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This is the simplified-to-traditional font of Kingdom Come 2. There is a reason why it is included in the MOD website of Crusader Kings III/Code of Kings 3.

There are Chinese packages and supplementary packages, only support


Remember to install the CK2 double-byte patch, otherwise you won’t be able to play


Font teaching


Kingdom Rush 2 can be downloaded for free. It feels like a trial version. Some places require money to purchase.


Because some people will miss Kingdom Rush 2, and someone made a MOD for Crusader Kings III with traditional simplified Chinese characters, which gave me inspiration, so I wanted to make the traditional font for Kingdom Rush 2.


So I put it on this website as a souvenir and to help those who need it in the future. It is recommended to click Download mod to download this Chinese version. It is not something from Crusader Kings III/Crown Lords III.


I use TCFontCreator to create simplified Chinese characters that appear to be traditional Chinese, which is faster.

The program of Kingdom Rush 2 is relatively old, so you need to use bmfont to create the dds font + fnt, which is quite troublesome.

There are differences between the programs of Kingdom Come 2 and Europa Universalis 4. Some fonts and characters are not supported. I have researched some.


It looks like traditional Chinese characters, but inside it is simplified characters. This font can be typed into traditional Chinese characters if you type in simplified characters.

The good thing is that it may not need to be updated (Kingdom Fengyun 2 will no longer be updated), and even simplified and Chinese mods can be simplified and simplified.


Some words don't look neat. Maybe it would be weird if a machine like TCFontCreator spells Traditional Chinese.


Some map fonts are given as a gift. They look familiar. They are all free and can be used commercially, but they need to be renamed.


v2 - Released 2023-07-10

Add some fonts, and have a bold interface. The interface fonts support more characters, and there may be no shortage of characters. MAC fonts may not be commercially available, and can only be played by yourself.


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