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Italy+ is a submod for the Road to 56, centered on expanding the Italian focus in order to become SPQR (both Republican and Imperial paths).

The Italian Focus Tree has been greatly expanded, with THREE new branches:

a) the first one starts right at the beginning of the game, as a deviation from the Historical/Ahistorical paths already available, and tries to recreate the Roman Republic of the period between 280BC (i.e. when Pyrrhus invaded Italia) and 27BC (i.e. when Octavian was proclaimed as the Roman Emperor). This tree is combined with a new decision category, Military Studies, that provides Italian General and Admirals with helpful experience and knowledge on the multitude of wars the Roman Republic fought more than 2,000 years ago. However, watch out! Italian manpower will be severely impacted by following the Military Studies option, so a careful management of external threats and home personel is necessary.

Players that establish the Roman Republic also gain access to some new political actions that will help them complete the original RT56 foci. What this new option allows, is the ability to run two focuses at a time, one via the traditional method and the second one via a decision.

b) the second one starts right at the moment when a player proclaims, via the Wake the Tiger decision, the Roman Empire. Thus, it is a late game tree, with an annexation domain (whose main goal is to extend the roman empire to its greatest extent as it was in around 117AD), and a research/development domain.

c) finally, the third one also starts at the beginning of the game, and can be run in parallel (or entirely seperately if so desired) with all political paths (historical/ahistorical/roman). It is based on the invention of the radio from Marconi in order to promote the Italian ideals to neighbouring countries, and help create a multicultural alliance among the various peoples of Europe, Northern Africa and Western Asia all the way to the fringes of the Indian Subcontinent.

But Italy+ does not stop here.

Apart from the aforementioned trees, there are three more options for the player that wishes to remain within the original RT56 focus tree's boundaries.

i) The Diplomatic Missions tree opens up new decision-based options for the player to interact with other major powers in the pursue of expanding the Italian borders. One can now peacefully create a greater Italia, by trading for neighbouring lands in Europe.

Then, Greater Italia can be extended even further by trading for the lands of Tunisia, Somaliland, the Holy Lands, the tip of Arabia, the Caucasus, the steppes of Central Asia and even parts of Latin America.

In addition, the player can expand Italy's colonial possessions in Africa by initiating border conflicts there, that may extend your colonial possesions all the way to the Heart of Africa.

ii) The Italian Political Actions decision tree opens up a great amount of possible decisions, inspired on both the Roman Republican past, and also some Real Life events that took place in Italy in the 30s. A player can now create provinces by giving away parts of ones Italian possessions. Those provinces have been inspired by the old Roman Republican Provinces and an effort has been made to keep their borders as close as possible to their Real Life ones. Each province functions indepedently of the motherland, with brand new decisions available only to them, while a new autonomy level has been created to tackle their relationship with Italia.

iii) The War Lessons decision category was greatly inspired by the work of Sig "GreatExperiment" Altre, and acts as a way to provide more options for the player, such as:

gain research bonuses from all those experience points gathered via combat or the Historical Roman Republic Branch.
create infrastructure, factories etc abroad, as a direct continuation of the military tradition of the Roman Legion.
work of the OG National Foci, realising the true potential of the Republic.
For any questions, bug-reports of general discussion on the mod:


a) The vast majority of quotes and pictures have been taken from the appropriate Wikipedia pages.

b) Many icons and assets for the icons have been used from Github (Ultimate_HOI4-GFX) and GitLab (HOI4 Asset Repository)

c) Mod image By Tataryn - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

d) Many, many icons have been created by myself to fulfill the needs for the immense new Italian Focus Tree, the new decision categories and other miscellaneous uses.

v1.35b - Released 2022-08-05
The 6th of August is celebrated as the birthday of the mod. Thusly, to celebrate the mod's first anniversary, a new update is published that contains:" A new Italian-only autonomy system based on the structure and functionality of the Roman Provinces of old. Two new embassies in Spain and Portugal, with their unique decisions. A modification of the structure of the Ambassadorial Tree, so that it works seemlessly with the Border War option. A brand new formable country situated west of Portugal that you will have to discover for yourself. A few more loading images and a brand new starting image. and much more stuff....
v1.30b - Released 2022-07-22
More decisions for the Italian Embassies, a brand new Shared Focus tree for the Italian Provinces, decisions available only to the Provinces and much, much more, along the usual Localisation additions, and costs tweaks.
v1.20b - Released 2022-05-20
A lot of changes since the last update, with the most prominent being the creation of five (5) new releasable puppet countries (italian provinces), with a brand new mini focus tree for them.
v1.10b - Released 2022-04-01
Lots of minute corrections at the foci (fixed some durations, fixed a couple of availability issues, added missing idea icons), fixed a bug concerning the puppeting process in the EIAR decisions, tweaked the Military Academy decisions from temporary to permanent, added trade targets for the USA and more...
v1.07b - Released 2022-03-04
More additions to the Diplomacy Tree, some tweaks and some bug-fixes in various random places.
v1.05b - Released 2022-02-18
Added a new player option: Border Wars in Africa! Also, minor clean-ups and adjustments all around!
v1.01b - Released 2022-02-04
Moved decisions around, added remaining events for the Mithridatic Wars (onwards to the Gallic Wars next). Minor tweaks all around.
v1.00b - Released 2022-01-21
Many changes to the Radio focus tree.
vv.0.999.1b - Released 2022-01-08
Changed the descriptor file to help with possible unplayability issues
vv.0.999b - Released 2022-01-08
Added the One Land - Many Peoples tree, added a few more events, fixed bugs and adjusted prerequisites/rewards all around
vv.0.997b - Released 2021-12-24
Added many, many events (from the very beginning all the way to the Cimbrian War); tweaked some decisions and some foci.
vv.0.995b - Released 2021-12-13
Expanded the EIAR mini-branch; added new leader traits obtainable when creating the Roman Republic; added a few political actions for Italian players so that they can work on both the OG Focus Tree, along side with the Roman one; improved the construction options of the Roman branch that was severely lacking at this front.
vv.0.99b - Released 2021-11-26
More options for the "War Lessons" Decisions Category; also, some bugfixes all around; also added a link to a discord server for bug reports.
vv.0.98b - Released 2021-11-19
Tweaked the Focus Tree a bit, added a brand new decision category. This is probably the final 1.10.* version, in inticipation of the new 1.11 update of the game.
vv.0.95b - Released 2021-11-12
Added a few more foci, many focus icons. corrected some localisation errors.
vv.0.93b - Released 2021-11-06
Added many focus icons, some decisions icons; minor tweaks at the Focus Tree.
vv.0.91b - Released 2021-10-15
The sub-mod has now entered its Beta-testing version. Thus, the Focus Tree is complete and so are the Decisions. Still missing are Localisations, Events and Icons.
vv.0.81a - Released 2021-09-19
Added a brand new political branch that establishes the Roman Republic as it was in 280BC. Added a mini-tree that focuses on the work of Embassies at the capitals of major countries. Added a horde of decisions that try to emulate the battles that the Romans fought while trying to survive (initially) versus their hostile neighbours, but also later when they started expanding outside mainland Italia.
vv.0.76a - Released 2021-08-12
Minor issues fixed all around
vv.0.75a - Released 2021-08-07
Decisions clean-up
vv.0.72a - Released 2021-08-07
Fixing a decision bug
vv.0.71a - Released 2021-08-06
The Mod's Dependencies
vv.0.7a - Released 2021-08-06
The mod's dependencies


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