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  • !Attention, the mod is still in the development phase and is entirely in Portuguese!


  • !To avoid getting frustrated, I advise you to check if you have the game in English!


  • This mod portrays a parallel story in which Portugal is never annexed by Spain and manages to maintain its overseas territories.


  • Also as a consequence of this, Portugal rejects the English ultimatum and the monarchy remains in power.


  • With D.Manuel II leading the country, Portugal has a good future ahead of it!

The mod includes:

  • A map to improve both the fluidity of the game and its color;
  • Unit sounds and custom music;
  • A focus tree, ATTENTION still under construction;
  • New units, such as the Militia, Garrison and Royal Guard, are thought to be added in the future;
  • New technologies and new textures of most of those that already existed, there are plans to add more in the future;
  • New equipment, plans to add more in the future;
  • New country of course the Portuguese Empire, with councilors, leader and new ideas;
  • Colorful buttons;
  • Customized game loading menu;
  • Custom game menu.

I would like to receive suggestions and ideas to add to the mod but I don't think that's possible in paradoxplazza ;(.


I will try to create a website for anyone who has suggestions or ideas.


v7 - Released 2021-06-25


vV6 - Released 2021-06-25


vV5 - Released 2021-04-01


vEmpire Portuguese Version 4 - Released 2021-03-27


vEmpire Portuguese Version 3 - Released 2021-03-27


vEmpire Portuguese Version 2 - Released 2021-03-27

New version of the mod, includes Brazil being from the Portuguese Empire and some additions here and there.


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