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2022 version of the Translation of Crusader Kings III into Brazilian Portuguese (Brazil, Brazil - To help with searches)


No commitment, I'm doing it on my own time and whenever possible (it's a lot to translate, much more than I imagined). Collaborations are welcome.


Status (main pillars):

  • Tutorial: Done
  • Decisions (important): Done
  • Modifiers: Done
  • Units: Done
  • Buildings/Constructions: Done
  • Strokes: Done
  • Characters: Partial
  • Properties: Partial
  • Core (base): 90%
  • Concepts (general): 90%
  • Effects: Partial
  • Rules: Partial
  • Interactions: Partial
  • Laws: Partial
  • Religions: Partial
  • Schemes: Partial
  • Titles: Partial
  • War: Partial

Note: It is very complicated to estimate a "percentage" of the translation, since the files are already complete and in English (translation basis). The translation is being done while I play, some messages may not appear (for me) and will be updated in future games.



Another translation?!

The reason for "more" one translation is some of my dissatisfaction with existing relationships and the lack of updating them.




The project Repository is on  GitHub , feel free to clone, send PRs and open issues (with translation errors). If you need help starting to collaborate, give me a call and I'll explain how to do it.




v0.58 - Released 2022-04-30

It seems there were problems with removing the "descriptor.mod" file, so it came back... :)

v0.57 - Released 2022-04-28

More and more files translated and revised. The more I do, the more appears. If you like the result and want to collaborate (please), give us a shout on Github or Twitter.

v0.56 - Released 2022-04-26

Removed "descriptor.mod" file from package uploaded to Paradox.

v0.55 - Released 2022-04-26

Translated Opinion Modifiers... (and new thumbnail... :)

v0.54 - Released 2022-04-25

The Important Decisions are 100% translated and a general review has been carried out for typographical errors.

v0.53 - Released 2022-04-24

Updates of the week!

v0.52 - Released 2022-04-24

Some death/succession decisions and events.

v0.51 - Released 2022-04-20

Corrections to concordances and other aesthetic changes.

v0.5 - Released 2022-04-18

Updates for the week... lots of new things translated! Follow along on Github.

v0.4 - Released 2022-04-08

Weekly Updates: Lots of news and corrections. I have any questions on Twitter and/or Github.

v0.3 - Released 2022-04-06

Finished tutorial, as well as "various" other game content (innovations, cultures, etc.).

v0.2 - Released 2022-04-04

Lots and lots of translated items. Tutorial and almost all of the concepts presented during it (tooltips) are translated. Remember, it's a WIP (Work in Progress)

v0.1 - Released 2022-04-01


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