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Reichskommissariats Plus

Bored with the vanilla reichskommissariats? Felt like it wasn't enough? Well my friend, welcome to Reichskommissariat Plus, where your dream of a greater Reich can be realized and potentially be in a watchlist somewhere.

Reichskommissariats FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD!
Focus trees for RKs
  Ability to integrate Bohmen-Mahren, Generalgouvernment, former Prussian lands, Slovenia, RK Denmark and RK Schweiz
Ability to cede certain territories to allied nations
Alternate SS Order State
Scripted USSR Peace Deal
Uniting Reich Commissariat (exp: Iberia)

Showcases, teasers and upcoming updates are shown exclusively on the server!





Massive credits to:

Reichsprotektorat Amerika Focus Tree

UMC Occupation Overhaul (Portraits, flags)

UMC - Germany (Portraits)

Snow's Reichskommissariats (Portraits)

If anyone wants to contact me, feel free

v1.4.3 - Released 2023-10-22
Updated for AAT and several fixes regarding localisation
v1.4.2 - Released 2023-09-24
### CONTENTS ### +Added a decision to play as Burgundy (why didn't I remember this?) +"Montenegro-Kosovo Question" has been split, turning into the Montenegro Question and Kosovo Question ### FIXES ### +Fixed Ostland and Ukraine's Ostwall focus tree +Fixed Donbass Question not having an Ukrainian option ### COLLAB SYSTEM ### -Ukraine - +Andrik Melnyk - +Added party names to differientiate between the factions -Croatia - +Added party name -Hungary - +Added party name +Slovakia +Romania +Serbia +Albania +Bulgaria +Greece +also added cool lil flags in
v1.4.1 - Released 2023-09-17
Fixed a couple of bugs and adjustments to rks
v1.4 - Released 2023-09-16
REICHSKOMMISSARIATS PLUS - RETRIBUTION UPDATE ####### MOD BY THECYCLOP AKA GOAT ####### ####### NEW UPDATE FOR RK+ ####### ### CONTENTS ### -Added a startup event to enable RKs right from the start or not -Burgundy Rework -SS-Ordensstaat Burgundy has been reworked to a much more greater length! - +Reworked Focus Tree - +Himmler Path - +SS Coup Path - +Artifacts Search - +Military Path - +War Plans -Indian Rework -"Establish Reichskolonie Indien" replaced with "Fate of India" - +2 options to pick! - +United Indian Colony - +3 regional colonies - +2 new Reichskolonie added! (Sudindien, Bengalen) - +Andaman Question -Eastern Rework - +Southern Belarus Question - +Sumy Question - +Donbass Question - +Kherson Question -New Collaboration Category -Similar to the one in GEACPS+, collaborations have been officially added to RKs+. They will allow for local collaborators to take charge of their country, though this will hinder you from uniting the region. - +Croatia - +Hungary - +Ukraine -4 new formables - +Osteuropa - +Nordamerika - +Sudamerika - +Sudostasien -Reichskommissariat Bretagne added -Changed Reichsprotektorat Peru name to Reichsprotektorat Anden -The British Isles will be able to be united under one administration! (For RK Britain, go for united RK option. Form RK Ireland and an unification decision will be available. Installing King Edward beforehand will add an interesting twist!) -Form Reichskommissariat Persien's decision will no longer require Afghanistan and Pakistan. Instead, the RK will only need Persian territories to be formed and can be expanded through decisions similar to RK Nahost and RK Arabien. -Replaced Danemark's leader to Fritz Clausen -Panama Canal Question -A lot of news events regarding Burgundy has been added! ### GFX ### -Added yellow colours in decisions to highlight RKs/states -Added new portraits for new leaders -Added new flags for the new Reichskommissariats and Japanese breakaway states -Added new event pictures for country events and news events ### CODING ### ### FIXES ### +Fixed Kielce not cored +Fixed a few minor bugs
v1.3 - Released 2023-04-16
### CONTENTS ### +USSR Scripted Peace Deal => USSR has the option to call for a peace deal after Germans have captured Leningrad, Moscow and Stalingrad and having 70% capitulation progress => Annexation up until AA Line! => Event chains for USSR => Collapse of the USSR => 6 new countries as a result of the collapse! => Japanese takeover of Transamur => News events! =>6 secret events for cosmetic tags for certain post-collapse USSR nations +New formable => Greater African Reich +New adjustments to current RK(s) => Fate of Don-Wolga ### GFX ### +Added new portraits for the post-collapse USSR countries +Added a few custom icons for RK Ukraine ### CODING ### ### FIXES ### +Fixed a few problems with formable nations +Fixed Karjala, Salla and Petsamo not being given back to Finland if decision to give them Murmansk is applied
v1.2 - Released 2023-03-04
