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I wanted to try my hand at modding AOW4 so I made some vanilla styled units for each of the different culture types. I hope you enjoy, any and all feedback is appreciated.


The AI does build and use these units in combat.


I will balance and add more units according to the feedback received.





Spearbearer (Tier I Polearm Infantry)

Wild Witch (Tier II Battlemage)

Raider (Tier II Fighter Cavalry)

Shieldmaiden (Tier III Shield Infantry)

War Chief (Tier IV Shock Infantry)




Thrall (Tier I Fighter Infantry)

Shadow Legionnaire (Tier II Shield Infantry)

Headhunter (Tier III Skirmisher Infantry)

Overlord's Scion (Tier IV Fighter Infantry)




Light Cavalry (Tier I Shock Cavalry)

Veteran Pikeman (Tier II Polearm Infantry)

Peasant Pikeman units now evolve into Veteran Pikeman units.

Forester (Tier II Skirmisher Infantry)

Longbowman (Tier III Ranged Infantry)

Champion (Tier IV Fighter Infantry)

Chevalier (Tier IV Shock Cavalry)

Chevaliers cannot be bought, only evolved into by a Knight unit.




Hospitaller (Tier I Support Infantry)

Templar (Tier II Fighter Infantry)

Radiant Cavalier (Tier III Shock Cavalry)

Phoenix Keeper (Tier IV Mystic Cavalry)




Sapper (Tier I Fighter Infantry)

Cataphract (Tier II Shock Cavalry)

Shieldbreaker (Tier II Shock Infantry)

Sharpshooter (Tier III Ranged Infantry)

Battle Foreman (Tier IV Shield Infantry)




Cosmic Channeler (Tier I Fighter Infantry)

Arcane Ranger (Tier II Ranged Infantry)

The Fabled Hunters Society Trait can now be picked by Mystic cultures.

Immortal (Tier III Shock Infantry)

Grand Vizier (Tier IV Battlemage Infantry)


v29 - Released 2023-06-21

Fixed Ranged units not having audio Fixed Dawn Defender being unablet to mounted with exotic mounts. FIxed War Chief not having beastial legs.

v28 - Released 2023-06-21

Fixed Peasant/Armored Pikeman and Knight/Banneret Knight evolutions. Fixed Cavalry unit animations.

v27 - Released 2023-06-19

Patch 1.40 Raider and Longbowman Added the Raider, a Barbarian Tier II Fighter Cavalry Unit Added the Longbowman, a Feudal Tier III Archer unit with increased range

v26 - Released 2023-06-05

Hotfix Fixed Battle Foremans missing legs. Fixed Thralls double head and not transforming head with Wightborn. Fixed Grand Vizier not being a battle mage and lacking Starblades.

v25 - Released 2023-06-05

Overlord's Scion Hotfix

v24 - Released 2023-06-05

Patch 1.36 Tier 4's Galore Fixed all units lacking audio. Added Overlord's Scion, a Dark Tier 4 Fighter unit. Powerful and dreadful, it is able to pull back an enemy to prevent their escape. Added Grand Vizier, a Mystic Tier 4 Battlemage unit. A powerful mage that can call down Arcane Artillery. Added War Chief, a Barbarian Tier 4 Shock Infantry unit. The War Chief can drive its allies into a frenzy (may need some buffing) Added Battle Forman, a Industrious Tier 4 Shield Infantry unit. With its unique Aura "Hammer and Anvil" it helps adjacent units stack up strengthened and resistances. Added Hospitaller, a High Tier 1 Support unit. The Hospitaller is cheap support with a heal. Added Templar, a High Tier 2 Fighter unit. The Templar deals bonus damage to Support and Battle Mage units, and reflects against magic damage. Phoenix Keeper is now a Support unit, reduced some damage numbers. Champion is now a Fighter unit, to emphasize Feudals cavalry speciality and having 2 Shock units in the same tier was redundant. Champion has Charge removed but damage increased slightly to compensate.

v23 - Released 2023-05-29

Reduced Wild Witch's Blight Rain range to 4 hexes. Reduced Wild Witch's Blight Rain damage to 16 blight. Added Sundered Defense Chance to Bligh Rain. All custom units now have proper icon backgrounds.

v22 - Released 2023-05-27

Added Cataphract. Added Sapper.

v21 - Released 2023-05-23

1.34 Hotfix Light Cavalry cost gold as they should, instead of mana. Reduced Thrall unit count from 12 to 8.

v20 - Released 2023-05-22

Updated Thumbnail.

v19 - Released 2023-05-22

1.32 Spearbearer and Light Cavalry Update Added Spearbearers, a cheap Tier I Polearm unit for Barbarians. The Spearbearer has Low Maintenance. Added Light Cavalry, an early Tier 1 Shock Cavalry unit to cement Feudal as the "Cavalry Culture". The Light Cavalry has the Flanker trait, giving +25% damage on flanking attacks. Thralls healing ability now has a 2-turn cooldown. Arcane Rangers now deal +2 Physical damage on their Cosmic Volley, to increase their damage and decrease the effectiveness of their first enchantment. Chevaliers and now called Banneret Knights. Fixed Shadow Legionnaires Leeching Guard localisation.

