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Simple Imperator: Rome Timeline Extender — version 1.2


! NOT compatible with Invictus: for Invictus versions 1.5+ please use the Timeline Extension for Invictus instead

—> Must be enabled when you start a new game for saints and barbarian events to work (if you enable the mod after starting a game some files won't work properly because they are loaded on a new game setup)

This mod was made to be a lightweight but fun add-on for players who want to continue their Imperator campaigns through late antiquity with historical events, witnessing the spread of Christianity, devastating plagues, and the early migration era with barbarian hordes. There are a number of basic aims for this mod:

Continue the Imperator campaign until 1229 AUC / 476 CE, the historical end of the western Roman Empire
Experience the spread of Christianity from its origins in Jerusalem to the edges of the ancient world
Add the Antonine and Cyprian plagues to the timeline for historical interest and extra challenges for players
Simulate the migration era and the invasion of the Huns with events
Provide a bridge to Crusader Kings III for players on a megacampaign using the fan-made Paradox Game Converter, Imperator: Rome → Crusader Kings III converter ☧
Build a workable mod with content that could be integrated and compatible with other more complex mods 7. Develop content and ideas to share with other timeline extension mods, such as the I:R to CK3 Timeline Extension

An event starts the spread of Christianity from Jerusalem around 784–786 AUC
Christianity gradually spreads farther as the timeline progresses
Decision available for players to convert to Christianity around 854 AUC, with fully playable pantheons made up of historical saints; AI can convert around 954 AUC and later; AI Rome should almost always convert by 1133 AUC / 380 CE
Being the first to invoke a Christian saint can reveal historical characters and give relics to players depending on their region and culture
Roman players can experience a similar vision to Constantine in an event that happens about 1065 AUC / 312 CE
Players that want to prevent the growth of Christianity in their country can destroy Christian communities and churches that appear in their provinces through events
Antonine Plague starts to spread around 918 AUC and lasts until at least 933 AUC, killing pops, lowering manpower and taxes significantly
Cyprian Plague starts to spread around 1002 AUC until around 1015 AUC, and is more damaging to pops and provincial output
Manichaeism starts in Mesopotamia around 1030 AUC in Ctesiphon, about the time and place that Mani died; it spreads to pops around the map depending on their culture and exposure to Christianity
Decision to convert to Manichaeism with a playable Manichaeist pantheon
Barbarian strongholds that are more resistant to surrounding civilization spawn in the Germania area starting around 1054 AUC / 300 CE to simulate the beginning of the migration era
A simulated Hunnic invasion starts from barbarian strongholds above the Sarmatia (Pontic Steppe) regions around 1148 AUC / 395 CE with hunnic culture added
Huna invaders spawn from barbarian strongholds in the Khyber Pass area between India and Persia by about 1090 AUC / 335 CE and again around 1200 AUC / 450 CE
Divide the Roman Empire into Western and Eastern by an in-game decision after 1148 AUC / 395 CE
Jewish Diaspora spreads if Judea and Samaria are conquered
Population decline begins in late antiquity starting after ~975 AUC / 220 CE
My thanks especially to Lensy for his A Christianity Mod that sparked the timeline extension idea. Thank you to IhateTrains for his great work on the I:R→CK3 converter ; and thank you to the whole volunteer team making the Paradox Game Converters, allowing us to play megacampaigns! [Please support them on Patreon.] And of course thanks to Arheo and the PDS team that gave us Imperator: Rome 2.0.

Thank you to the kind and helpful folks on the Imperator Mod Coop Discord! I was a newbie modder and could not have put this together without their help. Playtesters are always welcome, and anyone who has any suggestions for improvement, please post in the Paradox forums thread for this mod (see link). Also anyone who can help with localization for other languages, please let me know.

Localization credits

Thank you to:

Adrian44 for the French localization
Podvoh for the Russian localization
SantiD10 for the Spanish localization
[There is also German localization.]

Known issues:

–slowdowns and lag develops after about 1054 AUC / 300 CE

–> periodically scrolling through the list of all of the characters in the game may help alleviate this issue

☧ compatible with both the I:R→CK3 converter v2.12+ and the I:R→CK2 converter v0.1+

–recommend converting to AD 476 or later

Previous Versions
If you would like to continue using previous versions of this mod, the files are attached in separate threadmarked posts in the Paradox Forums thread.

» Simple I:R Timeline Extender is a part of a collaborative effort to enhance megacampaigns from I:R to Crusader Kings II and III, discussed on the I:R→CK Discord «