### CONTENTS ### +Reworked African RKs [North Africa] - Imperial colony of Numidia - Imperial colony of Libya - Imperial colony of Egypt [East Africa] - Imperial colony of Sudan - Imperial colony of Abyssinia - Imperial colony of East Africa [West Africa & Central Africa] - Imperial colony of West Africa - Imperial colony of Central Africa - Imperial Colony of Congo +Splitted Imperial Protectorate of Colombia, thus creating Imperial Protectorate of Peru +Added "Unification of Reichsanwalt" decisions for certain regions - Imperial Colony of North Africa - Imperial Colony of East Africa - Imperial Colony of Central Africa - Imperial Protectorate of Iberia - Imperial Protectorate of Scandinavia - Imperial Protectorate of the Balkans - Imperial Protectorate of Siberia - Imperial Protectorate of China +Ad ded 2 new Ordensstaats - SS-Ordensstaat Lombardei - SS-Ordensstaat Iceland - Along with a new generic SS focus tree +Added options to integrate Ostland, Ukraine, Moskowien, Don-Volga and Kaukasien after they have completed their focus trees +Added options to integrate Slovakia And Ural after meeting certain requirements for "The Fate of the British Isles" #Scripted peace deal is still in work, sorry for not being able to deliver it along with this update ### GFX ### +Readjusted colors for Pacific and Southern States +King Edward's United Kingdom color will turn to Crimson Red +Benito Mussolini's Italian Social Republic color will turn to Dark Green +Changed Ukraine, Ostland and Moskowien flags to TNO version ### CODING ### +Removed Germany focus tree and decision for compatibility with other German revamp mods. This effectively reenabled the vanilla RKs as both files are essential for the vanilla RKs. +Improved coding (Thanks to Reddit user @Jaimewol12 ) +Added custom tooltips for decisions ### FIXES ### +Fixed localization errors +Fixed decisions bugs
v1.1.18 - Released 2023-02-23
fixed rk ostafrika and removed german focus tree and decision files
v1.1.17 - Released 2023-02-17
slightly buffed secret russian translation
v1.1.16 - Released 2023-02-09
v1.1.15 - Released 2023-02-02
fixed bug
v1.1.14 - Released 2023-02-01
fixed needing cambodia in british columbia decision
v1.1.13 - Released 2023-01-31
fixed mittelafrika focus tree and reichsprotektorat amerika idea bug
v1.1.12 - Released 2023-01-30
fixed focus name
v1.1.11 - Released 2023-01-30
dynamic names fixed again
v1.1.1 - Released 2023-01-30
Fixed dynamic names for those who doesnt own Waking the Tiger
v1.1 - Released 2023-01-30
Contents +Added unique focus trees for the following countries: -Bohmen-Mahren -Generalgouvernement -RK Ostland -RK Ukraine -RK Moskowien -RK Kaukasien -RK Don-Wolga -RP Amerika -SS Burgundy -SS Gotenland -???????????? +Added generic RKs focus tree for the rest of the countries +Seperated Central America and Mexico, thus creating RP Zentralamerika and RP Mexiko respectively +Added a decision to create a Military Occupation in Northern France +RKs will now use German names and portraits +Added custom news events +More decisions regarding territories transfer to RKs (Gibraltar, Ticino, Diego Garcia, Iceland, Greenland, etc)| +Added decision to transfer East Turkestan to either RK Turkestan or RP Westchina +Decision to install King Edward VIII as a puppet leader of RK Britain or RK England +Dynamic puppet names (Reichskommissariat/Reichskolonie <-> Reichsprotektorat <-> Reichsstaat <-> Free) +Establish Reichskommissariat Ural replaced with Ural Question, where you can decide if you want to establish a new RK or integrate to RK Moskowien +Reichskolonie Indochina can now be formed with only French Indochina under control, gradually expanding similar to RP Nahost +You can now form RK Ukraine without owning Odessa and Balta-Tiraspol, also with decisions to either give said territories to Romania or RK Ukraine +Added decisions to integrate RK Niederlande and RK Belgium +Added customization decisions for Germany (optional) -Default -War Flag -Großdeutsches Reich (without owning Stalingrad and Leningrad) -Schwarz-Rot-Gold with Swastika Flag -Schutzstaffel Flag -Holy Roman Empire Flag -Imperial Tricolour Flag -German Confederation Flag -??????? -??????? Fixes +Fixed several typos in the RK names +Fixed RK Slowakie's portrait being a generic German general +Fixed the Reichskolonie Sudamerika being able to be formed despite not owning two Brazillian states +Fixed Chukchi peninsula not being transferred to RK Ostsibirien +Fixed Normandy Question localisation to Nord-Pas de Calais Question +Renamed RP Quebec to RP Kübeck (dont know if this is truly correct but it looks cool ig) +You can no longer turn Slovakia, Hungary and Romania as RKs if they are your puppets +Disabled vanilla RKs (this changes the german focus tree file and decisions, so play this only on vanilla from now on)
v1.0 - Released 2023-01-23
Fixed the mod?


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