Bonus Starting Skill Points (Rulers Only)





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Grants all types of rulers 3 skill points to start with. This does affect AI.


Note that combined with mods that give more skill points per level and at higher levels in general, it may not appear that potential rulers have spent all of the possible skill points for their level. From my own testing, they will still be spendable once you recruit them.





Modifies Hero_Definitions and Hero_Definitions_DragonLords.


Requires a new save.


Compatible with the Dragon Dawn DLC and mods like [url=]Lvl 30 Hero Cap + 2 Skillpoints per Level[/url].

Incompatible with any mods that affect how many skill points rulers start out with.


If you're not sure where to place this mod in the load order, put it all the way at the bottom.


[h1] Q&A [/h1]

Q: Why did you make this?

A: It was requested as an alternative to [url=]my other mod that affects both rulers and heroes[/url].


Q: Can you make a version to add x amount of skill points instead?

A: Sure, if I see enough interest.


Q: Can you turn it off for just the player/the AI?

A: From what I could see messing around with the files, there wasn't a clear distinction between a value just for players versus AI. If I learn how to, I'll take another look at it.


v3 - Released 2023-06-26

Added missing Dragon Lord bonus points.

v2 - Released 2023-06-26

Fixed potential error in how many skill points were given.


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Age Of Wonders 4

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