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The revolution began when the South issued another Declaration of Independence on October 24, 1929. California declared independence the next day. Michigan did not declare Independence until ordered to do so by President Hoover, just hours before the U.S. Government began evacuations to London. Michigan has continuously pushed hard for peace among all of the states and has slowly somehow manged to achieve the fragile so called peace enjoyed today. Three months ago peace was destabilized by the abrupt end of the Alliance between the Republic of Texas and The Independent State of Alabama, after a controversial figure took power in Texas in what many are calling a rigged election. Within hours of this, US flagged troops were spotted near LA. Within a few hours, more US flagged troops were spotted near ever other major US city. The troops created makeshift camps outside the cities. Most of the world was shocked. England, was not. The Soviets were, they even declared a state of emergency and accused England of meddling Today that last hopes of that peace ended when the USA conducted what they are calling a policing action in New England. Aside from a number of isolated skirmishes and one heavy gun battle at a governor's place, the troops were greeted by cheering crowds that welcomed the USA as liberators. Within hours Truman addressed the nation saying that US territory in the south, southwest and west is being illegally occupied by domestic terrorists.

From the USA perspective (Draft)

After fleeing the mainland and pulling out of Hawaii and Alaska on October 24, 1929, we were reluctantly taken in by our countries mother, England. 

The Queen granted us a special zone in London, sorta, its way away from the city center. The Queen said that our mission will benefit the entire planet and thus is in the interests of England and her colonies to support fully. 

England and France believe what is occurring in our homeland is the single greatest threat the planet has ever faced. The are extremely concerned about Texas and California. Even Germany issued a statement of concern about California and the Communist conspiracies. 

The joint chiefs firmly believe that it is imperative that we not allow any of the factions to gain a dominant position unless it is at our side, and we need to deal with this before its too large for us to deal with. Time is not on our side here.

France reports that Michigan has been building secrete armies in the woods. They might not be the benevolent democracy they claim to be but we are unsure.

Our scouts reports that all of the stats have started the process of preparing for all out war. We are out of time. Its now or never.

It was decided that England would secure a foothold for us but that publicly it would be us and not them.

So English troops in US uniforms secured New England and encounter no real resistance. So the capital was moved back to Washington DC and England is stepping back because A war is not politically possible for England at this juncture. It's on us now.


This mod is still under active development. Releases posted here have been stabilized for usable game-play and tested more than just a random pull. As the released parts of the mod stand now you will notice some missing parts, but the mod and the important parts should be playable and working. If you encounter something broken or causing serious issues, please let me know so I can address it. Also, as this is my first (serious) attempt at a mod for this game, I would like to get some early guidance form the community. Constructive feedback, good and bad, is welcomed and appreciated.

Nothing in this mod is intended as commentary on any real person or events. No political statement is intended by any part of this mod. If something in this mod has deeply offended you, feel free to contact me on the steam page for this mod (you can find a link in one of the old patch notes or google it) and I will actually change it for you (assuming its within reason) because I want this mod to be fun for all.

Version History

Current Version is: Version 0.0.0.m2.800 (Updated on Jun 8 2021)

*Update for 1.10.7

0.0.0.m2.735 (Updated on Feb 28 2021)

 *Update for 1.10.7

 *Closes issue 145 - Fixed the USA is randomly annexing all of its allies who are also subjects during peace treaties when UCA, UAL, and UTX are also in the same war on the same side as the USA but also in a different war against the USA at the same time when playing on alternative history after the AI merges with Michigan if it chooses to do so.

 *Closes issue 146 - Significant performance issue - Extremely long lag after the conclusion of a peace conference with he USA when UCA, UAL, and UTX are also in the same war on the same side as the USA but also in a different war against the USA at the same time when playing on alternative history after the AI merges with Michigan if it chooses to do so.

 *Closes issue 148 - Occasional Crash SIGPID during peace conference with he USA when playing on alternative history after the AI merges with Michigan if it chooses to do so.

 *Closes issue 147 - Fixed wrong flag GFX when country scope has set_politics = { ruling_party = american_isolationism...

 *Fixed localization issue with minor state decisions

0.0.0.m2.734 (Updated on Feb 27 2021)

 *Bug fixes

 *Flag fixes

0.0.0.m2.716 (Updated on Feb 23 2021)

 *Fixed a bug causing Michigan to lose all of its states to the USA on alternative history

 *Fixed a few AI issues

0.0.0.m2.715 (Updated on Feb 21 2021)

 *Added 4 new leaders for Alaska. 

 *Added 2 new leader for Virginia

 *Fixed a bug in the unity decision

0.0.0.m2.714 (Updated on Feb 19 2021)

 *Fixes a syntax error in the new Maryland decision

 *Fixes a logical error in the new Maryland decision.

