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Youjo Senki | Redux is a mod that is based on the anime Youjo Senki (幼女戦記), also known as Saga of Tanya the Evil. This mod features new focus trees, technologies, units, as well as hundreds of events and decisions.

Current version: v3.3.2 'Elenium' for HoI4 v1.11.5 'Barbarossa'


- Fixed setups of the Raj.

- The Unified States won't help Russy if it shares the same ideology as the Empire.

- Added new soundtracks from the defunct mobile game.

Known issues:

- Promoting generals of major countries to high command will lead to issues.

- Clicking on empty states in South America will crash the game. (vanilla issue)


Q.1 Can you translate this mod into [language]?

A.1 We don't have the manpower for that. However, YOU can! Just tell us in the Discord server's #translation-help channel and we'll be happy to assist you and your translation effort. Currently, there are people working on translating the mod into the following languages: FrenchGerman.


Q.2 Is the mod based on the anime, the manga, or the light novel?

A.2 Most of the art is based on the anime, but we try to incorporate materials from the LN that didn't make it to the anime.


Q.3 Youjo Senki starts in June 1923, so why does the mod start in 1920?

A.3 We aim replicate the 3.5 years buildup time between the vanilla start date of 1936 and the historical outbreak of WW2 in 1939.


Q.4 How do you get Tanya as a general?

A.4 Once you complete the Form the General Staff focus, you can promote Tanya though decision.


Q.5 Norden is a demilitarized zone, but there's no focus or decision to re-militarize it.

A.5 Norden will stop being a demilitarized zone as soon as Legadonia denounces the Treaty of Londinium. Alternatively, the DMZ will be canceled if a war breaks out.


Q.6 The AI seems to pick the same focus every time.

A.6 We use custom game rules to control AI behavior to replicate canon situations. For more varied gameplay, choose alternate paths under game rules.


Q.7 Which countries are "playable"?

A.7 Every belligerent country in the anime: the Empire, Dacia, the Republic, Legadonia, and Russy, have fleshed-out content. We plan to work on Albion next.


Q.8 What happened to South America?

A.8 It is removed because South America doesn't interact with the rest of the Youjo Senki universe.


Q.9 Are DLCs necessary for this mod?

A.9 The mod makes use of Together for Victory, but it's not *absolutely* necessary.


Together for Victory: HIGHLY recommended

- Different subject types will be unavailable, meaning that dominions will be independent and new monarchist subject types will be unavailable

- Tech sharing will not work

Death or Dishonor: Not necessary

- The mod doesn't require any DoD-exclusive features

Waking the Tiger: Optional

- Models that use the pickelhaube from WtT will fall back to generic models.

Man the Guns: Optional

- The mod maintains full support of both the legacy and MtG naval systems.

- Improved Marine Mage tech will only provide terrain bonus to mages without unlocking a ship component.

The Resistance : Not necessary

- The mod doesn't require any LaR-exclusive features

Battle for the Bosphorus: Not necessary

- The mod doesn't require any BftB-exclusive features

No Step Back: Not necessary

- The mod doesn't require any NSB-exclusive features




The team behind the mod: Omry, Miralisque, Mei, Life, Lord_Solus, Anonemus, Marethyu, Major, Dr.Cash, Admiral Edward, ShinoaHiragi1979, Alexandre Sever, and Doby.


Thank you Micteca for all the help and code you provided us! Thank you Simko for helping us with events!


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