v1.2 - Released 2023-10-21
Changelog v1.2 *deleted deficit.txt events file *deleted tribal_flavour_events file *deleted integrated_culture_decisions_te file *removed CIVIL_WAR_STATES_THRESHOLD and CIVIL_WAR_CITIES_THRESHOLD lines from te_defines.txt -no longer needed because tag limit has been increased to 8192! *added alternative potential for IRCK3 decision for dividing Roman Empire if tag is no longer ROM so AI can still take decision after having lost a civil war -if primary culture is Roman and heritage is Roman *edited IRCK3 decision to block lines for moving ruler to tag WRE or ERE *added alternatives for Diadochi tags to trigger in te_christianity.72 to target countries for AI if they have lost a civil war -if primary culture is Macedonian with each Diadochi heritage -also added to ai_convert_to_christian in te_decisions *added judea_heritage to trigger for te_judaism.2 -also any country with judaism religion and capital in palestine_region *added judea_heritage to te_decisions for ai_will_do factor 0 *added option for ai_constantinople in te_decisions for a country with roman culture and heritage *added NAND trigger to l6_christian.5 to slow spread of Christianity in non-Hellenic countries before 954 AUC / 200 CE *added dominant_province_religion christianity to NOR triggers for l6_christian.5 -will no longer trigger on provinces with a christian majority +should not convert all pops of non-christian countries *edited trigger for l6_christan.4 to limit effect if global_variable jewish_diaspora is not set *organized script for l6_christian.3 to trigger even if tag is JUD or SMA *set end date for l6_christian.2 on 818.1.25 =, 65AD *edited political influence and legitimacy effects to te_christianity.72 to add while loops *lowered trigger dates for full effects of te_christianity.96 and te_christianity.97 to 1000 AUC -balance for provinces with early_christian_community or early_christian_church +edited te_christianity.96 and te_christianity.97 to limit effect if country religion is judaism *added baltic culture group and matrist religion to NOR triggers for te_manichees events *removed NOT any_province is_in_region fezzan_region from trigger in te_plagues.3* files -not needed on the vanilla map *removed tag ISR from te_judaism.2 -leftover Invictus tag for Judea *renamed prices file 00_hardcoded to te_hardcoded -removed all prices except buy_military_tradition, which was increased from 80 to 120 +do not need to copy all of the base game prices *edited te_decisions to split ai and player only decisions to convert to christianity and manichaeism -edited player decisions to lower requirement for converted pops *scripted triggers added in te_religion_triggers.txt for christianity and manichaeism with lower requirements for converted pops -10% for christianity and 5% for manichaeism +custom localization tooltips added for these *removed l6_christian.5.a in option name for te_manichees.14 *increased random_event on_action for te_manichees.14 from 10 to 15 -slightly more spread from pops *edited te_christianity.72 to trigger if culture is roman and capital is in Rome -even if Rome has previously lost a civil war and tag is dynamic, not ROM *edited te_christianity.98 to trigger and create minor christian character if 10% of pops are christian -lowered from 20% *added limit religion = christianity for all christianity saints to trigger theosis events -also armenian_heritage and primary_culture = armenian to st_nathanael_bartholomew *added tag BHA to te_barbarians.6 and te_barbarians.7 -also to option te_judaism.21.b *added stability hit to te_barbarians.13 and scandian_invasion variable to te_barbarians.13 and te_barbarians.15 -made te_barbarians.13 into a minor country event +added localization for English, French, German, Russian and Spanish *edited te_barbarians.15 to create a new country and give provinces in scandinavia_region *edited te_barbarians.55 and added te_barbarians.56 to create a new country in a great power invaded by huns -creates new countries from provinces that are overrun by barbarians depending on owner state rank +only if province has more than 200 tribesmen of huna or hunnic culture *changed truce duration from -1 to 3000 in IRCK3 decision between WRE and ERE -stop error log complaints *localization updates -small update to localization te_text_l_german.yml -typo in localization l6_conversions_l_english.yml -correction to use Spanish localization for early_christian_community ########## Testing
v1.1.0 - Released 2023-03-14
*added end quote for Russian localization for te_saints.10
v1.1 - Released 2023-03-13
Changelog v1.1 *removed events te_plagues.4* for Invictus -Timeline Extension for Invictus should be used instead *removed IRCK3 alternate decisions and scripted trigger for Invictus *replaced Invictus-compatible setup file countries.txt with vanilla file -added IRCK3 tags for ERE and WRE *removed references to Invictus names for regions germania_magna and bohemia_region *added NOT has_global_variable roman_empire_divided check in potential for divide_roman_empire_invictus IRCK3 decision -should not show up twice if severed half conquers other half! *added custom_on_action late_antiquity_deurbanization -includes delay of between 1 and 364 days so events don't always trigger on same game date *added province population checks to triggers for te_plagues.11 (Antonine plague) and te_plagues.21 (Cyprian plague) to avoid error log complaints of unset scope where no city of sufficient population is found in a country *added cyrenaica_region for triggering st_mark theosis event *added tibet_region to NOR list for l6_christian.5 *added tag = BHA for Bharatavarsha end game formable to late antiquity decline modifiers *added barbarian_fury_discipline country modifier for discipline 0.1, siege_ability 0.1 and siege_engineers 1 -added to event te_barbarians.50 *added 175 create tribal pop effect in te_barbarians.4 for p:5981 (Huns 3rd wave) -increased tribal pop count for all barbarian strongholds +increased tribal pop count to 200 in te_barbarians.5 (Huns 4th wave) *added event te_barbarians.55 -for AI countries, if a province has more than 200 tribesmen (because of barbarian strongholds) check for dominant_province_culture and if it is huna, hunnic, istvaeonic or irminonic, set ruler and primary culture to that culture -should work in tandem with other te_barbarians.5* events to make invasions have more of an effect on the map, and prevent some provinces from getting massive populations from settling tribesmen -added in te_custom_on_action_yearly_country_tribesmen *added event te_barbarians.98 to cleanup any strongholds over Pontic Steppe that might be added and left running after fourth hunnic wave -added to te_custom_on_action_yearly_country_barbarians *added germanic_migrations modifier