 *Fixes an miss-matched local for the new Maryland decision 

 *Adds a missing local for the new Maryland decision

0.0.0.m2.713 (Updated on Feb 19 2021)

 * Added 2 new leaders for Michigan

 * Added a new decision just for Maryland

 * Added 4 new events 

 0.0.0.m2.712 (Updated on Feb 17 2021)

 *Fixed a bug in the unity decision

0.0.0.m2.711 (Updated on Feb 17 2021)

 *Added 5 new leaders for Maryland

 *Misc fixes

0.0.0.m2.710 (Updated on Feb 16 2021)

 *Added 4 new leaders for Utah

 *new ai_strategy for upcoming changes

0.0.0.m2.709 (Updated on Feb 15 2021)

 *Added 4 leaders to New Jersey

 *Added 1 military leader for Michigan

 *Fixed two bugs with the Unity decision. (1 Maj. 1 Minor)

 *Started laying the groundwork for an yet to be created event possible event for New Jersey

 *More Locals 

 *More Flags

0.0.0.m2.708 (Updated on Feb 14 2021)

 *Improved GFX for two leaders in virginia

 *Added 4 new leaders for Pennsylvania

 *Added Jap and Eng to bookmark


0.0.0.m2.707 (Updated on Feb 13 2021)

 *Added 4 new leaders for Nevada

 *Fixed a bug causing two ai strategy plans to silently fail.

 *Added two more new ai strategy plans

 *Focus tree work

 *Some tweaks to some countries and states

 * Testing - Faction changes

0.0.0.m2.706 (Updated on Feb 12 2021)

 *Improved GFX for 7 leaders.

 *Fixed american_usa_united should not be visible when in a faction with the USA or merged.

 *Focus tree tweaks to work around some shortfalls of a few branches.

0.0.0.m2.705 (Updated on Feb 11 2021)

 *Enhanced twelve more leaders

 *Two additional leaders for Missouri

0.0.0.m2.704 (Updated on Feb 10 2021)

* Improved GFX for eleven more leaders. 

0.0.0.m2.703 (Updated on Feb 9 2021)

* Improved GFX for leaders in a number of states. 

0.0.0.m2.702 (Updated on Feb 8 2021)

* Improved GFX for leaders Michigan, Alabama, Arizona, and Illinois

0.0.0.m2.701 (Updated on Feb 8 2021)

* Misc bug fixes

* Added 3 new leaders for Wyoming

* AI adjustments

* Improved Unity decision 

* Added a new event

0.0.0.m2.700 (Updated on Feb 7 2021)

* Misc bug fixes

* Added four new leaders for Iowa

* AI adjustments

* More flags

* Focus tree work and balance

0.0.0.m2.618 (Updated on Feb 6 2021)

 *Misc bug fixes

 *Added 3 new leaders for Kansas

 *AI adjustments and improvements

 *Focus Tree adjustments

Version 0.0.0.m2.617 (Updated on Feb 5 2021)

 *Added 3 new leaders for New Mexico

0.0.0.m2.616 (Updated on Feb 4 2021)

 *Added 3 new leaders for Oklahoma

 *Initial release for version 1.10.4 

Version 0.0.0.m2.615 (Updated on Feb 3 2021)

*Fixed a minor but annoying bug if the USA wins the unity decision race.

*Stop showing UAS specific decisions after the unit race is won

*AI improvements- USA states better at winning the unity race

*Updated and tweaked AI strategy plans and added a new plan.

*Tweaked AI Peace to fit changes from unity decision race.

*Adjusting focus tree cost balance **Testing**

*Focus tree tweaks **Testing**

Version 0.0.0.m2.605 (Updated on Feb 2 2021)

*Enhanced and modified unify decision, now adds all of the stats as cores, modified requirements, added an idea granted on removal of the unify decision and other misc adjustments

* Misc bug fixes

0.0.0.m2.603(Updated on Feb 1 2021)

 *Added 3 new leaders for UWI - Wisconsin

0.0.0.m2.602 (Updated on Jan 30 2021)

 *AI improvements and bug fixes

 *misc bug fixes

 *added a new event

0.0.0.m2.601 (Updated on Jan 30 2021)

 * AI Enchantments

 * Fixed some errors in the AI  

 ***** Major Change **** Added a new decision that allows the first American state that controls Michigan, Alabama, Texas, and California all at the same time to form a new union and annex all other states. This is a major game play change and changes the strategy needed to win. I'm not sure if I like it or not and it may have some bugs.