v18 - Released 2023-05-20

1.32 Hotfix Fixed CTD issue. Fixed Phoenix Keeper Visual Bug.

v17 - Released 2023-05-20

1.31 Chevalier and Cosmic Channeler Update Added Chevalier, a Feudal Tier IV Cavalry unit that has reduced imperium upkeep. It can only be obtained by evolving a Knight. Added Cosmic Channeler, a Mystic Tier I Fighter unit that increases combat casting points. Arcane Ranger's base attack has been replaced with one that does only magic damage to make it fit the Mystic playstyle more. Arcane Ranger now has new Visuals to match its new attack.

v16 - Released 2023-05-19

1.30 Rework Update Added Thrall, a Dark Tier I Fighter Unit. Cheap trash infantry that can damage itself to heal other units (cannot target other thralls), with custom ability VFX. Arcane Rangers now have the Cosmic Shot ability, which damages and sunders the primary target, and deals less damage to adjacent units. Sharpshooters no longer have a repeating attack, but ignore armor instead. Sharpshooters have Ricochet plating, which damages ranged units who attack them. Phoenix Keepers are now Shock Units Phoenix Keepers have a new Awakening Burst, which deals damage in a 2 hex radius, and heals/awakens themselves and two allies in the radius. Radiant Cavalier have a new Inspiring Awakening ability, which grants morale and awakening to a friendly unit. Immortal's Immortal Spirit now has reduced HP and Damage. Improved visuals for Dark Custom units.

v15 - Released 2023-05-18

1.29 Wild Witch, Champion, Armored Pikeman Update Wild Witch has new Blight Rain ability, which does damage over a 1 hex radius. Champion now has a normal melee attack in addition to charge. Champion now has Heroic Aura, which increases the damage and armor of adjacent friendly units. Veteran Pikeman name changed to Armored Pikeman Pikeman now has Schiltron, which grants adjacent friendlies Charge Resistance and 1 Armor.

v14 - Released 2023-05-17

1.28 Shadow Legionnaire Update Added Leeching Guard ability to the Shadow Legionnaire, improving it's defense against weakened units, and punishing weakened units for attacking them. Visual Update for Shadow Legionnaire Made Headhunters Ruthless Execution a percent based change to do bonus damage (based off of missing health, stating at 0% chance at 100% HP, and 80% at 0% HP.) Small visual update for Headhunters.

v13 - Released 2023-05-16

v12 - Released 2023-05-16

Patch 1.26 Shieldbreaker and Headhunter Update Along with the Visual update, both units have new abilities. Headhunter's Ruthless Execution is now a melee ability that teleports the Headhunter behind the enemy, and has a chance of instantly killing the enemy based on how much HP it is missing. Shieldbreaker has a new ability, Aegis Shatter, which has a strong chance to stun the target, as well as reducing is Defense by 2 for the rest of combat. Along with some cool VFX.

v11 - Released 2023-05-15

Patch 1.25 Huntsman and Shieldmaiden Update. Improved Shieldmaidens Shield Bash, it now does damage. Shieldsmaidens now have the Rush of Battle ability, which grants temporary hit points when an enemy creature dies in battle. Shieldmaidens now have the [CanBeCavalry] tag, which means they will be Cavalry if you select the Unicorn, Nightmare, Spider or Wolf cavalry options. Forester units are now called Huntsman. Huntsman units now have "Wildhunt" applied to their crossbow and melee attacks, which makes them deal 30% more damage to animals and cavalry. Fixed Immortals VFX when they resurrect during combat.

v10 - Released 2023-05-15

1.22 Hotfix Fixed Immortal Spirit crashing the game. Removed the problem unit. Found a workaround.

v9 - Released 2023-05-15

1.22 Hotfix Fixed Immortal Spirit crashing the game on world generation. (Different reason) Added Sundering Resistance to Immortals and Immortal Spirits.

v8 - Released 2023-05-14

1.21 Hotfix Potentially fixed crashing on world generation.

v7 - Released 2023-05-14

Patch 1.20 Immortal Remaster Update Updated all units visuals. All units now have slight variations in outfits. Updated the Immortal unit with the new Immortal Spirit ability. When it dies in combat it will spawn an ethereal copy of itself to fight on. This copy expires at the end of combat.

v6 - Released 2023-05-14

Patch 1.17 Hotfix Sharpshooters primary attack now works with weapon enchantments. Veteran Pikemen now properly unlock like other Tier II units.

v5 - Released 2023-05-13

Patch 1.16 Sharpshooter Update Added the Sharpshooter, an Industrious Tier III Ranged Infantry unit. Fixed the Immortal's Cosmic Rebuke only doing half as a much damage as it should. Wild Witches now have the Primal Strike property for compatability with Komogi's Reworked Primal Strike mod. The property is inert with this mod.

v4 - Released 2023-05-13

Added the Phoenix Keeper, a High tier IV Mythic unit. Will definitely need balancing. Adjusted Shieldmaiden Visuals, added tattoos and improved helmets. Adjusted Head Hunter to Headhunter. Removed Cooldown on Headhunter and Foresters Crossbow attacks. Various minors visual and bug fixes.

v3 - Released 2023-05-12

Improved Shadow Legionnaire. Added Head Hunter

v1.14 - Released 2023-05-12

Redesigned Feudal Shieldmaiden into Forester Upgraded Feudal Champion into Tier IV Added Mystic Immortal Added Barbarian Shieldmaiden Rename Radiant Paladin to Radiant Cavalier


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