to buff late-timeline germanic tribes -added to countries in te_migrations.1 and new hidden event te_migrations.10 +event te_migrations.11 to remove germanic migrations modifier for a country that is no longer a tribe (or no longer germanic) *added events te_barbarians.13–15 if Scandinavian provinces next to p:5952 are overtaken by a non-germanic country after 1054 AUC / 300 CE -should add some challenge for AI or a player to hold this area as non-Germanic *added army_maintenance_cost and navy_maintenance_cost modifiers to late_antiquity_pop_decline modifiers -army and navy sizes declined historically as they became more difficult to maintain -should reduce number of legions in the late game -added levy_size_multiplier = -0.01 to cursed_by_elohim modifier *added ai_plan_goal te_historic_country te_has_germanisch_wanderung_aimod for germanic migratory tribes in the last century of the timeline to increase aggressiveness and migration_chance if they border a non-germanic great_power *blocked te_migrations.2 line 296 religion effect to set_country_religion with saved foedus_target_country religion scope *doubled the WORK_COST_SCALEFACTOR in defines.txt -extends time required for building great wonders, as there tend to be too many great works in the late game *increased TECH_ENTRY_YEARS to 20, TECH_AHEAD_OF_TIME lowered to -0.15 and TECH_BEHIND_OF_TIME lowered to -0.15 *lowered added technology to 3500 for severed WRE and 4000 for severed ERE, respectively, in IRCK3 decision -tech check changed for WRE < 35 or ERE < 40 *added localization for germanic migrations and barbarian_fury_discipline modifiers *added Russian, thanks to Podvoh *added Spanish localization, thanks to SantiD10 -small edits to other localization ##########
v1.0.1.2 - Released 2022-05-11
Hotfix v1.0.1.2 *removed check for has_global_variable = is_playing_invictus on IRCK3 split Roman empire decision -prevented the decision from appearing when this flag is somehow not set -using map check instead ##########
v1.0.1.1 - Released 2022-05-11
Hotfix v1.0.1.1 *adjusted late_antiquity_decentralization_settlement modifier to remove migration speed boost and add local_migration_attraction = 15 -offsets malus for settlements (-3) and population dying (-12) -migration speed seems to only affect the outgoing migrants? *adjusted late_antiquity_decentralization_settlement modifier to decrease migration attraction -10 -a -5 modifier is weak on large cities ##########
v1.0.1 - Released 2022-05-11
Changelog — Simple I:R Timeline Extender version 1.0.1 *fixed unset variable new_minor_manichee in event te_manichees.3 *added max_attrition modifiers to Antonine and Cyprian plagues -attrition added by 10 and 15, respectively, with the same max attrition increases +plagues affected armies historically *added on_action events in decade_country pulse to add late_antiquity_decentralization province modifiers to provinces with pops > 100, which adds migration attraction modifiers the same as the decentralization policy: -5 migration attraction for cities with pops > 100, and +1 migration attraction to settlements in the same state. -AI never uses decentralization policy, but populations historically spread out and de-urbanized in Late Antiquity -player can negate using centralization policy, at the cost of foregoing other governor policies in that state *removed check for has_global_variable = is_playing_invictus from IRCK3 scripted trigger and te_plagues.40–45 events -seems to interfere with events firing -use map check instead ###### TO DO: !Testing and updates~
v1.0 - Released 2022-05-01
Changelog — Simple I:R Timeline Extender version 1.0 *added minor_country_event for a Latin culture great power (e.g. Rome) to give a neighbouring migratory tribe control of a state area in exchange for vassalization -triggers in the 4th century, to simulate development of the foederati tribes -foederati modifiers reduce loyalty_to_overlord = -50 -localization for English, French and German *edited IRCK3 split empire decision to release subjects depending on whether the subject capital is_in_pars_occidentalis_trigger = yes/no *cleaned up move_country effects for new ruler of split empire WRE/ERE junior pars and immediate family (spouse and children) *The player (or active AI) that plays as the Western Roman Empire after taking the IRCK3 decision to split WRE from ERE will now get the slightly weaker [central] modifier for the Late Antiquity Population Decline -some compensation and/or added incentive for a player to take this decision +trying to keep the whole Roman Empire together while keeping the capital in western Europe is the most challenging -junior_pars ERE gets the orient modifier *added colours to some custom_tooltip localization for te_rel_flavor and te_migrations.2 events *Reduced civilization decline for late_antiquity_pop_decline modifiers: central from -30 to -25; orient from -20 to -15; occident from -40 to -35 *late_antiquity_pop_decline modifiers for central and occident remove more capital province trade routes -orient, central and occident modifiers now remove -3 (same), -6, and -9 capital province trade routes, respectively *late_antiquity_pop_decline modifiers now include a lowered global_manpower_modifier of -0.2, -0.3 and -0.4 for orient, central and occident, respectively -larger standing armies declined during late antiquity *added -0.75 land attrition to barbarian_fury_rage unit modifier -Furious barbarian hordes now take only a quarter attrition *corrected te_barbarians.11 to only add the barbarian_invasion_war modifier to P:5140 if it does not have the barbarian_invasion_skirmish modifier [it would have been changed due to te_barbarians.51] -avoid rare stacking of these modifiers -tribesmen pop count for p:5141 increased from 100 to 125 *corrected te_barbarians.4 to remove barbarian_invasion_skirmish modifier from P:5140 [if it was changed by te_barbarians.51] -moved from hidden_effect = {} in option to after = {} *if no countries that neighbor province_id = 5142 nor province_id = 5143 are germanic, then another barbarian stronghold will trigger for events te_barbarians.1 and te_barbarians.12 -stop-brake added for te_barbarians.51 and te_barbarians.52 *added manichaeism random pop conversion in random province for in_numidia_or_africa_trigger = yes to events te_manichees.11 and te_manichees.15 -more Manichees in this area *new hidden country event te_manichees.30 creates Manichaean character for minor_country_event te_manichees.31 -left_portrait should show up correctly -corrected variable for character scope:new_minor_manichee *added saved scopes and GetName localization for provinces targeted by church events te_christianity.7, 8–10 {Rome, Antioch, Alexandria, Edessa} -names can change depending on owner -added alternate description for te_christianity.7 