 I may revert it, please provide any feedback on how this impacts game play good or bad and any bugs found in the comments

0.0.0.m2.510 (Updated on Jan 25 2021)

 *Added two new leaders to UAR (Arkansas)

0.0.0.m2.509 (Updated on Jan 24 2021)

*Added two new leaders for ULA

0.0.0.m2.508 (Updated on Jan 23 2021)

 *Added missing flags 

0.0.0.m2.507 (Updated on Jan 23 2021)

*Added three new leaders for UNE - Nebraska

0.0.0.m2.506 (Updated on Jan 10)

 *Added two new leaders for UVA 

0.0.0.m2.505 (Updated on Jan 5)

 *fixed bugs

0.0.0.m2.504 (Updated on Jan 5)

 *New decision for major US states, fixed bugs, added four new events. 

0.0.0.m2.503 (Updated on Jan 4)

 *Re-balance and bug fixes in focus. 

0.0.0.m2.502 (Updated on Jan 1)

 *Release for 1.10.3

Version 0.0.0.m2.500 (Updated on Oct 16)

 *Updated map and states for 1.10.1

 *Misc bug fixes

Version 0.0.0.m2.405 (Updated on Sep 13)

 *Lots of Bug Fixes

 *More Balance 

Version 0.0.0.m2.402 (Updated on Sep 7)

 *More Bug Fixes


Version 0.0.0.m2.401 (Updated on Sep 2)

 *Many More Bug Fixes

 *Balance 0.0.0.m2.400~2 (Updated on Aug 31)


0.0.0.m2.400 (Updated on Aug 31)

 *Bug Fixes


Current 0.0.0.m2.333 (Updated on Apr 26)

 *Adds a new leader for UTX (Dem)

Current 0.0.0.m2.332 (Updated on Mar 1)

 *Fixes for 1.9.0 

Current 0.0.0.m2.330 (Updated on jan 20)

 *Fixed State Police 

Current 0.0.0.m2.329 (Updated on jan 19)

 *Lots of Bug Fixes including some oob issues and AI issues.

Current 0.0.0.m2.328 (Updated on jan 16)

*Fixed bugs

* oob work

Current 0.0.0.m2.326 (Updated on jan 13)

 * Soviet Union may now focus to either move leadership to California, Subjugate The Sunshine Block, Annex the Sunshine Block, or to simply pull out of North America.

 * Change the new focus for UMI to AI only 

 *Adds special AI behavior and focus trees for all states if the SOV chooses to the focus to annex.

 *map fixes

 *misc fixes

v69 - Released 2021-06-08
v68 - Released 2021-03-01
v67 - Released 2021-02-27
v66 - Released 2021-02-24
v65 - Released 2021-02-22
v64 - Released 2021-02-20
v63 - Released 2021-02-20
v62 - Released 2021-02-19
v61 - Released 2021-02-18
v60 - Released 2021-02-17
v59 - Released 2021-02-16
v58 - Released 2021-02-16
v57 - Released 2021-02-15
v56 - Released 2021-02-14
v55 - Released 2021-02-13
v54 - Released 2021-02-12
v53 - Released 2021-02-11
v52 - Released 2021-02-10
v51 - Released 2021-02-09
v50 - Released 2021-02-08
v49 - Released 2021-02-08
v48 - Released 2021-02-07
v47 - Released 2021-02-06
v46 - Released 2021-02-05
v45 - Released 2021-02-04
v44 - Released 2021-02-03
v43 - Released 2021-02-03
v42 - Released 2021-02-01
v41 - Released 2021-01-31
v40 - Released 2021-01-30
v39 - Released 2021-01-26
v38 - Released 2021-01-24
v37 - Released 2021-01-24
v36 - Released 2021-01-10
v35 - Released 2021-01-06
v34 - Released 2021-01-05
v33 - Released 2021-01-04
v32 - Released 2020-10-17
v31 - Released 2020-09-14
v30 - Released 2020-09-07
v29 - Released 2020-09-03
v28 - Released 2020-08-31
v27 - Released 2020-08-31
v26 - Released 2020-04-26
v25 - Released 2020-03-01
v24 - Released 2020-01-22
v23 - Released 2020-01-21
v22 - Released 2020-01-19
v21 - Released 2020-01-16
v20 - Released 2020-01-13
v19 - Released 2020-01-04
v18 - Released 2020-01-04
v17 - Released 2020-01-03
v16 - Released 2019-12-28
v15 - Released 2019-12-27
v14 - Released 2019-12-25
v13 - Released 2019-12-23
v12 - Released 2019-12-23
v11 - Released 2019-12-22
v10 - Released 2019-12-21
v9 - Released 2019-12-20
v8 - Released 2019-12-19
v7 - Released 2019-11-24
v6 - Released 2019-11-22
v5 - Released 2019-11-21
v4 - Released 2019-11-18
v3 - Released 2019-11-17
v2 - Released 2019-11-17


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