(Below 1.12.12) HOI4 transforms and beautifies Traditional Chinese fonts (Beta, not recommended to subscribe, recommended to download directly)





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I want to try to use free open source fonts to create new Traditional Chinese. Everyone is welcome to use~

I just learned to use Bmfont and can make Hearts of Iron 4 fonts


It is recommended to put gfx and interface into the folder where you want the MOD, otherwise it will be the original font of the MOD.

The file is very large, because it comes with additional map fonts, 2 fonts, 5 styles, a total of 10 fonts~

The fonts are more complete than before, and there are more files than before, which is a bit of a waste of computer resources.


If you have skills, you can modify the interface to add what you want


If this Traditional Chinese character is put into the Simplified Chinese MOD, it will become Traditional Chinese characters and there will be no Simplified Chinese characters.


Some Traditional Chinese characters seem to be Japanese characters, and some Taiwanese characters have problems

TCFontCreator has this problem with machine spelling Traditional Chinese, I can't improve it...


I don’t dare to use pirated paid fonts because I don’t want to be fined several times the amount by the font company.


Now I found that 1.12.13 has an official simplified Chinese version, and this Chinese MOD cannot be used.

The previous Chinese version covered English. If I want to use the previous 12.12 Chinese version, select English as the language setting. It can be used normally in 1.12.13.


The official Chinese of 1.12.13 is very bad. I copied it from the previous 52 Chinese version. The characters are very small and some cannot be read clearly.


Tips for using version 1.12.13. If you have skills, you can modify the interface to add what you want.


chatfonts, languages ​​= { "l_simp_chinese" } above, change to fontfiles = {"gfx/fonts/Arial_14""gfx/fonts/Arial_14_1"}


z_chinesefonts, change l_english to l_simp_chinese, change the z_chinesefonts file name to core_chinese


v2 - Released 2023-05-10

Unify black characters, add boldface, and keep italics. It’s up to you.


Empire Of Sin

Empire Of Sin

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