if Rome is not owned by tag = ROM +might be owned by Etruscans *new hidden country event te_christianity.98 creates Christian character for minor_country_event te_christianity.99 -set culture = root.current_ruler.culture -re-numbered events te_christianity.91–97 *te_manichees.31 and te_christianity.99 removed from te_custom_on_actions -now triggered by te_manichees.30 and te_christianity.98 *added weight add = 10 to te_judaism.5 for provinces with is_port = yes *increased chance for te_judaism.5 to fire in te_custom_on_action_yearly_country_jewish random_events from 1 to 5 -converts one Hellenic pop to Judaism -reduced no random_events chance from 50 = 0 to 45 = 0 *corrected global variable for plague_pandemic to separate antonine_plague_pandemic and cyprian_plague_pandemic into two different global variables for triggering te_plagues events -some countries that did not get the Antonine Plague (because they were too small [<100 cities], or created after the triggering dates) would get both plagues during Cyprian pandemic, because the global variable to trigger the two plague events was the same one! -likewise adjusted triggers in te_custom_on_action_yearly_province_antonine and te_custom_on_action_yearly_province_cyprian from plague_pandemic to antonine_plague_pandemic and cyprian_plague_pandemic, respectively *only single city-states are now exempt from plagues! All countries with num_of_cities > 1 will be affected in cities. -attempt to minimize unchecked growth for huge metropolises in the late timeline *added checks for has_global_variable = is_playing_invictus to IRCK3 decision to split Roman Empire, and is_in_pars_occidentalis_inv_trigger in scripted_triggers -trying to quiet down error log complaints when not playing with invictus *IRCK3 split empire decision now checks has_country_modifier = embellished_temple_jupiter_optimus_maximus and then remove_country_modifier = embellished_temple_jupiter_optimus_maximus *IRCK3 split empire decision now checks has_country_modifier = expanded_campus_martius and removes from ERE, adds to WRE *finished some missing localization for divided_roman_empire_invictus decision *switched pantheon slots for some christianity deities -deity_st_james_zebedee (from economy to war) and deity_st_mark (from war to economy) +some historical precedent -deity_archangel_gabriel (from culture to economy) and deity_archangel_uriel (from economy to culture) *added SAINTS:0 localization to interface for christianity pantheon ###### TO DO: !Testing and updates~
v0.9.8.0 - Released 2022-04-10
Edited descriptor.mod name to "Simple I:R Timeline Extender" -copy into mod directory
v0.9.8 - Released 2022-04-10
Changelog — Simple I:R Timeline Extender version 0.9.8 *edited ai_constantinople decision to remove potential if capital is already Byzantium *edited IRCK3 scripted_trigger for is_in_pars_occidentalis_trigger for Invictus map_data compatibility -using is_in_area = for adjusted areas *added germania_magna_region and bohemia_region to l6_christian and te_manichees events for Invictus map_data compatibility *created eastern cross-quarter discs insigne coloured emblem for Eastern Roman Empire -edited IRCK3_scripted_countries.txt for WRE to always use and ERE to always use -early historical version? *conversion events te_judaism.3 and te_judaism.4 will now check for NOT = { dominant_province_religion = judaism } -slower conversion of small countries *conversion events te_judaism.3, te_judaism.4 and te_judaism.5 will not convert Manichaean pops *adjusted picture, theme (sound) and English localization for te_judaism.1 *fixed trigger for te_manichees.1 — missing OR in capital_scope *added culture_group:north_african for te_manichees.11 -will not convert egyptian_pantheon (kemetic) pops *doubled random pop conversions for te_manichees.15 (latin or hellenic) *re-arranged is_in_pars_occidentalis_trigger because error log complaining for te_plagues that target province has no associated area [because of Invictus map changes to areas] -te_plagues.30–35 for late_antiquity_pop_decline modifiers use this original IRCK3 trigger *added IRCK3 scripted trigger is_in_pars_occidentalis_inv_trigger for Invictus map changes -duplicate events te_plagues.40–45 for Invictus, checks if any province is in a [fezzan_region] added by Invictus mod -New IRCK3 duplicate decision with Invictus map compatibility to split empire uses this trigger *moved dalmatia_orientalis area back to is_in_pars_occidentalis_trigger *te_plagues events for Late Antiquity Population Decline will no longer add the modifier to the Eastern Roman Empire if the capital moves from Byzantium -ERE may lose Byzantium in a war *removed visible truce effect with split WRE/ERE for senior_pars to avoid double truce in diplomacy window *late_antiquity_pop_decline modifiers now subtract more capital trade routes {-3, -5, -7} for orient, central, and occident modifiers *doubled modifier for treasure_john_patmos_manuscript to local_hostile_attrition = 2 *increased tech level addition to 40 / 4000 for WRE in IRCK3 decision -a bit too much disparity with ERE and other civilized nations in combination with population decline *set left_portrait = current_ruler for l6_christian minor events ###### TO DO: !More testing
v0.9.7 - Released 2022-03-20
Changelog — Simple I:R Timeline Extender version 0.9.7 *German localization complete! Thanks to Google and Bing for the help. :) *some more corrections to English and French localization *added created Manichaean treasure: Arzhang, Book of Pictures; to te_manichees.2 -modifier local_nobles_output = 0.15 *added new minor events for creating Christian or Manichaean characters if a player's country has at least 20% Christian or 5% Manichaean pops, respectively -te_christianity.99 +different description trigger for countries with religion = judaism -te_manichees.3 -only for players and does not trigger for the AI -will not trigger again if the newly created character is alive in that country *edited on_activate effects for some christianity deities -added temple_renovations modifier to st_nathanael_bartholomew on_activate +moved free province investment to deified ruler effect +moved civic_tech addition to deified ruler effect for st_james_zebedee -added new Embellished Cathedral temporary modifier for capital_scope for st_peter +moved civic tech addition to deified ruler effect -edited st_peter stability effect to check for limit < 40, multiply = 2, min = 2 and max = 20 -edited st_mary stability effect to check for limit < 25 -changed st_andrew on_activate effect from add_stability = 10 to add_greater_stability_effect = yes *moved l6_christian.3–5 events to event queue -changed to minor_country_event type -fewer repetitive popups [especially for players with provinces in Syria, Palestine or Lower Egypt regions] *edited