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War, war never changes.

Old World Blues is a total overhaul for Hearts of Iron IV: starting in the year 2275 and set in the Fallout universe. Experience the postapocalypse like never before with a dynamic war system that ensures that the AI nations act on their own, respond to aggression, and strike when their opponents are weak. Forty seven national focus trees—ten of which are generic—keep the game exciting as numerous powers contest in a battle to control the Wasteland. With the use of “Historic Focuses”, you get to decide the path famous Fallout factions took, directing generic nations, and changing history as you see fit.

Old World Blues is the definitive Fallout experience for Hearts of Iron IV, a total overhaul that uses its expansive list of changes to make the game a truly new and unforgettable experience. With over three years of development time and glowing reviews across the board, we assure you; you’re in good hands here. Welcome to the wasteland, friend.

- Features -

  • An entirely custom map of North America
  • Mountain ranges realistically represented as impassable terrain
  • Navigable rivers made of sea terrain spanning the entire map.
  • A completely unique, heavily Fallout-inspired UI
  • 34 new unit types
  • Custom unit voices for major nations
  • Custom unit models for each nation type: brotherhood, mexican, tribal, settler, raider, ghoul, vault, and super mutant!
  • Unique 3D models for iconic Fallout robots
  • Detailed and animated power armour models
  • Unique 3D models for motorised and mechanised infantry
  • Unique infantry and unit models for the Aztlan, Itza, NCR, Legion, Vault City and many more
  • Over 4,500 custom focus icons
  • Over 1,300 new idea icons
  • Events and descriptions themed to perfectly match the Fallout style
  • 92 unique focus trees centred around important Fallout factions or other regional powers
  • 5 generic focus trees representing different groups in Fallout: raiders, tribals, utah tribals, settlers and vault nations
  • 10 themed puppet focus trees representing the outcome of large nations installing hegemonies across the wasteland
  • 4 new ideologies representing the nature of groups found in Fallout: Elites, Intellectuals, Ruler, and People.
  • Custom artwork for all leaders and generals
  • Unique Fallout S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats and perks replacing Leader Traits, making each military leader a real wastelander.
  • A one-of-a-kind research tree that converts the diversity of Fallout’s technology into HOI4 seamlessly
  • A unique series of government laws and systems that enable developers and players to express the unique quirks of Fallout's many distinct societies
  • Every music track from Fallout bundled with a custom music-player
  • An extensive and incredibly talented submodding community
  • A unique scavenging system that immerses the player in the Fallout world
  • A unique caps economy system, with ties to scavenging, gun markets, slavery, and drugs
  • Savage raiding mechanics for the mightiest raiders on the west coast, the Broken Coast
  • An ancient intelligence who slumbers within the heart of Mexico
  • Old ideas and new enemies in Texas and Oklahoma
  • Crime and commerce all across California and Nevada
  • The last bastions of the Old World vie for control over the Great North

- Future Plans -

  • A fully realised Fallout strategy experience
  • The entire continent of North America covered by factions
  • Every in-lore faction included in some form
  • 3D models for every unit, vehicle, robot, ship, and plane
  • Unique 3D map models depicting icon Fallout locations
  • Numerous news events, country events, etc to make the wasteland less dull
  • Unique decisions for major nations, generic decisions for each of our three primary groups
  • Overhauls of every aspect of the game, making every part of OWB unique

- Overview -

OWB has reurned to the plate with another home run. Spurred on by our fantastic, ever growing community of passionate fans, submodders, and developers we’ve come to the end of our extensive journey across Utah and Oregon. Since development of 3.0 began, we’ve changed over 2,600 files and edited 220,800+ lines of code, alongside adding over 150 focus icons. As always, our passion and determination to give you the best Fallout strategy experience possible remains strong. Thank you all for your continued support, we couldn’t do this without you! Everyone here at OWB hopes you enjoy playing 3.0 as much as we enjoyed making it for you.

