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Adds 6 new Tomes 4 T1: Tides, Witchcraft, Astrology and Hunger. 2 T2: Seelie and Unseelie, based on the courts of the Fey.


I'll keep adding Tomes to this mod over time, focusing on Tier 1 and Tier 2.


This is a work in progress, so help me find bugs or give me suggestions to make the tomes more fun.


v17 - Released 2023-05-29

Hotfix - Fixed two typos for Hunger description, which was missing the 5 max stack reference. - Fixed some incorrect/missing affinity research tags for tome skills (probably related to the seed/root/heart discounts).

v16 - Released 2023-05-28

Tome of Hunger - Fixed minor transformation costing 350 casting points instead of 150.

v15 - Released 2023-05-28

- Added Tome of Hunger. - Fixed Astral Observatory cost being for T3 instead of T1. - Made a tutorial for Tome modding.

v14 - Released 2023-05-22

- Added new tome, the Tome of Astrology.

v13 - Released 2023-05-21

Another hotfix for the Crow Familiar hero skill, as it was using the spider reference instead.

v12 - Released 2023-05-20

Hotfix to solve the Wtiches summoning problems (again).

v11 - Released 2023-05-18

Many balance changes to Tides and Witchcraft tomes and some cost standarization for the Fairy ones. -Added Tidecaller to Tides. -Added Young Plague Serpent as familiar to Witchcraft. -Reworked the visuals of both Fairy tomes.

v10 - Released 2023-05-16

Fixed Witchcraft hero skills not being mutually exclusive. Fixed Occult Accord not appearing in spell selection. Removed mana generation from the SPI.

v9 - Released 2023-05-15

- Adjacency bonuses for Province Improvements should now stack correctly. - Province Improvements now specify which type they count as. - Added Tome of Witches. (Known bug--> visit bonus for structure isn't triggering)

v8 - Released 2023-05-13

Fixed Melody of Youth targeting enemies instead of allies.

v7 - Released 2023-05-13

Quick patch to see if the issues with having prefered language being overriten is solved.

v6 - Released 2023-05-11

Added Tome of Tides to the mod.

v5 - Released 2023-05-09

Fixed Frost Lightning erratic behaviour due to a legacy spell messing things up.

v4 - Released 2023-05-09

Fixed fairy summon Costs being wrong.

v3 - Released 2023-05-09

Fixed tooltip text for the Hero skills of both tomes.

v2 - Released 2023-05-08

-Fixed new T2 tomes appearing in the initial faction creator offer. -Fixed some spells categories not being right.


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