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Good Afternoon, the Road to 56 is a massive addition to your Vanilla Hearts of Iron experience and DLCs that has been lovingly crafted by a team of dedicated fanatics. Here are the details:

New Focuses and Content for:

Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bhutan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Crimea, Croatia, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Danzig, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Free France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Indochina, Indonesia, Italy, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Ruthenia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Siam, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tibet, Turkey, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Uruguay, and the USA have all been overhauled with new events and shenanigans. *gasp*

Expanded Tech Tree:

Now your scientists will earn their pay and keep working until the end of the war.

DLC Enhancements :

The following DLC's have had their content and features lovingly expanded; 'Together for Victory', 'Death or Dishonor', 'Man the Guns' and' La Résistance', 'No Step Back', 'By Blood Alone', and 'Axis Armor Pack.'

Enhanced Non-Historical Outcomes

Road to 56 is all about alternate history and giving you lots of options to make a new world. If you want to run a purely historical game, this is not the mod for you.

...and More!

New units, expanded troop experience system, expanded difficulty modifiers, new starting nations, new releasable nations, more lovely laws, new leaders, new artwork, new portraits, and a whole bunch of other things that will make you more popular at parties.

This is what's next:

Check our Reddit for upcoming content and patch notes!
Jump onto our Discord for sneak peeks of upcoming content and chat with the mod Devs!
ParadoxPlaza Note:

The ParadoxPlaza Version of RT56 is often updated bi-monthly compared to the Steam version of the mod which is updated monthly.
The ParadoxPlaza Version of RT56 can often have a different checksum than the Steam build. If you want to play multiplayer make sure you and your friends are using the same version (either Steam or ParadoxPlaza) of RT56!
Some GFX in the ParadoxPlaza of RT56 is broken when using DX9, the team is actively looking for fixes to this issue. Using DX11, and having an updated graphic driver will fix most issues!

Compatibility note:

Use other mods with Rt56 at your own risk! Support and Troubleshooting are not provided for issues related to conflicts with other mods! A compatibility list for some popular mods can be found here.


You should try some of the following if you're having issues:

Check the other mods you're using. There's a very high chance this is the cause.
Purge your cache
Restart your computer
Start a new save file
Check our Reddit for people who've posted about similar issues or posted your new issue. (Mention you're using the ParadoxPlaza version of Rt56!)
Hop over to our Discord's Trouble shooting channel.

Feel free to contact us!

Greatexperiment: The Original Dude. 110% likely to be the guy.
Thinking_Waffle: The most historical of all.
JudgeAlfred: Don't ask him about the Alps Defense Pact. Just, really.
Indyclone77: Sooty Fan #3
SpicyAlfredo: Knows far too much about Canadian baseball, apparently.
Plutozz: Master of Updates
Abbus: Knows Arcane secrets.
Darkneon: Voted most likely to welcome you to the Thunderdome.
TheHistoria94: Mysterious. Very mysterious indeed.
Pordy: Probably, maybe, kinda sorta is about to level up.
Featherus: Is actually a dragon, not a bird.
TheBrit!: Likes beans with his breakfast.
There's also here's the Discord link again if that's your sort of thing:

Discord Link of Apprehension
Road to 56 has set up a public repository on GitHub(which can be found on our Discord) and anyone can now contribute! Small submissions and bug fixes are especially welcome! Please be sure to very carefully follow the readme, and contact Greatexperiment on Discord if you have questions or comments.

v11.23.04 - Released 2023-11-07
v11.23.03 - Released 2023-11-07
v11.23.02 - Released 2023-11-07
v11.23.01 - Released 2023-11-07
v10.23.04 - Released 2023-10-20
Hotfix #2
v10.23.03 - Released 2023-10-12
AAT Hotfix #1
v10.23.02 - Released 2023-10-10
AAT 0.2
v10.23.01 - Released 2023-10-10
AAT Update
v03.23.02 - Released 2023-03-07
Upload attempt #2
v03.23.01 - Released 2023-03-07
v02.23.01 - Released 2023-02-12
v01.23.03 - Released 2023-01-10
descriptor upload fix attempt #1
v01.23.02 - Released 2023-01-10
Version Fix
v01.23.01 - Released 2023-01-10
v11.22.01 - Released 2022-11-29
By Blood Alone Update! Battle Axe! Full patch notes
v8.22.01 - Released 2022-08-08
v6.22.01 - Released 2022-06-10
v4.22.01 - Released 2022-04-08
v10.21.01 - Released 2021-10-13
v08.21.01 - Released 2021-08-09
v06.21.01 - Released 2021-06-09
v04.21.01 - Released 2021-04-10
v03.21.01 - Released 2021-03-09
v02.21.03 - Released 2021-02-19
Feb Hotfix
v02.21.02 - Released 2021-02-09
v02.21.1 - Released 2021-02-09
v12.20.9 - Released 2020-12-09
Im trying
v12.20.8 - Released 2020-12-09
v12.20.7 - Released 2020-12-09
v12.20.6 - Released 2020-12-09
v12.20.5 - Released 2020-12-09
v12.20.4 - Released 2020-12-09
v12.20.3 - Released 2020-12-09
v12.20.2 - Released 2020-12-09
12.20 v2
v12.20.1 - Released 2020-12-09
v12.20 - Released 2020-12-09
v11.20.4 - Released 2020-11-09
v11.20.3 - Released 2020-11-09
v11.20.2 - Released 2020-11-09
v11.20.1 - Released 2020-11-09
v11.20 - Released 2020-11-09
v10.20 - Released 2020-10-08