- Important Info -

Current version: 4.2.11

Compatible with: Version 1.13.*

Recommended Setup:

  • All other mods off EXCEPT OWB and its companion music mod/any submods
  • UI scale of 1.0 (default).
  • Resolution of 1920x1080
  • NATO counters: off

Regards - The OWB Team


Old World Blues would not be possible without the host of wonderful developers we have working on the team currently. Each of them brings unique skills and thought processes to the mod, without which we would never be able to achieve the quality we constantly strive for.

0009ddet, 4l3x4nd3r, Aelfred, Aida.Valuna, AnApostrophe, Anthony Trollope, Aquila, bronzeroom74, Chacolah, Coffee, evil_c0okie, Ewancarey, Featherus, Fored, Garnithor, HappyNTH, Herckeim, HK33, Insert Meme Here, IronVanguard, Karlov, Kfrancis.art, Lia, LimonenZitrone, Loonybinjin, LusaLy, McGebe, MemeDreamTeam, Mikael Kerularius, MotherfuckingG, MrBlazzar, Niko, Nora's Conscience, NuclearForest, Overlord, Pontifex, The Professor, scatterman, Silverfishv9, Spiky 38, StealthArcher, Supersonic Spaghetti Warrior, Subway, The Human Called Daniel, ThatDamnMonkey, Thyrork, tran, wtchappell, Xeno, Yard1, and Zusk!


We're also incredibly grateful to all former members of our team that have contributed over the years. A special thanks to all of them for their work and contributions in content design, GFX, writing, coding, music, and everything else you see in the mod!

Abyssinian, Ahmex, Anbory, AntoniusMagnus, Calph, CelsiuZ, CGS, Chism, Clanky4, Clockwork, Dan, David, Faeelin, Foulsbane, Freddy, Goblin, ICodeMaster, Indyclone77, jackyboygood, KD, KrakenKing, Lightning Eagle, Mason, Mechano, Meldanen, Michael, Militus, Momotall, Nekoshota, Octaman, PineapplePansy, Ritter Runkel, SayruZ, SGucciG, shawniepie, shoggi, Shudderfly, skip, Soleful Phoenix, Soviet_Cyber, Spart117MC, Striam, T The light Tank, Tar, Teddy, The_Colonel, Uncle Sam, Useless Lesbian, Veo, violet, Wicked_Rhyme, and Zapdude.


Thank you to all our contributors who generously gave us permission to use their fantastic work: you’ve helped make OWB what it is today.


For bug reports, suggestions and discussion, please join the OWB Discord!


v4.2.11 - Released 2023-11-13

v4.2.10a - Released 2023-10-15

Update 4.2.10a - Patch notes: Hotfix as the mod was uploaded to PDXplaza wrong.