l6_christian.5 to select province using scope:l6_christian_5_target *switched relic modifiers for treasure_james_zebedee_relics and treasure_blessed_mary_hair -edited treasure_james_zebedee_relics to local_pop_conversion_speed_modifier = 0.3 *changed treasure_mark_relics modifier from local_population_capacity = 4 to local_citizen_output = 0.15 *doubled treasure_st_joseph_cloak local_monthly_food_modifier from 0.1 to 0.2 *increased treasure_matthew_levi_relics local_tax_modifier from 0.2 to 0.25 *increased treasure_nathanael_bartholomew_relics local_research_points_modifier from 0.1 to 0.15 *increased treasure_andrew_cross modifier local_defensive from 0.2 to 0.25 *increased treasure_paul_epistle modifier local_happiness_for_same_religion_modifier from 0.1 to 0.15 *added negative local civilization value to Antonine (-20) and Cyprian (-30) plague modifiers -actual civ value drops slowly over time as plague continues in that city *added local unrest to Antonine (20) and Cyprian (30) plague modifiers *added negative global_capital_trade_routes to population decline modifiers: -occident -4 -orient -2 -central -3 *added negative global_population_capacity_modifier values for orient (-0.2), occident (-0.4) and central (-0.3) population decline modifiers ###### TO DO: !More testing !Look for any new create_country issues in game logs ?More germanic tribes migration events — possible submod
v0.9.6 - Released 2022-03-03
Changelog IR_TE v0.9.6 *l6_christian.5 now includes already christian pops when dividing population for conversion targets -conversion should be somewhat more gradual *corrected on_action trigger for te_custom_on_action_yearly_country_migrations from num_of_cities > 1 to num_of_cities >= 1 -settled tribes with only 1 city should now take decision to become migratory if they meet the conditions *Splitting the Roman Empire now sets the country heritage for the junior pars to roman_heritage *substituted dominant province culture groups for the specific culture lists in te_judaism.3 -now includes carthaginian, phoenician and hebrew *added negative global_monthly_civilization amounts to all late antiquity pop decline modifiers *added negative global_commerce_modifier amounts to all late antiquity pop decline modifiers *changed triggers for late antiquity pop decline modifiers so they remove from, and do not add to, countries with num_of_cities < 2 *adjusted negative amounts for pop growth for all modifiers -balancing with civ decay *adjusted triggers for orient pop decline modifier to avoid tags with capital_scope = { is_in_pars_occidentalis = yes } *changed trigger date for occident late antiquity decline modifier to 1104/351 *added negative commerce_value amounts to Antonine and Cyprian plague modifiers *added negative state_commerce_value amounts to Antonine and Cyprian plague modifiers *adjusted trigger for te_christianity.71 from p:1 = { is_capital = yes } to p:1 = { owner = root } -event will trigger for either tag = ROM or if current_ruler = { has_culture_group = latin } -either Rome may move their capital or another major Latin culture country might conquer Rome *adjusted ai_constantinople decision from capital_scope = { this = p:1 } to owns = 1 -AI Rome may have moved their capital! +very rare but possible ###### TO DO: !More testing !Look for any new create_country issues in game logs ~that could cause stability problems with too many dynamic tags in the late timeline ?Deutsch localization?
v9 - Released 2022-03-02
v0.9.5 - Released 2022-02-12
Changelog IR_TE v0.9.5 *changed file name of integrated_culture_decisions to integrated_culture_decisions_te and included only city_self_rule decisions changes so it doesn't overwrite the entire base game file -better compatibility with Invictus and Cultural Conflation mods *copied new tags to countries.txt for compatibility with new version (1.3) of Invictus released February 10, 2022 *Added country modifier late_antiquity_pop_decline_occident that decreases population growth by -0.44% -this will empty provinces faster and should open up more land for migrating tribes to move into western Europe *Added country modifier late_antiquity_pop_decline_orient that decreases population by -0.22% -should slow population growth without creating empty pockets that move tribes farther east *Edited te_plagues.3[0] and te_plagues.31 to replace late_antiquity_pop_decline[_central] modifier with late_antiquity_pop_decline_occident around 1128 AUC / 375 CE *Added te_plagues.32–35 hidden events that adds late_antiquity_pop_decline_occident and late_antiquity_pop_decline_orient to countries depending if they have provinces in_pars_occidentalis_trigger = yes/no -this should replace the -0.33% late_antiquity_pop_decline[_central] modifier with the more severe -0.44% late_antiquity_pop_decline_occident modifier in western Europe late in the timeline *Adjusted trigger for te_christianity.71 to check current_ruler is_adult = yes ###### TO DO: !More testing !Look for any new create_country issues in game logs ~that could cause stability problems with too many dynamic tags in the late timeline ?Deutsch localization?
v0.9.4 - Released 2022-02-07
Changelog IR_TE v0.9.4 *Re-named setupcountries countries.txt file to te_countries.txt and included only the additional IRCK3 tags for WRE and ERE *Copied tags for Barbaricum and Invictus into countries.txt -this should avoid overwriting issues in load order for compatibility *Allowed decision to split Roman dictatorship if it owns at least 1200 cities (twice as many as required for an imperium (600)) -can "skip" empire requirement to be popular (90) *AI Rome should not move its capital to Byzantium if it is currently at war (checks for war = no) *Adjusted IRCK3 split empire decision to check for technology level in other half of empire -for Invictus, was adding technology even though the new country had the same tech level -changed tech addition to 5000 for ERE and 3000 for WRE *Edited scripted IRCK3 trigger is_in_pars_occidentalis_trigger to try to exclude Invictus' macedonia_region and galatia_region -Invictus reworked the map and these regions were sometimes alternately added to WRE in the IRCK3 decision to split the Roman Empire *Corrected path to setup/countries folder for ERE and WRE in countries.txt file *Added condition for at least 100 eastern provinces to allow the decision *Edited triggers for te_christianity.97 and 98 to check if the dominant_province_religion = christianity and the date is less than 1066.2.2 to slow the pop conversions somewhat *Increased late_antiquity_pop_decline modifier slightly to -0.33% *Edited trigger for te_plagues.3 and te_plagues.31 to remove late_antiquity_pop_decline modifier from the Eastern Roman Empire (if its capital is Byzantium) *Adjusted triggers for te_plagues.3 and te_plagues.31 