v9.20 - Released 2020-09-08
This month's patch brings you a freshly baked batch of fixes, tweaks, adjustments, revisions, and even some balancing. Oh, and our team of dedicated occult scientists also used a forbidden ritual to make Korea awesome! It was largely successful, except for that portal to the Hell dimension we accidentally opened up. (We'll release a hotfix for that asap) "The year is 1936, and a firmly mustached man stands at a window overlooking the dreary city. Everyone below fears him, but no one knows just how lonely and vulnerable he truly is. If only there were someone in this cold cruel world that could understand? Another well-dressed leader after his own heart? There's only one way to find a match. It's time to conquer the Earth - with love!" As always, you can come find us (and maybe true love!) out on the Discord. With kindness and thunder, -Gxp Patch Highlights: New Korean Focus Tree! Content Additions: Improved English name list. Improved Soviet name list. Focus to create a faction as Ethiopia. Added a Greek focus to join Romanian Faction. Added two Red Seaports. Added democratic leader for the Congo. Danzig has been given focus to declare themselves the heir to the country of Prussia. Improved democratic Hungary. Improved the Molotov-Ribentropp pact. Add Indian focus to attack Hyderabad. Added Turkish Generals. Added new Turkish political advisers. More decisions to move factories to the Urals for the USSR. Balance/Tweaks: Adjusted Soviet Union focuses and ideas. Disabled DoD pressures on Yugoslavia. Improved Yugslav DoD focus choices. Unlocked form the European Union for more countries. Nerfed Belgium slightly. Nerfed Poland slightly. French paths unlock the ability to create factions. Some effects regarding German investors now take Prussia into account. Acceptance of the ultimatum to demand Dalmatia now grants a little bit of compliance. Improved the name of a Belgian focus. USA AI will take the decision to change to fascism when over 50% popularity after the civil war. British focus to conquer the whole of India now also includes Hyderabad. Gave a better generic portrait to a rare Finnish leader. If Hyderabad is a puppet of India it will tend to be annexed by them. Told the resistance fighters that resource-producing factories are also sabotaged targets. Brought back generic faction membership as default. Brought back the German MEFO bills. Nerfed Chinese lure them in national spirit. Made France not do a useless focus when at war. Prevented Hungary from Faction jumping. Improved Indian Civil war. Moved continuous focus in Pakistan. New loading screen quotes added. Bolivia and Paraguay given the surprisingly large amount of planes that they had historically. Map: Added VP for Nicosia. Added VPs to the Middle East. Graphical/UI: Added pictures to Argentine events. Jets with Austrian and American roundels. Bulgarian light plane. Generic version of the Panzer IV. AI: Soviet AI plan to go down the Anti-Capitalist path. USA AI will research Jet more now that it doesn't crash its late-game economy. Columbia and Chile AI will now take its time joining the axis. ENG AI should assign more divisions to the defense of the Great Britain. GER AI will put more tanks against Poland before sending its troops to the west in 1939-40. Countries with nukes will prioritize heavy bomber research more in order to deploy them. Fascist AI peace logic added when some tags conquer Turkey. Fascist AI peace logic added when some tags conquer Greece. Democratic and Communist peace AI discouraged from releasing/puppeting Bravia post-Yalta. AI weights for alt-history focus paths around the world changed. Fixed: Argentinian texts. MTG focus tree trade decision. Bad portrait paths for some Generals. A focus tree about irredentism in Siam. Albanian focus being hidden behind another one. Croatian focuses not being truly ideology locked. A bunch of Honduran focus conditions. Turkey being able to get a certain national spirit twice. A Congo event not located in the Congo. A trigger to a Bulgarian event. DoD Croatian revolt. Some Albanian text mentioning Mussolini even when he is not in power. Impassable effect between two tiles linked by one pixel. A problem with the graphical categorization of motorized artillery/aa/AT. (you won't notice unless you use waffle's updated allied tank pack mod) Some clones related to Indonesia. Indonesia/Malayan/Indian commanders of British origin not joining Britain when puppet status ends. Recruit Estonian Genrals not being available for Latvia too. South African cooperation with Britain. A Tibetan officer being impossible to recruit. Bad Chinese ace portrait. Numerous typos. USA AI value to support non-democratic UK. Relevant icons to some decision categories. (for Germany mostly) Swiss tooltip scripting. Turkish Civil War not firing correctly. Improved punchlines of some of the silly quotes.
v2 - Released 2020-08-13


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