v4.2.10 - Released 2023-10-15

v4.2.9 - Released 2023-10-10

-- Update 4.2.9 --  Major Features - Mod updated for compatibility with the new Hearts of Iron IV DLC: Arms Against Tyranny. Added - Added AI scripting for Las Granjas to provide minor support to Baudelio Ranchers when they’re attacked by the Legion Changed - Changed the organizations market Caps prices for Demolitions equipment and Sophisticated Fireteam equipment to be higher and changed the prices for Basic and Intermediate Fireteam equipment to be slightly lower. - Changed the Centurions unique tech’s organisation bonus from 5 to 3. - Changed the first Cult of Mars spirit for Caesar’s Legion and Lanius from -3% conscription factor to -5%. Fixed - Fixed some state-targeted decisions across the mod not highlighting said states on the map properly. - Fixed an oversight causing a completed Eureka news event to not be triggerable when intended. - Fixed a support decision for Hayes’s NCR campaign instead acting as if it were an enemy campaign mission. - Fixed Calhoun’s tiered spirit for NCR not providing its intended Medical Chems Support bonus properly. - Fixed Redding’s “...And New Tricks” focus not providing the first Energy Weapons tech as intended. - Fixed an NCR puppet tree focus not properly fortifying the nation’s capital in its effect. - Fixed Vault 37’s spirit “Vault-Tec Workers Council” not providing its intended Support Robots bonus properly. - Fixed Standing Rock’s spirit “Historians Presence” not providing its intended modifiers properly. - Fixed New Canaan’s spirit “Poor Only in Spirit” not providing its intended Political Power bonus properly. - Fixed New Canaan’s “Drop the Pretense” focus not always promoting Jeremiah Rigdon properly. - Fixed the second option for MacArthur’s “Warriors For the Working Day” not also applying its coring cost reduction to the states of Ruminators as intended. - Fixed Metis’s “The Northern Congress is Called” news event not always showing up for nearby countries as intended. - Fixed an event for Troll Warren’s puppet tree not correctly providing the intended bonus for its Betty option. - Fixed an error causing Caesar’s Legion to lack one of its intended naval techs for players without the Man the Guns DLC. - Fixed the Eighties’s Sac City focus not properly firing its event for exchanging the state if an ally controls it. - Fixed a Lanius war preparation focus for the Diana tree not properly enabling for allied control of New Apache. - Fixed some resource decisions for MacArthur not enforcing their resource checks properly. - Fixed several Paullus focuses checking his favor not performing said checks properly. - Fixed some decision for Paullus’s Warband not enforcing their manpower checks properly. - Fixed Paullus’s “Australi Vento” and “Alamo Blueprints” spirits and “Coffee Baron” leader trait not providing all of their intended bonuses. - Fixed Wishmaidens’s “Working With the Girls” decision not properly adding its intended national spirit. - Fixed Chained Choir’s “Thralls into the Mines” event not properly including all the intended effects for its second option. - Fixed the Boomers not properly receiving their starting units when spawned via custom gamerules. - Fixed many division templates created from foci, decisions and events not adding all their intended support units properly. - Fixed Eagle Rock’s Operator Ross general not receiving the Charismatic trait as intended. - Fixed focus description for The Day of the Jackal not displaying properly. - Fixed typo in the Free Folk Victorious in Navarro event. - Fixed several typos in event A Knock at the Door. - Fixed typos in the Shut Down the Navarro Probe focus. - Fixed Daniel always having the Wild Wasteland Portrait. - Fixed typos in some Tierra de los Tzotzil events/ideas. - Fixed some localisation using a localisation function that doesn't exist. Removed - Technical Changes - Fixed a large amount of previously undetected bugs or codebase errors. Some of these fixes that are not readily apparent to players have been omitted from the list of fixes above for brevity.