so that after 1148 AUC / 395 CE they do not add the modifier to, and remove the modifier from, countries that are neither in_pars_occidentalis_trigger = yes nor an AI of empire size (num_of_cities >= 600) with its capital_scope in province_id = 4440 (Pataliputra) *Added is_alive = yes checks to te_rel_flavor events for random_character loyalty *Added exists = scope:xian_character check for te_rel_flavor.1 option to clean up tooltip *Edited character traits added and removed for te_rel_flavor events -characters that have the tolerant trait already and choose to leave Christians alone will not see the events to destroy christian communities again *Added alternate descriptions to te_rel_flavor events for Judea, Samaria or countries with religion = judaism -should reflect their different views on religion *Adjusted trigger for te_rel_flavor events so they do not fire for countries with religion = manichaeism *Added trigger checks for any_pops_in_province that have neither christianity nor judaism for te_judaism.3 and te_judaism.4 events -event should not fire if it doesn't convert any pops *Added ISR tag to te_judaism.2 and te_rel_flavor event triggers -for better Invictus compatibility *Added imperial_cult government type to IRCK3 decision to split the Roman Empire *te_christianity events that add churches to provinces now remove the early_christian_community modifier after adding early_christian_church ###### TO DO: !More testing !Look for any new create_country issues in game logs ~that could cause stability problems with too many dynamic tags in the late timeline ?Add more German localization?
v0.9.3 - Released 2022-01-23
Changelog IR_TE v0.9.3 *Edited te_defines.txt to change CIVIL_WAR_STATES_THRESHOLD = 2 (up from the default 1) and CIVIL_WAR_CITIES_THRESHOLD = 4 (up from default 2) -should help to cut down on too many civil wars causing timeline to reach tag id 2050 too early in some cases -AI and players need at least 4 province territories in 2 different state areas in game for a civil war to break out *Some formatting corrections to French localization files *Corrected IRCK3 decision to split Roman Empire name change to use localization *Added a few more hunnic male names *Added cultures to te_manichees conversion events -dardic and atavi cultures to te.manichees.13 conversion event -himalayan culture to te.manichees.12 conversion event *Adjusted te_manichees.14 so germanic and germanic_religion pops do not convert to manichaeism *Reduced stability hit for te_manichees.1 from -20 to -15 *Adjusted te_manichees.1 so it doesn't fire for germanic countries or countries that have their capital in any region excluded from te_manichees.15 *Tweaked trigger for te_barbarians.54 and te_barbarians.53 stop-brake events so they fire for countries that have integrated the barbarian stronghold cultures from te_barbarians events or the current ruler is of that culture -te_barbarians.54 will fire for countries that have integrated the huna culture or have a huna ruler -te_barbarians.53 fires for countries with integrated hunnic culture or hunnic ruler *Changed on_action yearly country pulse name of te_custom_on_action_yearly_country_migration to te_custom_on_action_yearly_country_tribesmen -events are not actually migration events but stop-brake mechanisms for runaway barbarian spawn from neighboring tribesmen pops *Increased tribesmen pop limit in te_barbarians.53 barbarian stronghold provinces for removing barbarian_invasion_skirmish modifiers from 150 to 200 -now the same limit as te_barbarians.54 *Edited te_judaism.31 to add immediate conversion of hebrew pops to judaism even if they are in a province that has a different dominant culture than hebrew -this will also convert hebrew christian pops in provinces that do not have a dominant hebrew culture to judaism -this will not convert hebrew christian pops in provinces with a dominant hebrew culture *Added 10-year cutoff dates for most fire_only_once te_christianity events for targeted provinces *Adjusted trigger for te.christianity.72 so it fires only if the AI country's religion is roman_pantheon -AI Rome or Diadochi countries that are Empires or Dictatorships and still have Hellenic religion convert to Christianity (if they meet the decision requirements) *Switched back te_christianity.95 conversion regions from greece_region to macedonia_region for historical reasons *Added mauretainia_region to te_christianity.94 -probably spread from northwest Africa to southern Iberia historically *Adjusted weights for te_christianity.92 and te_christianity.94 *Altered triggers so te_rel_flavor events only fire if there is a non-Christian religious official -should also fire now for tribes and republics *Increased the time to trigger te_rel_flavor.2 from 700 to 750 days -cooldown for te_rel_flavor.1 is 1500 days *Tyranny added for destroying christian communities (+5) and churches (+10) *Edited IRCK3_decisions for splitting Roman Empire in WRE and ERE: if capital is in the eastern regions, the AI WRE will choose Mediolanum (Milan), or Ravenna if it does not own Mediolanum, for its capital; it will only choose Rome as the WRE capital if it owns neither Mediolanum nor Ravenna -more historical flavour -also added provincial early_christian_church modifiers (and removed any existing early_christian_church modifiers to avoid double conversion event effects) if capitals are moved to either Mediolanum or Ravenna -changed potential date slightly to January 1st, 1148 / 395 CE +some breathing room to take decision on or before historical date of Jan. 17 *IRCK3 decision to split empire now is not allowed if the Roman Empire is currently at war with another country (checks for war = no) *Edited christian deity triggers to limit AI Roman countries with capital cities in Rome, Mediolanum or Ravenna to St. Cornelius and St. Peter for their war and culture pantheon deities, respectively -makes it more likely that these two saints' characters and relics will appear if player's country is neither Roman nor Christian *Lowered num_of_cities trigger in tribal_flavour_events.2 from >= 160 to >= 120 (default >= 80) *Added te_plagues.3 and te_plagues.31 events with late_antiquity_pop_decline country modifiers that cause gradual population decline (-0.3%) beginning in 934 AUC / 180 CE -affects all non-Germanic countries that are not tribes +should help promote Germanic culture spread in Europe and curb empire growth across the map *Added te_plagues.12 event to remove plague_pandemic global flag for Antonine plague events -mirrors te_plagues.22 for Cyprian plague_pandemic global flag removal *Added te_migrations yearly custom_on_action event to flip any AI germanic tribes to migratory after 1000 AUC / ~350 CE if they meet the requirements for the decision (that the AI never takes otherwise) ###### TO DO: !More testing !Look for any new create_country issues in game logs ~that could cause stability problems with too many dynamic tags in the late timeline ?Add more German localization?
