Historical Naval Production







The amount of ships produced in WWII was astronomical and much higher than this game represents. There was no way to easily remedy this due to the game's core mechanics. Instead I have opted for a simple remedy. This mod is one line of code that doubles naval production per dockyard from 2.5 to 5. This is global and so it affects the AI as well.


I know this isn't a perfect fix for historical naval production but it should be a tad more realistic. It will also allow for more freedom to build fleets for any nation. Please let me know if you have any issues!


***Mod should be compatible with any other mod or DLC so long as they don't mess with the naval production values.




This mod was originally designed to be compatible with RT56 and so a dependency was added in the descriptor file. People have complained that certain features of RT56 are not working or that the mod is not showing up correctly in the launcher. Because of an asinine uploading system provided by Paradox, updating this mod is impossible. Instead I will offer these solutions.




1.) Mod not showing up.

- Go to Documents/Paradox Interactive/Hearts of Iron IV

- open mods list in HOI4 launcher and look for a refresh icon in the upper right

- click the icon and make sure the tick box is checked for "clear cache and update from server"

- hit reload

- see if fixed

- If not then: delete everything in the folder Documents/paradox/HOI4 EXCEPT "save games"

- click the refresh icon and make sure the tick box is checked for "clear cache and update from server"

- hit reload

- see if fixed


2.) RT56 Not working correctly


- You will see weird folder numbers (these are your steam games)

- Click into one of the folders and see more weird numbered folders (these are your mods for said games)

- In this folder is my mod. Open the descriptor file in Notepad.

- Remove "dependencies={"The Road to 56"}"

- This mod should not interfere with RT56 afterward, if it was the cause. And will still work.




Empire Of Sin

Empire Of Sin

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