v4.2.8 - Released 2023-09-12

v4.2.71 - Released 2023-08-06

-Fixed Upload

v4.2.7 - Released 2023-08-05

v4.2.6 - Released 2023-07-14

v4.2.5a - Released 2023-06-02

v4.2.5 - Released 2023-05-29

v4.2.4 - Released 2023-05-12

v4.2.3 - Released 2023-05-01

v4.2.2 - Released 2023-04-17

v4.2.1 - Released 2023-04-08

v4.2 - Released 2023-04-07

v4.1.20 - Released 2023-04-02

v4.1.19 - Released 2023-04-01

v4.1.18 - Released 2023-03-21

v4.1.17 - Released 2023-03-08

v4.1.16 - Released 2023-02-22

v4.1.15a - Released 2023-02-05

v4.1.15 - Released 2023-02-05

v4.1.14 - Released 2023-01-26

v4.1.13 - Released 2023-01-22

v4.1.12 - Released 2023-01-13

v4.1.11 - Released 2023-01-06

v4.1.9a - Released 2022-12-24

v4.1.8a - Released 2022-12-12

v4.1.8 - Released 2022-12-12

v4.1.7 - Released 2022-11-15

v4.1.6a - Released 2022-11-05

v4.1.6 - Released 2022-11-05

v4.1.5 - Released 2022-10-27

v4.1.4 - Released 2022-10-22

v4.1.3 - Released 2022-09-27

v4.1.2 - Released 2022-09-26

v4.1.1 - Released 2022-09-20

v4.1 - Released 2022-09-18

v4.0.6 - Released 2022-09-02

v4.0.5a.p - Released 2022-08-19

v4.0.5a - Released 2022-08-18

v4.0.4 - Released 2022-06-29

v4.0.3 - Released 2022-06-07

v4.0.2 - Released 2022-06-03

v4.0.1 - Released 2022-06-01

v4.0b - Released 2022-06-01

v4.0 - Released 2022-05-31

v3.4.13 - Released 2022-04-03

v3.4.12 - Released 2022-03-22

v3.4.11 - Released 2022-02-22

v3.4.10 - Released 2022-02-07

v3.4.9a - Released 01-18-2022

v3.4.9 - Released 2022-01-18

v3.4.8 - Released 2022-01-03

v3.4.7 - Released 2022-01-03

v3.4.6 - Released 2022-01-01

v3.4.5 - Released 2021-12-24

v3.4.4 - Released 2021-12-07

v3.4.3 - Released 2021-12-03

v3.4.2 - Released 2021-11-26

v3.4.1 - Released 2021-11-24

v3.4 - Released 2021-11-23

v3.3.14 - Released 2021-11-02

v3.3.13 - Released 2021-10-12

v3.3.12 - Released 2021-10-02

v3.3.11 - Released 2021-10-01

v3.3.10 - Released 2021-09-09

v3.3.9 - Released 2021-09-06

v3.3.8 - Released 2021-07-30

v3.3.7a - Released 2021-07-09

v3.3.7 - Released 2021-07-09

v3.3.6 - Released 2021-07-07

v3.3.5a - Released 2021-06-22

v3.3.5 - Released 2021-06-22

v3.3.4 - Released 2021-06-15

v3.3.3 - Released 2021-06-05

v3.3.2 - Released 2021-06-01

v3.3.1a - Released 2021-05-19

v3.3.1 - Released 2021-05-18

v3.3.0 - Released 2021-05-16

v3.2.9 - Released 2021-05-07

v3.2.8 - Released 2021-04-22

v3.2.7 - Released 2021-04-12

v3.2.6 - Released 2021-04-08

v3.2.4 - Released 2021-04-03

-- Update 3.2.4 --  Added - Added a check in the subtract_caps command just in case the variable is negative so it doesn’t add caps instead of actually removing them. - Added SPECIAL traits to Mossman and Big Jim from the New California Republics focus tree.  Changed - Lowered refugee penalty Oregon cannibal nations incur significantly. - Lanius revolter now get additional techs in both paths. - Navajo, Legion, Lost Patrol, and TTM get tribal power armor. - Lanius’ cosmetic color is now Legion red. - If Patrolmen, Tubeheads, or Roller City are in your faction, Texas will annex them on formation.  Fixed - Fixed the Last Patrol not getting Tribal level Power Armor tech when they gain settler Power Armor tech. - Fixed Exodus not being disabled if you set the gamerule to disabled due to a bad trigger. - Fixed several nations having Settler/Advanced Power Armor tech without having Tribal Power Armor tech. - Fixed minor issues with Sent Caps Gift diplomatic action, Now you can’t use it if you don’t have at least 10k caps, The default value is now 10 instead of 50, A new trigger is in place so you can’t send more caps then you actually have in the bank, The tooltip no longer displays a negative 10k caps needed. - Fixed the Lanius event Even a God May Die not having loc in it’s option. - Fixed the Legion events referencing the Lanius Revolter Focus tree by the wrong ID. - Fixed a Lanius setting infrastructure to 3, rather than adding to it. - The Old Fat Man is no longer a general twice for Summers, give him a break guys. - Summers Federation can fortify their border properly in the Bunker Strategy. - Fixed the Followers of the Apocalypse game rules being inverted. - Fixed the ‘copy_tech’ scripted effect not copying tribal level power armour unlocks. Removed - Removed Lanius' starting doctrine tech, allowing players to choose a path as they see fit. - Potato equipment is gone.