v0.9.2 - Released 2022-01-07
Changelog IR_TE v0.9.2 *French localization fully implemented -credit to Adrian44 *Edited some English localization for style *Adjusted trigger option for "te_judaism.21.a" -AI Maurya/Magadhi Empire/Bharatvarsha should not get this option -only non-AI players will get stability bonus for "te_judaism.21.b" *Adjusted trigger for te_manichees.11 to specify carthaginian, phoenician or nabatean cultures in west_levantine culture group, and exclude hebrew -adjusted effects to also convert christians (previously excluded) *Adjusted triggers for te_manichees.11 and te_manichees.12 to target provinces with either Christian or Manichaean pops >upload on Paradox Mods website should now include folders and files directly in the zip ###### TO DO: !More testing !Look for any new create_country issues in game logs ~that could cause stability problems with too many dynamic tags in the late timeline ?Add more German localization?
v0.9.1 - Released 2021-12-18
Changelog IR_TE v0.9.1 *Added more English localization -[finishing English localization for te_judaism events.] *Cleaned up custom_tooltips and te_saints events *Added te_christianity.70 for early_christian_community in Mediolanum/Milan (province_id = 3571), traditionally established by St. Barnabas *Inserted options in te_christianity.71 for players of Rome to experience a vision similar to Constantine's -can accept or reject christianity for current ruler *Tweaked trigger for te_christianity.71 so it only fires for the AI if there is a Latin-culture province that does not have the roman_evangelization_toggle set as a variable *Adjusted christianity conversion events not to convert Jews or Manichaeans depending on region *Bumped up starting dates for christianity conversion events *Adjusted and added weights to te_christianity conversion events *Removed province-specific triggers (p:687 Jerusalem, and p:750 Damascus) for l6_christian events 1 and 2 so they will trigger for every country that has any Hebrew or Jewish pops (but only convert pops in in those target provinces on initial triggers) -this means that more countries will see these events; but if there are no countries with any Hebrew or Jewish pops remaining, Christianity will never spawn! *Tweaked chances for random conversion events to fire *Tweaking effects for te_christianity.71 and te_christianity.72 to convert provinces in Rome and Diadochi countries *Added events te_rel_flavor.1 and te_rel_flavor.2 that allows players to destroy early Christian communities and churches — meant for players that don't want the modifiers that convert pops –will not stop l6_christian.5 conversion events that don't add modifiers *Adjusted christianity conversion events not to fire on provinces with variables set after destroying an early_christian_community or early_christian_church –10-year cooldown for players that don't want these modifiers *Slightly decreased chances for early_christian_community and early_christian_church events to fire randomly, from 40 down to 30 #####Jewish events##### *Added 1:1 conversion for non-xian Hebrew pops event te_judaism.31 *Altered date for jewish_diaspora trigger to 753 AUC -why wait? Small chance they will already be nearly wiped off the map -removed date trigger for te_judaism.4 Ethiopians to convert *Added new event te_judaism.5 with a small random chance to fire and convert a macedonian pop anywhere on the map to judaism *Added new option for te_judaism.21 to accept or reject Jewish migrants -new country modifier will curse the land if the Jews are rejected +this will trigger for Maurya and might help to break up the blob? ###################### *Incorporated IRCK3 decision to split Roman Empire into Western and Eastern with some tweaks -Current date must be 1148.1.17 or later and AI will always do this -adds 100 stability effect and 5 free province investments for non-ai player (must be some reward!) *Added potential requirement for religion = christianity -symbol of flag is a Chi Rho *Tweaked decision effects so that it properly creates a new country in either Rome (p:1) or Byzantion (p:1453) with its own pantheon *Enhanced decision so it sets a truce and opinion buff between WRE and ERE *Added AI-only decision for Roman Empire to switch capital to Byzantium on 1083.5.11 / May 11, 330 CE or later -increase_province_effect = yes will establish city if a settlement, or metropolis if a city *Added decision to restore Roman military traditions to severed half, that sets and removes successive variables and adds 120 military experience each time -reuseable for the first 12 times, then disappears after the 13th time the decision is enacted *Changed manichaeism color to silver for better distinction from other religions (and evokes the "Light" motif of Mani's ideas) *Added new te_barbarians.60–72 events for huna invaders of Persia and India -also added new barbarian morale pulse for neighboring countries -historical accuracy and attempt to breakup big empires in late game –additional stop_brake events for these strongholds *Added male and family names for huna from historical articles *Changed cultures of impassable provinces 5278, 5380 and 7296 to new "huna" culture and "eastern_animism" religion -added historical names for huna culture *Adjusted triggers for stab hits in te_barbarians events so they don't hit tribal tags. -multiple collapses from tribal_flavour_events.2 creating new countries causing CTDs *te_barbarians.99 event to remove huna strongholds after 1281 AUC / 528 CE –if neighboring province has > 200 population and dominant_province_culture = huna –prevents unchecked population explosion from these strongholds –historical date of defeat of Mihirakula *Multiplied closed trade routes due to plagues X10 -should be more crippling to trade in capital regions #### BUG WORKAROUND #### !There is a limit of about 2049 tags, after which, whenever the game creates a new tag, it crashes to desktop ~Main culprits appear to be events: tribal_flavour_events.2 and deficit.10 ~and caused by city_self_rule integrated culture decision ~Barbarian hordes creating new tags can also be an issue here ~Generic missions sometimes also create subject states [but AI does not pick this?] ~Revolts also create new tags *Doubled the number of cities a tribe requires [from >80 to >160] for tribal_flavour_events.2 to fire *Duplicated city_self_rule decision from integrated_culture_decisions to create an AI option with increased requirements and stab hit -Set ai_will_do to factor = 0 with a modifier factor = 1 if stability is > 75 +stability hit increased from -5 to -10 +increased requirement for total_population from 25 to 50 *Altered trigger for deficit.10 event, so it won't fire for an AI country that has less than 10 cities ###### TO DO: !More testing !Look for any new create_country issues in game logs ~that could cause stability problems with too many dynamic tags in the late timeline ?Add more German localization?
