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Sometimes, I just really wanna be listening to Säkkijärven Polkka as I'm beating the crap out of Hirohito while playing as Chiang Kai-shek , okay?


This is a collection of marching tunes (e.g. British Grenadiers) featured in the anime series Girls und Panzer, including a few OSTs from der Film and Finale that I personally liked, but it's mostly just the marching songs.


Below is the full list of music included:


Battle Hymn of the Republic

British Grenadiers

Song of the Onion (Both Vocal & Instrumental)

Chihatan no Loversan


The Black Flames

Funiculi Funicula

Gakuen Toirodesu!

Gakuenkan wa Kyou mo Yuusou ni Unabara wo Susumimasu! (The school ship bravely marches across the ocean today!)

Home! Sweet Home!

Katyusha (both Instrumental & Vocal)

Koutekishu desu! (He is a good opponent!)

M4 Sherman Medium Tank A GO! GO!

Marude Seibu Sensen Mitaida to Yukari-san ga Ittemasu! (Yukari-san says it's like the Western Front!)

Ooarai Joshi Gakuen Team Zenshin Shimasu!


Panzerlied (Orchestral)

Panzerlied (Live Orchestra with clapping)


Säkkijärvi's Polka (aka Finnish Boss Music)

Senshado Anthem desu!

Senshadou Koushinkyoku! Panzer Vor!

US Field Artillery March

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Yuki no Shingun (Both Instrumental & Vocal)


If you are not satisfied with just the marching songs and want to listen to all the other GuP OSTs, then I recommend this other Girls und Panzer music mod by MaitreKorda:


Also a huge thanks to Player's HOI4 Music Station Template and his tutorial videos for helping me learn how to create music staion mods for HOI4:


I created this mod moainly for my own enjoyment, so whether I like to update it in the future or not depends on my mood, the alignment of the stars, and perhaps also the weather.



v3 - Released 2022-10-09

v2 - Released 2022-09-29


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