v3.2.3 - Released 2021-04-02

-- Update 3.2 -- Fixed - Fixed broken available in Caesar's Legion minister Auxillary Valencia available block. - Fixed Tlaloc state Monterrey adding outposts to wrong provinces. - Fixed Caesar’s Legion focus Officio ab Famulatus not adding shared building slots with factories. - Fixed Diana not having a flag set properly, preventing her realising Lanius denied her scheme. - Fixed a Summers' Federation focus taking 0 days. Removed - Removed several bad characters in the Lanius event The Moon Looked Down On Me.

v3.2.2 - Released 2021-04-01

-- Update 3.2.2 --  Fixed - Fix a CTD caused by being a dumbass with the Lanius tree - Fixed the Rio focus "You Can't Stop Progress" having no prerequisite - Change description to match version numbers - A handful of loc fixes

v3.2.1 - Released 2021-04-01

-- Update 3.2.1 --  Fixed - Returned South Haida to Haida, not New Victoria as it was accidentally - Fixed a stray effect meaning Lanius could be booted from the Legion after three focuses - Fixed a focus allowing Lanius to return to the Legion through focus tree on the first day, annexing a Lanius player - Fixed a fallback tag making the Texas Brotherhood instantly finish the achievement to form Texas

v3.2.0 - Released 2021-04-01

-- Update 3.2.0 --  Major - A completely overhauled and dramatically expanded focus tree for Lanius' Cohort, exploring his journey in the East and how he fits in with Caesar's ever-changing plans - A new focus tree for the Summer's Federation, fleshing out their role as Lanius' early antagonist and potential replacement in the region - The launch of Project Exodus, an ambitious & expansive refugee & decimation system aiming to represent the flow of people and materials from enemy hands. Late-game conflicts will be more difficult, as your conquests will slowly buff your future enemies - Significant focus tree expansions for Santa Anna and the Republic of the Rio Grande, as they seek to carve out a place of their own in the volatile Texan wastelands and deal with Tlaloc's ever-increasing decline - Alternative focus tree paths for the Attis Army fragments. Fight the Alamo Chapter as the Ironmongers, leave the Texan Economic Union as Keats, and ally the Ironmongers to beat back Rio as Shale - Reworked focus trees for the Texan Brotherhood and Alamo Chapter, building upon the difficult interactions between the two, and a behind-the-scenes rework of the Provisional Republic of Texas, meaning you no longer lose half your tech - Added support for multiple routes from a single node. Nodes now unlock a second route slot at level 5, and a third at level 9. Route slots can be granted by events, decisions, and focuses. In order to keep income similar, non-core nodes will operate at 50% income, scaling upward with the amount of core member states. Resistance also lowers node output. Added - Added a new level of Power Armor for tribal nations. - Added another tier of Enforcer equipment. - Added another tier of weapon tech between energy level 1-2 and melee 3-4. - Additions to the Lonestar, Texas brotherhood and Alamo chapter focus trees. - Overhaul of the Republic of Texas’s focus tree. - Added tooltip in research tree to technologies that give single use airplanes. - Added new function to the trade node map to send an expedition caravan to a node for countries without nodes - Added two way predictions for trade route value for the total value to the viewing country. Eg, if a route starts and ends in the viewer’s territory, it combines the money earned at the start and end. - Added brand new unique Crusader Power Armor unit for Heaven’s Gate(?). - Added additional requirements to researching vertibirds so it’s not as easy. - Added a bunch of portraits, including 6 generic Brotherhood, 6 Legion, 5 Supermutant & 12 settler alongside others Changed - Moved taxation for puppets to puppet ledger. - Modified State Node View gui to better represent incoming and outgoing trade routes from a node. - Texas has been changed from a tag switch to a cosmetic tag for the nation forming them. Fixes a lot of weirdness and edge cases caused by take switching. - Changed Agriculture tech to give flat manpower and more monthly growth. - Nerfed commander abilities like artillery and mininukes, both with price increase, command power needs and the exhaustion timeout to prevent stacking. - Reduction to compliance bonuses to further prevent 110% factories from occupied land. - Rebalance on Enforcers so they might actually be worth using. - Adjustments to Tanks to use less manpower, more reliability, and cost more to build, added more armor, increased hardness. - Nerfed the bonuses you receive from high stability and war support. - Buffed the starting units of nations that the Texas Brotherhood goes to war with early. - Nerfed several WARDEN focuses and ideas. - Changed the AI so they will grab some air techs. Fixed - Fixed several references to old tech levels in decisions instead of the new level system. - Fixed several minor errors in tank supply and weight stats. - Fixed the USA tag missing some technologies in their history file. - Fixed Nuclear Powered Attackplane having 1210 bombing stat. Removed - Removed country trade route limit.