v0.8.1 - Released 2021-11-19
Changelog IR_TE v0.8.1 *Added English localization for Manichaean deities, conversion decision and events *Added English localization for Christian relics *More miscellaneous English localization *Added Manichaean deities *Added Manichaean omens *Renamed te_heresies events to te_manichees (originally planned more sects all in one file and on_action) *Added decision to convert to Manichaeism -AI will do if capital dominant province religion is Manichaean *Adjusted triggers for christianity conversion events NOT to fire if country religion = manichaeism *Added event te_manichees.14 for Manichaeism to spread from neighboring provinces *Adjusted initial event for Manichaeism te_manichees.1 to fire_only_once for countries that don't own Ctesiphon and convert random pops *Adjusted date for start of Manichaeism to 1030 AUC -277 CE is latest date for death of Mani *Adjusted weights for Manichaean custom_on_action random events *Added icons for Manichaean deities *Added event for Mani character to appear -similar to saints events; the first country in Mesopotamia to invoke Mani's omen will get the event [no relic because Manichaeism is contrary to veneration of material things] *Adjusted Christian relic bonuses -should all be unique and useful *Added punt_region for relics of St. Matthew event te_saints.7 -martyred in Ethiopia *Switched culture for impassable province 5140 from irminonic to istvaeonic *Switched culture for impassable province 5146 from boian to irminonic *New event te_barbarians.11 to increase istvaeonic pops in 1103 AUC / 350 CE -simulate emergence of the Franks in the 4th and 5th centuries *Switched modifier for te_barbarians.1 and te_barbarians.10 to permanent barbarian_invasion_war -switching province for istvaeonic barbarians from Germanic Upland to 5140 impassable. -should send hordes closer to traditional Frankish area along the Rhine -increased tribesmen pops addition to 100 *Switched amplified barbararian stronghold in te_barbarians.1 from Bohemian Forest to 5146 impassable -changed setup culture for 5146 to Irminonic [is already Tuistic] -should send Germanic hordes farther south *Added new te_barbarians.12 event to increase population of 5144 Germanic barbarians *Tweaked christianity conversion rates for churches and early communities -divide pops by 8 for churches -does not convert jews or manichaeans -one less random set_pop_religion for communities -adds church modifier if total_population > 80 -if events for palestine, central gaul and punt regions fire on Jerusalem (687), Lutetia (2475) or Aksum (7506) it will add church modifiers if the total populations are > 20 *Increased christianity global_pop_conversion_speed_modifier = 0.3 (from 0.2) *Switched random chance factors for L6 christian conversion events l6_christian.3 and l6_christian.5 -fewer regions to fire on means it will cover Syria, Palestine and Lower Egypt quicker +should expect slightly less saturated -slightly greater chance for it to spread across the map *Corrected and enhanced te_christianity.92 event by replacing nile_region (added in error, these are not owned provinces but river tiles) with gedrosia_region, which was historically a Syriac Christian region *Added weight to christianity conversion event te_christianity.94 factor = 1.5 for mesopotamia -should fire more often for Mesopotamia than for other regions e.g. Parthia, Bactria +center of the historical Church of the East was in Mesopotamia -also will set church permanent modifier if fires for Ctesiphon p:912 and total_population > 20 *Increased weight for L6 conversion for Gentiles to 40 *Added hidden country event te_christianity.70 for AI ruler of Rome (or Latin culture) after Battle of Milvian Bridge date 1065.10.28 [October 28, 312] to convert to christianity -roman provinces will start converting every year in waves *Added Diadochi tags that historically were conquered by Rome for ai_will_do = { factor=1000 in Evangelization decision: Macedon [MAC]; Thrace [TRE]; Phrygia/Antigonid [PRY]; and Egypt [EGY] -unless countries convert, pop conversion has weak effect after I:R→CK3 save game conversion -following historical progression of Christianity for AI *Added Diadochi tags with land historically part of Roman Empire for hidden AI only event around date of Edict of Thessalonica [1133.2.27] if current ruler is Christian but the Empire is not -trying to ensure AI takes Evangelization decision almost always (unless legitimacy is and remains negative]), without directly setting country to Christian +should meet decision criteria -will not fire if not an Empire, e.g. if Rome is still a dictatorship *Added mass conversion of capital (50% of pops) for hidden Edict of Thessalonica AI only event *Tweaked triggers for jewish_diaspora global variable and L6 event to convert Jews to Christianity -want to be careful to spread Judaism around the map if no Jewish countries left *Moved Jewish conversion events to their own te_custom_on_action_yearly_country_jewish pulse *Added factor = 0 to christianity conversion decision if tag is Judea or Samaria *Increased price to buy military tradition from 80 to 120 military experience -extends time to purchase military tradition trees *Added St. Mark to christianity deities and saints events *Adjusted christianity deities triggers and on_activate bonuses *Added stop-brake events to remove province modifiers "barbarian_invasion_skirmish" or "barbarian_invasion_war" if any (owned) neighbor province has the dominant culture of that stronghold with more than 50 or 100 pops depending on province location and the global variable (germanic migration or huns) -noticed that sometimes there can be runaway buildup of tribesmen in small countries, which can create stability issues *Lowered intensity of Hun invasion by decreasing tribesmen pop creation and removing extra barbarian_invasion modifiers -improve performance and avoid getting too many armies stuck around the Caspian Sea because of bad pathfinding issues :( TO DO: !Double-check error log on_activate for saints [if/else_if/else errors for scope:deified_ruler]? !Clean up tooltip for saints events !Add English localization for Jewish events
v0.7.1 - Released 2021-10-29
Quickfix v0.7.1 removes an unset global variable from the on_action events that prevented one event from firing. Should work now.


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Imperator Rome

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