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OWB - Enclave Reborn

Enclave reborn adds an entirely new nation to Old World Blues. This Enclave faction is the last rally of the remnant forces, determined to avenge Navarro and reclaim the United States. Is is currently one of the most comprehensive submods available for OWB as it includes a sizeable focus tree, decisions, textures, voices and events. All with custom artwork!

Two factions have grown within their leadership, the Purists and the Reformers.

The Purists

The Purists, driven by revanchism against the NCR and the brotherhood, seek to continue the original vision of the Enclave. To reclaim the United States and purify it from the mutants. They are led by Franklin Anderson, who has whipped up his supporters with fanaticism far beyond the original Enclave.

The Reformers

The Reformers wish to see the United States restored to its former glory, even if it means compromising with or even incorporating the wastelanders. They are led by Douglas Granite, a son of a Poseidon veteran and leader of a mercenary company.


Players Feedback


"yeah it's p good"

- Lottanubs


"mod is not fun"

- Abra


"By far the best submod for OWB"

- Joseph Stalin


"When is the reformer update?"

- everyone, every day

"Right now"

- Jef

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-Fallout Cascadia Team

-Empire Team

-TheDemonHunter1 (Deviant Art)

-Quintuscassius (Deviant Art)

-Gem Ryan Guerrero

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WARNING!!! - I don't own or create this mod. If you're the original mod author and you want this taken down


vv2 - Released 2022-03-18

-Updated state history for OWB update


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