v3.1.10b - Released 2021-03-11

Update to the file structure of the mod upload, hopefully meaning that users 'subscribing' to the mod rather than manually downloading it can get it to work. Also fixed some URLs on the Paradox Mods page.

v3.1.10 - Released 2021-02-26

-- Update 3.1.10 Added - Added troop voices to most nations excluding a few nations that no voice lines exist that match them such as robot nations. - Added in a bunch of missing graphics for the tech trees. - Added missing air forces groups names to all nations. - Added a new trait called Virus to replace sick for robot generals. - Added missing description to Advanced Recon Plane equipment. - Added Localisation to enemy_faction_member and enemy_faction_member_trade opinion modifiers. - Added missing 2D images for Brotherhood 2D graphical culture. - Added notification event to the Western Brotherhood focus Elijah's Victory at Sunburst! letting the Mojave Brotherhood know they obtained Power Armour from them. Changed - Changed trigger for generals getting sick so Super Mutant nations generals don’t get sick as they aren’t weak Humies. - Changed the requirements to form Texas for Lone Star and the Texas Brotherhood to require them to be at peace. - Changed resource icon in the occupation screen to match our resources. - Changed Combat Width tooltip in the division designer to reference combat width changes in the mod. - Changed how Demanding Territory works so that if they are demanding territory and their overlord owns it nothing will happen. - Changed how the effects for the Mojave Focuses Establish Helios Citadel, Neck of the Colorado, and Fortify Hidden Valley display the manpower increase so it's more clear what it actually does to the player. - Changed the New California Republic civil war event: Gave Dayglow the Goat Canyon state, If they own the Rapids territory give it to Dayglow, and fixed an issue with breakaways having the tribal tree. - Changed triggers for assigning focus trees so the generic trees use a tag list again so people actually get their correct trees. Only focus trees use this tag list so it shouldn't cause any performance issues. - Changed 2D graphical culture for most nations so they match their model graphical culture. - Changed ordering of decisions so the Demand Territory decisions are at the top of the list. ### Fixed - Fixed minor issue with typo in leader triggers localisation. - Fixed Ashton and Hopeville slip from our control! Event for the New California Republic not reenabling resistance mechanics. - Fixed Chem Reliant trait not applying to the correct nations. - Fixed a few flag issues that were left over from the game rule trigger switches. - Fixed minor issue with a missing effect block in one of the bookmarks. - Fixed a few nations having the wrong graphical culture for troops set. - Fixed minor issues with naval bases in the Maxson state where they were in the middle of the provinces rather than against the water. - Fixed Timber Line event Nation seeks our help? from having their options backwards and always referencing Marrow Drinkers instead of the nation the event is for. - Fixed several places where the followers were created even if the followers system was turned off. - Fixed missing space in Caravan Ambush event, double we in The Oregon Trails focus, spelling of this choice in several tooltips. - Fixed Texas Brotherhood event The Grand Boogaloo? Giving the wrong nation wargoals. - Fixed Republic of Texas focus Manifest Destiny not giving you coring cost reduction for specified states. - Fixed error from the game from dynamic token added again for theocracy subideology.  Removed - Removed Settler industry Tech from the Chained Choir as they weren’t supposed to have it. - Removed all of Tlaloc’s cores upon his death. - Removed change to make all minors majors. - Removed wrong tag from the Republic of the Rio Grande puppet focus tree trigger.

v3.1.9b - Released 2021-02-19

Just a small update to enclose the 'oldworldblues.mod' file within the zip, add an installation README and correct the version number


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