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Embark on a monumental journey through the realms of Giants. This is a small project I have been working on where I wanted to make tomes centered around the 3 giants. I have made a Tier 4 tome that's all about the Fire Giant and one all about the Rock Giant.


My plans are take a few days making sure these tomes have no problems and once I'm sure they are in a good state then I will get to work on the Lighting Giant.


I will be adding another spell to the Rock tome but for now I wanted to get this out into the wild and see how this does.As this is my first time ever modding I'm hoping this turns out right.


Any and all feed back is welcome.


Should be compatible with all mods as I do not change the base game files.


v7 - Released 2023-08-15

Added "siege breaker" to Surtr's Kin. Brought Bleeding Edge in line with base game by removing the -2 to damage types lowering the extra damage by 2 and better stating how much it boosts accuracy.

v6 - Released 2023-07-06

New Effect added to Fire Giant Tome replacing burn. Some small changes to go along with the effect.

v5 - Released 2023-06-20

Update for patch

v3.1 - Released 2023-06-14

Name change from Astral Attunement to Storm Weaver.

v3 - Released 2023-06-14

Added new Tome and a new skill to the Giant tome.

v2 - Released 2023-06-03

Just a small back ground update so the tomes have the correct affinity requirements and a grammer fix. Wanted to push this out since I starting working on the last tome for the Storm Giant.


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