v11 - Released 2020-10-03

v10 - Released 2020-10-02

v9 - Released 2020-10-01

v8 - Released 2020-10-01

v7 - Released 2020-10-01

v6 - Released 2020-09-30

v5 - Released 2020-09-26

v4 - Released 2020-09-19

v3 - Released 2020-09-19

v2 - Released 2020-09-18


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Crusader Kings III

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