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Have you ever been irked by how the "production efficiency" modifiers have a little icon next to them while all the rest don't? Well, I have, so that's why I created this very simple mod inspired by the fantastic mod New Ways, which has a similar system. What this does is it basically adds pertinent icons to all modifiers, stats and some effects so they are more consistent, more appealing and easier to read and understand (in my opinion).

Since this is just a graphic mod, it is Ironman and achievement compatible, and fully updated to No Step Back. ALL languages included with HOI4 (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Polish and Russian) are supported.

Additional localisation mods (not mine):

Suggestions are obviously welcome. If you see anything that you think needs improving or fixing, feel free to say it in the comments and I'll see what I can do. In the future, I'd like to add more unique icons and hopefully fix some alignment issues caused by some icons being too wide.

I have tried this with some total conversion mods and it works (only custom modifiers, outdated modifiers and custom ideologies don't), even though it does look a tad off with some mods with different UIs such as TNO. UPDATE - a custom TNO version of this mod has been released:

It is not guaranteed to work properly as is with every mod though. If a mod overwrites the same vanilla files as this one, there may be some compatibility issues. For an interim solution until I can put together a patch, try re-enabling mod loading order in the Paradox launcher (you can easily find out how online) and set this mod in last place.

As of v1.11.10, this mod is confirmed fully compatible and tried and tested with:

- The Coming Storm

- EU4-style Ideas

- Expanded Continuous Focuses

- The Great War

- The Great War Redux

- In the Name of the Tsar

- Empire

- Kaiserredux

- The New Order: Last Days of Europe 

- Pax Britannic

- The Road to 56

- Thousand Week Reich

- Total Rebalance

- Vanilla

Hope this small mod makes your experience more enjoyable (it did for me)! If you like it, show your support! You're absolutely free to use this mod in your own collections or mods, but giving credit to this article would be appreciated.

WARNING!!! - I don't own or create this mod. If you're the original mod author and you want this taken down, just send me a message

vv12 - Released 2022-05-02
- Changed recon and aircraft research speed icons - Added new Proletkult icon for a KX modifier (credit for the icon goes to the KX team) - Several brand new AI-related and diplomacy acceptance icons (no more empty yellow box!) - Added compatibility with Pax Britannica - More KX custom modifiers and a bug fix - Paradox try not to base your entire Soviet tree around dynamic modifiers challenge (impossible) The Great Optimisationing of 2022, Pt. 2: Changed all dynamic modifiers into $variables$ that refer directly to the original modifiers. Advantages of this: - Less work for me since I'll only need to make changes to the vanilla modifiers from now on - Loc consistency and typo fixing - Some modifiers I forgot to update to begin with are now updated - Fixed spec ops training speed icon not showing - Fixed command power icon not appearing
vv11 - Released 2022-03-28
- A whole bunch of new icons (political power gain/cost, organization gain/loss, experience gain, maximum command power, resistance growth, naval speed, submarine attack) - Added compatibility with EU4-style Ideas - Added compatibility with Expanded Continuous Focuses
vv10 - Released 2022-03-18
- Updated to game version 1.11.9 - Added a new KX modifier
vv9 - Released 2022-02-26
- Updated to game version 1.11.8
vv8 - Released 2022-02-23
- HoI4's spaghetti code doesn't read certain specific lines in the Spanish loc file so I had to write those in separate files - Fixed naval invasion speed icon not showing
vv7 - Released 2022-02-20
- Fixed vanilla-KR compatibility issue - The Great Optimisationing of 2022 : Merged all localisation files into custom ones to make everything clearer and -hopefully- prevent further compatibility issues
vv6 - Released 2022-02-18
- Updated to game version 1.11.7
vv5 - Released 2022-02-15
- Updated to game version 1.11.6
vv4 - Released 2022-02-12
New unique icons, part III: - Unique icons for land, air and naval doctrine costs - Unique icons for specific research speed buffs (not all of them, to be continued) - Unique icons for tank, cavalry and naval invasion speed - Unique icons for attack, defence and agility of each air unit
vv3 - Released 2022-02-12
- Fixed a missing icon - Fixed an icon gfx name and an icon duplicate
vv2 - Released 2022-02-11
- Added a missing KR modifier


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